Sunday, January 17, 2016

Frugal Happenings 1/17

Howdy ho everyone!  Hope you all had a good week.
We have had warm weather (50's), rain, snow, and cold weather all in the past week.  Season lows come in tonight with a prediction of out first minus temperature and highs in the teens tomorrow.  Brrrrr! 

Outdoor kitties are snug in the greenhouse with lots of blankies, and heated mat under the blankies, and a heater and heated water bowl.
It is safe to say my kitties are probably better taken care of than some homeless.  That's a sad state of affairs.  We have a lot of shelters and new places opening (due to extreme cold), but many just don't want to go.  I pray for them daily.

I only left home twice this past week.  I spent one day just visiting, doing errands and chores for the in-laws.
The second day I just wanted to get out!  I ran to Kroger to check out the clearance section.  Hadn't done that in a bit.

  • I did find 3 - 1/2 Cumberland Gap smoked boneless rounds of ham on sale for 1.19/lb.  It was regularly 3.49/lb.  One I probably will cut into ham steaks and the other two will get shaved for sandwiches (once I dig out my electric meat slicer).  I will vacuum seal and freeze.  I couldn't begin to buy deli ham for that price.  As a matter of fact I couldn't buy a pound of deli ham for the price of ONE half.  I spent 13.84 (for all 3) and saved 26.75!!!!!  YAY
  • I also found 8 Renuzit solid air fresheners on clearance for .25 each.  They were holiday scents - but who the heck cares!  I love those scents all winter long.  That was a $6 savings!

  • I renewed my library book on-line, so as not to be over due and to save a trip
  • Lots of free exercise  shoveling snow!
  • Entered a Kroger survey for 50 free points for gas.  Not bad for only spending around $16.
  • Shopped from the basement for additional groceries this week.
  • All meals from scratch and from home.  We haven't had a take out meal since first of November.  Now we did have some store bought fried chicken livers for dinner one night this week - but we were gifted those by G's aunt and uncle!  They were so yummy!!!
  • Cut both G's and my hair at home - we were both getting shaggy looking!
I found this little carrier when I was doing some de-cluttering in the basement.  Not sure where I got it our how long I have had it.  I decided that it would be great for my in-house 'shopping'.  Makes carrying things up the stairs easier for sure!!

The electric meat slicer I mentioned above doesn't get used very often - but sure has been handy to have on hand.  I bought it years ago at a yard sale for $5.  It has more than paid for itself!  I can cut boneless meat just about any thickness I want (hard cheese as well).

I need a suggestion!  Anyone have an idea on how to re-use those little Renuzit containers when they are done?  I hate to just throw them away - and I am trying to come up with some ideas!  I know there is some creative mind out there that can come up with a use!

Guess that about sums up my week!  Not too exciting here.
How was your week?  Did anyone get any good deals?  Did anyone do anything creative this week?
Inquiring minds want to know!

Stay safe and warm this week.  Be frugal my friends!
May God bless each of you every day.


  1. Love reading about your deals! You so inspire me and I AM doing better but still need practice. I'm getting back into sewing (after more years than I care to admit) and I've been perusing free classes on Craftsy; really gets the juices flowing. Have you checked Pinterest for ideas for Renuzit containers? Mindy

    1. Hi Mindy. Thanks for the kind words. I LOVE MY DEALS!!!! Good going on sewing. FREE classes is a win-win! I need to get back into it. I used to make my own clothes - more years ago than I will admit. I think I may do a bit of mending and such today - too cold to be outside.
      Pinterest is a great idea. I will look. It just hit me yesterday to ask - I will look around.

  2. That was my first thought too Mindy! I took a look and most of the ideas were to dress them up with knitted covers. One idea I especially liked was using the base and central column as a ring holder.

  3. My frugal for this month was in grocery savings too Cheryl. Looking over the receipt from yesterday...there were loads of savings in the store but my budget is only $50 this month...the total bill was $28.75 and that was to please the good Man with his thirst for caffeine...but using my price book I was able to figure out the best coffee buy, and the soda pop cola was still .79 for a 2 liter bottle. When I got home I told him, ration these out because they need to last you the rest of the month!

    1. He should be able to stretch out the coffee and pop - there is only a couple weeks left! At least it isn't the first of the month.
      I really admire you on how you are able to stick to such a strict budget. Great job.

  4. Our egg prices have dropped again, now a 30 pack is .21 an egg. So I splurged and got the pack even though there were a dozen in the fridge, baking uses eggs. I could have gotten by with my egg pucks, but - I splurged. LOL! Splurges now are rated in eggs. Used to be I would joke that any little savings under $50 was one to put towards a steering wheel on a new car. Now I think in terms of pennies and splurge on what can fit in my fridge for a bargain.

    1. Funny isn't it. Splurges used to be buying something fun or going on a trip. Now our splurges are food! I am the same way.
      I went through my coin charge the other day and rolled up $30!! I will just hang on to that - till there is something special I may want - then I will cash it in.

    2. I just read this - Cheryl - $30 is a huge amount! all from coin change, too. We have a 'family money jar' and into it goes all our extra cash - from my participation in research studies, from family members paying us back for repairs, from gifts, from you name it. While the daughters were home it was always just coinage, now it accumulates paper bills, and TGMan makes regular and frequent deposits - this has really helped us make ends meet.

  5. Oh yes, Mindy, I am going to my daughter's this weekend, for her first sewing lesson with the machine we got her for Christmas a year ago!

    1. Wonderful! I hope she catches the bug and never stops sewing.