Sunday, May 19, 2024

Weekly Wrap-Up 5/19

 Howdy!  Happy Sunday to all.  Hope this finds everyone well and safe.  Missing some of y'all.  You need to check in and lets us know you are good!
It is sunny here this morning and very dewy!  The grass is so wet - but I bet it dries quickly today as it will be getting hot.  I have so much to do outside yet in the next few days, so hopefully it doesn't get TOO hot!  Time to get my sun hat out!

Everything is so green and growing.  I got flooded out back 2 times this week.  Early in the week and again over Thursday night - - lots of water.
I saw my first bunny of the season.  I have seen it twice a few doors down.
The ice cream truck has started coming around on the weekend - yep, it is almost summer!

                             We all need to do this more often.  Something we tend to forget!

My frugal week:
  • I told you about the 10th birthday party - that was a nice family event
  • I made a huge pasta/veggie salad that I took to the party.  It was a hit.  I had enough left for Monday meal - otherwise it was all gone!
  • Mowed and trimmed the yard - took several hours to do it right.  Heck, it needs it again
  • Did my feet and gave myself a pedi!  (tis the season for pretty feet)
  • I had metal rings from the whiskey barrel I took apart - placed them out back and the scrap guy had them within the hour.  I couldn't think of a use, or I would have kept
  • Washed and kept 3 freezer bags for future use
  • Basic cleaning inside on rain days.  We had a couple crazy wet days.
  • I got 90%+ of the garden cleaned out of weeds - oh what a job.  I had 2 huge black bags full of stuff.  Then it rained & rained and flooded out there again.  Hoping to finish it all today!  I hand pulled all those weeds - the rest will be with hoe
  • I have brushed and brushed Blackie this week - dang that kitty has thick hair, and he sheds!  He is like a little bear - so thick and fluffy
  • I received a 2 lb. pack of huge, beautiful strawberries from the neighbor across the street - they always share stuff.  Boy have they been tasty.
  • NO grocery shopping this week
  • Using what I have and keeping meals simple
  • Laundry and used dehumidifier water in laundry
  • Made a new batch dbl. of hummingbird nectar
  • Many days of windows open and enjoying fresh air - using ceiling fans (kitties love the open windows)
  • Went to a surprise 80th birthday celebration for my nephew-in-law's mom
  • Got to talk with out-of-town relatives this week
  • Just doing all the basic things
Meals this past week:
Dinner at the party - KFC chicken and homemade goodies
Chicken & corn (sent home from party) and leftover pasta salad
Beef hotdogs and side salad
Chef salad
Cold sandwich and fresh veggies
Eggroll bowl
Chicken thighs (pre-cooked from freezer) and fruit salad
As you can see - most were easy meals.  When doing yard work, simple meals are the order of hand for me.

So much work to do out in the yard and garden yet.  Yesterday, while talking to my brother he said he isn't planted yet either.  He always has a huge garden.  It has just been so wet - (he floods too).
I will work outside the next couple days, until it gets too hot.  We are expected to hit upper 80's the next 2 or 3 days then cool a bit before the Memorial Day weekend.  I still have close to 2 weeks before the month is over - daddy always said "plant close to end of May" - for best warmth in the ground.  So, I guess I am OK!

How has your week been?  Is your garden in?  Thinking about it?  Any holiday plans in motion?
Did you get any great deals this week?  Check in and let us know how you are doing!!  PLEASE
You are all worried about and cared for.

I wish you all a wonderful and safe and healthy week.  
Blessings to you and yours from my humble little home.

A cheerful heart is a good medicine, but a downcast spirit dries up the bones.
Proverbs 17:22

Dear Lord, please continue to watch over and protect us.  Help to find joy in all things and to laugh and have a joyful heart.  Hoping that our smiles and laughter can add happiness to another who is sad.  May we lift one another in ways of caring and love.  Prayers for peace and love for this world.  AMEN


  1. Good morning and Happy Sunday!
    Warm here also, my garden is in and have been really busy weeding and messing in the flower beds. I also need to mow again, we have also had a lot of rain.
    Today we have a girls day excursion to a nursery and "junque" emporium. I love this place, the prices are good and usually can find stuff that I can't get around home. Picnic in a state park after buying plants.
    Lots of yardwork and ball games have been taking my time. It's a great time of the year.
    Have a wonderful week!

    1. Good morning JC. The weeds they sure can grow quickly! Maybe I will mow tomorrow.
      The girls excursion sounds wonderful! The 'junque' emporium sounds like something I would love. Love those kind of 'all sorts of stuff' places! A picnic too - sounds like a lovely day.
      Yes indeed - so much goes on this time of the year.
      Have good week!

  2. Great week Cheryl!

    Garden plants remain in the greenhouse. We have plummeted from the mid-80s to 38F Monday morning. I'm not taking the chance.

    Celebrated my 63rd trip around the sun last night with a plate of King Crab legs, broccoli and Mud Pie at my favorite restaurant (since 1979).

    Saturday I cooked up all the greens in the fridge that I knew we couldn't eat before our next Thursday CSA pickup. 5 bags resulted in 6 cups. 2 containers frozen and will vacuum seal this morning for January eats :-)

    Happy Blessed Sunday everyone.

    1. Happy birthday!!!!! Sounds like a great way to celebrate. Mmmm it has been years since I had King Crab - so good.
      38*F - dang that is chilly! We are way past that, thank goodness.
      That is a great way to save all those lovely greens for the winter. They will taste so delish.
      Have a fantastic week!

  3. Good Sunday morning! I spent yesterday "playing" with friends -- all day outdoors, and I'm exhausted today. I see a nap in my afternoon. But first I need to tackle household. On Friday, I went with friends to a new-to-me nursery in a nearby town. Kind of a "dumpy" part of town, but their bedding plants were extraordinary and inexpensive. And, if my friend wouldn't have mentioned it, I'd have never known this place existed. She got 2 hanging baskets, another friend got a partial flat of flowers, and I got a flat of flowers to plant in my deck boxes and another flat of assorted vegetable plants for container gardening. Our HOA does not allow in-ground planting of anything but annuals, and food-producing plants are strictly prohibited. So, I make due with container gardening. Need to pull out my gardening hand tools and get busy!

    1. 'Playing' can sure make one tired!!! I always feel that way after a 'visiting' family day!
      Cool on the nursery. It is always wonderful to find a new one. I had one I used to visit a lot and 2 years ago they decided to retire. They were always cheaper and nicer.
      Good for you on figuring out a way to beat the stupid HOA rules!!! Plant as much as you can girl.
      I was out working this AM and had to come in and rest - dang it got hot fast!
      Have a wonderful week.

  4. Some people wouldn't know cheerful if it came up and introduced itself. ha! Excellent scripture and prayer.

    Our gardens are just about dry enough to do some work. Still fighting weeds, that is an ongoing chore. The green beans are up as well as just about everything else the Farmer planted. Tomatoes and peppers are blooming and some have very small fruit. The turnips and rutabagas are huge. We have been eating broccolini. Spinach and radishes are gone.

    The nurse who checked in me and got the IV and everything else going before my colonoscopy on Thursday, gardens and we discussed plants. Interesting. The Farmer's spine doctor gardens also.

    My granddaughter in Texas (Dallas-Fort Worth area) is graduating this morning. They are live streaming the graduation. I was impressed that the class sang the National Anthem. The school district is so big that they are having ceremonies over two days and allotting schools a certain amount of time in the facility. I think there about a dozen high schools. It makes Ben Davis High School look dinky.

    Enjoy your day. Looks to be a good one.

    1. You got that right - although I may have said it with stronger words!! LOL
      I worked out in the garden this morning - workable but still some muddy. I just got too hot. But it is ready to plant!!!
      Love finding like-minded people no matter where we go! That is kind of cool - at least distracting from procedures!
      Congrats to your grand-daughter. It is nice to see schools still embracing our traditional values. That is a big area!
      Thanks. Have a great week.

  5. Sounds like a nice week Cheryl. We have three or four rabbits that have been running around our backyard. I guess they've found the small space in one panel that they can crawl under. It's good entertainment for Binx. It was warm here yesterday and supposed to be all week. Summer weather seems to come earlier every year. Have a nice Sunday.

    1. Oh how sweet on the bunnies. Binx has kitty TV! Mine love waiting all the animals and birds outside. Sure keeps things safe.
      It is hot here too - but cooling some later on in the week - which is fine with me. It is hot out there this morning.
      Have a great week.

  6. That's a whole lot of weeding. But nice to have a cleared space to plant into. I have all my tomato plants in and husband planted his corn starts yesterday. Peas and potatoes are popping.
    The fruit bushes are buzzing with all manner of bees. I was watering with a watering can and the prettiest hummingbird hovered near but was too shy to drink so I turned on a sprinkler and watched it darting through the spray and drinking from a wet leaf.
    There was a little grey tree frog at the front door this morning. Should I have kissed it and got a prince? haha. I have trapped it under a glass until my grandson gets a look at him in a couple hours. Meanwhile, I hope to find a slug to keep it happy.
    These days are too fine to waste so I'm intending to be in this moment, in this place.

    1. it was a whole lot of weeding! I finished it this morning and it is now plant ready! YAY
      Glad you are getting planted. All that fresh goodness will be wonderful.
      How sweet on the hummingbird. I have only seen a couple here - but yesterday sitting in the clubhouse for the BD celebration - I watched one go from picture window to picture window. It was so pretty.
      Neat on the frog - I bet your grandson will have fun with that.
      Yes mam, these days are wonderful and we need to enjoy and celebrate them to the fullest! So beautiful out.
      Have a super week.

  7. Went to a garden show/sale on Friday and bought a new small Rosemary plant. My old one died this spring, just bang, one day all the leaves fell off and it was dead. ??? Plants, always a puzzle. Still off and on showers, so weeding is good.

    Kitchen sink was draining really slow so used baking-soda & vinegar to clear it. Unintentionally used way too much baking-soda and created a new clog right there. Had to use a long chopstick to break it up, and eventually a plunger. Gee whiz. Next time I'll be more careful, for sure! ;) Sink drains nicely now though.

    This afternoon is a hymn singing. That will be a grand end to this week and start for next. Love your prayer for today, very fitting. :)


    1. Here it is! I need to find another Rosemary plant. It has been a couple years - I just love Rosemary.
      Oops on the baking soda. I never thought much about using too much - now I know!! Thanks.
      Have an enjoyable time at the singing.
      Have a lovely week.

  8. Replies
    1. Thank you so much for checking in! Love it! Glad you are doing well.
      Have a wonderful week.

  9. I'm sure your gardens are enjoying all the rain, even with the flooding. We had a little rain yesterday and possibly more today, though it is bright and sunny at the moment. It actually dropped to freezing last night here in the city.
    While I'd like to be out in the yard, I've been working on housework this morning, after a lovely rest yesterday. It does appear that the weather will cooperate tomorrow and I should be able to start doing some weeding in the flower beds out front.

    1. The ground is sure enjoying the rain - we were in drought mode for ages. This has sure brought us out of that.
      Freezing - good grief you gals and your cold weather. That is awful.
      Hope you get some yard time tomorrow. A good rest is always in order, especially after this past month for you!
      Have a lovely week.

  10. Sounds like good week, Cheryl.

    My week ended with the birth of my granddaughter. I'm just waiting to hear right now when they're home & I'll head over.

    1. Congratulations. Nothing like a new baby - cuddles, smells, soft skin, tiny fingers and toes.
      ENJOY your visit to the max. Not that I needed to say that - but still.
      Have a fantabulous week!

  11. Weeds, weeds and more weeds. Lots of company, sometimes I'm like be careful what you wish for. Been to lots of estate sales.

    1. Hey you! Oh the weeds are ridiculous. I sure wish we could cross breed them with tomatoes! LOL
      Oh-oh - yep, I think that often. Glad you get to see people, hopefully just not TOO many people!
      You are always finding lots of estates. I hardly ever see an estate sale around here. You find the best stuff.
      Have a wonderful week my friend!

  12. Your week sounds great Cheryl.
    I have had a load of rain too, the little planting I did do has been smashed by heavy rain so I’m back to square one.
    After a few weeks of hardly any good deals, I was lucky enough to get some every day I went out this week. Very happy about that!!!!
    Our youngest son has purchased his first home, so I’ll have another one flying the nest. It’s only very small, but has potential, and he will repair it as time and money allow.
    Have a great week, enjoy those kitties.

    1. Kind of glad I waited on planting. It will go in this week. So sorry your plants got messed up.
      YAY on deals. It sure makes your spirit lift when you find them.
      Congrats to your son. Small is fine and so is a fixer. We all start where we can - and it will be a lovely home for him I bet. He has had a good teacher!
      Have a blessed week.

  13. I htink my comment went into Spam. :(


  14. Garden is not in yet, hopefully very soon. Well I guess I should say my flowers are not in, Harvey has most of the veggie garden in. Just working on getting the monthly projects completed, and the usual frugal habits going on.

    God bless.

    1. You still have time. It will all be lovely. I am still working on things too. Kind of late this year for me.
      You have been keeping busy with projects - so understandable.
      Have a blessed week.

  15. Hi Cheryl,
    I love your prayers in general and today for sure. Thank you. I spent a few days last week at a local health spa. I had gone to the same place a year ago (so that first visit was about six months after my husband passed), thinking to use their services of physical, mental and spiritual counseling. I really enjoyed it last year so decided to go again this year. I had made intentions last year to get in better shape in all three areas, so this was a good comparison. I made substantial progress on all my goals and came away feeling really proud of myself. It is so hard for many of us to spend time on ourselves, and this time and money really was well spent, at least for me. Now I am working on the intentions for the next year ;).

    Heat is coming to Phoenix so all the snow birds have flapped away and us locals can again eat in a restaurant ;)

    Hilogene in Az

    1. Thank you!
      How lovely. That sounds like a nice relaxing time. I have never done anything like that before, it sure sounds fun. You are right, we seldom do things for ourselves. That sounds like a nice mini vacation each year. Money well spent.
      Try to stay cool and enjoy your local shops again!
      Have a great week!

    2. Good day to you, Cheryl. This is the 3rd time I've typed this post. I keep hitting the wrong button & poof - it disappears! There's been 3" of rain since the beginning of May in the month when there's been talk of a pending drought. The grass has been cut once but no garden planted yet; too wet & cool. This is Canada's Victoria Day weekend when many people plant their gardens in Alberta. It's also the season's inaugural camping w/e. All I can say is - I'm glad I'm not camping. It was only 4C this morning. The tomatoes I was gifted earlier this month are already a foot tall. I hope they survive the transplanting a week from now. Frost risk continues into the first week of June here. The final Home Routes house concert of the 2023/24 season was on Thursday. It's so refreshing to meet new people & have live music in my home. I watched my youngest granddaughter play lacrosse yesterday for the first time. It's a fast, hard hitting game. In the kitchen: pulled pork, potato salad, coleslaw, ravioli.

    3. Hi Mona. Sorry you had such a time posting. I have that problem once in a while.
      It has been a rainy month here for sure. Sounds like you could use the rain. Gosh, you ladies up north are sure keeping cool! Brrrr.
      Sounds like this is your unofficial beginning of summer. Our is usually the Memorial Day weekend - next weekend.
      I love that you do all music events. That is cool.
      That is a hard hitting game. Neat that you got to watch. I could never be coordinated enough to play sports - I admire those that are.
      Your meals sound yummy.
      Have a lovely week.

  16. I always look for the Driscoll's strawberries at the grocery store when I go in. They are so good! What a treat!

    1. Yes mam, they are huge and so juicy and flavorful. I have thoroughly enjoyed them.
      Have a good week.

  17. I didn't do any grocery shopping last week either. Our kitties are shedding right now, off with their winter coats! Everything is growing here too and needs mowing/weed eating regularly again. All this rain is the culprit. LOL That was so nice of your neighbors to share their strawberries with you. My neighbor helped me with wedding last week, so I shared a packet of sunflower seeds with her as her sunflowers had already died. You just can't beat good neighbors!

    1. Good for you on not shopping. Amazing what we can get by on! Oh Blackie is the wort, but both are shedding. His coat is so thick, I brush every day and get handfuls!
      Yes mam, good neighbors are sure a blessing in so many ways. Glad you had help - it is always a big job!
      Have a good week.

  18. Hi Cheryl :) Sounds like you had weather like ours last week! We had a storm on Monday and another on Thursday and they were like small hurricanes. Wind, rain, hail and lots of flooding and damage. Houston is still without power in some areas this week. Our yard is still mushy in some spots. We are promised no rain this week, so hopefully everything will dry up.
    I hope you have a dry week, as well. The grass grows so fast! We can't keep up :)

    1. Glad to hear that you are safe. It has been something this spring. Lot's of storms. Hot and no electricity is awful!
      We finally dried out - but it sure smelled like worms out back for several days!!
      We are drying now too. Yep, the grass and weeds grow like crazy!
      Have a lovely week.