Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Happy Midweek/Month

 Happy Wednesday to all.  Here we are again in the middle of another week and here we are at the midpoint of the month!  Good golly Miss Molly time is sure flying by.
There is a lot of water in my area. A LOT OF WATER!  In the past 12 hours or so my area has received about 3.3" of rain!  There will be no weed pulling in the garden today as there is a lake out there!!
It should make it easy - WHEN I can get out there!

There have been many cars that have been flooded on roads around the area.  It always amazes me what people actually think they can drive through!  If you are going to work, you are familiar with the area - so one would think they would know the flooding potential of some areas.  Silly people.
Stay safe out there folks!  
I hope this makes you smile like it did me when I saw it!!!  Life can't always be all serious - it can be fun too!

I spent much of yesterday cleaning inside as the weather was not conducive to working outside.  Looks like today will be much the same.
It sure was a good sleeping night.  I woke about 2:45 to hearing thunder - otherwise I slept pretty good.  The kitties must have too.  They didn't come in with me last night - they stayed side by side of the couch all evening.  They sure are friends - until Bitsy wants to play!  He is very exuberant!

I went out this morning to feed the critters and heard the most beautiful bird song.  I had not heard that particular song before and was trying hard to see what it was.  I wish I had had a recorder with me.

I want to relate a little story about the birthday gathering this past weekend.  The birthday boy has two younger siblings 1 and 3.  The 3 year old is very shy, and she usually stays away from most of us.  The one year old is just quiet.  Well, Layla decided this weekend that I was OK.  She came and set next to me on the picnic table chatting up a storm.  Then I walked in the house and she was playing alone - and I asked if I could play.  We made a fort and had a ball - her chatting the whole time.  Then 1 year old Miles, was sitting next to my brother (his gr. grandpa).  He was loving his mashed potatoes, and brother started doing "airplane" with the spoons of potatoes.  Miles was just belly laughing like crazy.  He thought that was hysterical.  He and I played 'bubbles' after dinner and he laughed and laughed.
It sure made the day & weekend fun.  Those littles can bring a smile and it sure warms the heart when they interact with us adults.
They have no idea how special those moments are for us big people.

I thought I would show you a fun pic of Bitsy.  I have an afghan rolled up and all neat at the back of a chair seat every morning.  I fix it every morning - by afternoon this is what happens.
Bits gets it all bunched up and curls up inside it!!!!  Every day!  He is such a hoot.  I guess it is a comfy thing - he loves crawling under covers of all sorts.  If he sees someone on the porch or inside or hears someone else talking - he runs and hides under my bed covers.  Yesterday I had the vacuum going and he was hiding under my covers.  Blackie just sits there and looks at it!  He could not care less.  Plus if someone comes to visit, Blackie wants his pets and head rubs!  They are so different in personality.
Bitsy loves being with Blackie and me.  He follows us all over the place and talks the whole time.

What are you up to today?  Any fun weekend stories to tell from your part of the world?  I know many graduations and parties have started already and last weekend was Mother's Day.

Make today about smiles!
Have a great midweek.  Smile - it is something that we can share and costs nothing!


  1. Yikes, that's a lot of rain. Hopefully, it soaks into the ground quickly.
    Bitsy is much like my daughter's Spencer. She is terrified of strangers, especially men. D found her hiding in the garage in late 2022, when the temperatures were bitterly cold. She ended up bringing her inside and keeping her - it was clear someone had tossed her away. We think someone, likely a man, abused her at some point in her young life - she was only a year or so old at the time. She hides under my bed, or in a drawer in D's bedroom whenever one is in the house. Yet, yesterday, we had two workmen installing a heat run in the basement and the a/c and she stayed with D and I in the living room. Great progress for her.
    Have a wonderful, smile-filled day!

    1. Aaahhh poor Spencer. At that age, I bet you are right and that maybe she was abused. Bitsy was so little, that basically I have been her only human - so he tends to stay away from others.
      That is great progress - hopefully it continues, and she just gets more and more content.

  2. Geez, Mid-month already!!! I swear it will be Christmas soon. Time is just flying by for me, I have a To Do list a mile long and this weather is not helping.
    Those kitties must surely keep you entertained better than a television. Super cute and fun too boot.
    I had to take Linda to an appointment yesterday and found some great bargains while I was killing time. Bags of five HUGE peppers for $1, dented cans of soup,,chick peas, baked beans for 25c, frozen ready meals for $2 and a heap of sauce and gravy mixes for 10c.
    Now here’s my question….. when you come across great deals like this do you buy all they have or leave some for others? I must admit I did buy up all the frozen meals as I know that the fellows that work for us will eat them all up and I know that things are tight for them, they are older and not great cooks, often a sandwich or hot dog is their evening meal. So, I bought all 13 meals that were there, when ordinarily I would have left some for others to benefit, but I’m wondering what do others do? Louise.

    1. Yep, Christmas will be here in no time. LOL
      I love these little buggers to pieces - they do keep me smiling.

      I think it depends. If it were just for me - I would buy what I could use in a decent time frame. But buying for others - buying it all is OK. The store wants to sell it - so you are buying it. I think you did right by the workers - they will sure appreciate having some different things to eat. You were not being greedy - you were buying to help others.

    2. Thanks Cheryl, they were most appreciative of the meals.
      And you are right, the store does want to be rid of them, so they don’t care who buys them. Louise

  3. Hi Cheryl, Cornell University has an Ornithology program dedicated to the study of birds Their website or the app Bird Net may help you identify your beautiful bird singer I use BirdNet all the time to identify Vermont birds and loved it when I traveled to the Yucatan Mary

    1. Thanks - I may have to do that. It sure did sound lovely, and I had never heard that particular song that I can remember. Thanks again!

  4. I've got a tiny little sparrow type that has built a nest at the highest point in our car port. I've can't get a good photo of her on the nest as I am short and when I get too close she flies off. No babies have hatched yet either.

    1. Aahhh - I love seeing mommas on the nest - and oh babies.
      Hopefully she has some eggs she is sitting on and you will have babies soon.

  5. That sounds soooooo wonderful playing with the children, that's the best and what a *high* compliment it is that they love you so. A Gift.

    I'm loving the pic of Bits, these kitties are something else! Our little Elbee, he is a small kitty and he has his little spots, he likes to be on top of things, in back of my head at night on the back of the couch is one of his places. ...But I don't mind.

    You asked everyone about last weekend? One day we were at our daughter's and son in law's for Mother's Day, little Christopher Robin made little tiny pictures for us, very sweet, I have them in our room. He wrote, Bobo on some with he and Bobo (hubs) drawn and on some, an M for Mimi for me and other little pictures of us with him. I cherish them.

    God bless you, Cheryl, enjoyed your writing about Life.

    1. Yes, children are so pure and innocent, so their love gives such joy. Elbee sounds sweet. Blackie likes the back of the couch as well. I guess they feel safe.
      How fun for you. I bet those pictures were precious. I would sure have them displayed as well. Bobo and Mimi must be some of his favorite people!!
      Have a lovely evening.

  6. What a sweet story about playing with the 3 year old! That's a good age. Not old enough yet to be sassy and back talking.

    Love the picture of Bits. Kitties sure know how to get comfortable. That's a lesson all of us could learn.

    We ran errands today in the rain. It finally quit about the time we were ready to come home. I'm off to take my first dose for the colonoscopy tomorrow morning.

    Hope your day was splendid!

    1. Thanks. The kiddos were such a joy.
      Those kitties are ALWAYS comfy!!! Yep, I could learn a lesson or two.
      Oh fun - not! Yuck on the colonoscopy. Wow, you were out in the rain all day? Ick. Of course it did sort of stop here around noon. I sure got a boatload over night! Good luck tomorrow.

  7. Speaking of littles, my son brought his boys (6 and 8) to my house this afternoon and we had a nice visit with lots of noise. The older child wanted to see his daddy's recorder, as they're talking about them at school (2nd grade). We have that one, a wooden baritone recorder, and a blue plastic whistle toy. That went on for about an hour. Oh, my poor ears! Since it was trying to rain outside they were indoors.

    Thank heaven all that was interrupted by time with the old Lego from my son's childhood - back in the days of the moon landing! So we have some Lego that is gray and has rocketship parts.

    Sometimes I'm glad I save everything... ;)

    ps. But I am trying to weed my house, just not of things I know DS and his boys will use.

    1. How fun on the kiddos being there, but oh my goodness on the recorders! They never sounded good!
      Lego toys are always fun. They even make adult Lego kits now! Glad you saved tuff. Everything old is new again!
      Some stuff is definitely worth saving.

  8. Sounds like you had a great time at the party! Hanging out with the little people really does do your heart good. Cracking up at the cat messing up the covers. Haha! 😁 My Jake has claimed a shirt I put in the “to donate” pile when I was cleaning out one day and he drags it all over the house, meowing loudly. I just let him have the shirt. lol! It obviously makes him happy! 😊 Hope things start drying out soon where you are!

    1. I did. Yes little people just bring so much pure joy and love.
      How cute! Your Jake sounds like a stinker. That is cute carrying the shirt around the house. They know what they want and take it!! LOL
      No rain today, so here's hoping!