Monday, January 4, 2016

PLAIN Knowledge

Can anyone guess what this might be about?
I plan on doing a series of posts this month on how to simplify our lives and become financially solvent according to Amish (Plain) life!

Many don't know that on my father's side of the family, we are descendants of the Amish.  I only found out when in my 40's and I don't believe my dad ever knew.  Grandma didn't talk about her heritage back then.  We figure that my great, great grandpa was the first in our line to break away from the Amish church.
My ancestors came to this land in 1736 via Ellis Island.

I often wonder if my dad and myself and siblings  'learned' the things we do/did from past generations unknowingly, or can that kind of stuff be in our genes???!!  LOL  I have talked with many Amish over the years, and they have all told me that I don't seem totally English (non-Amish).  I find that to be a totally wonderful compliment!

Ok, enough about me.
Today is just going to some background on the Amish, and then I will be trying to post a couple times a week this month, on simple living and financial security.

The Amish have much to teach us.  Granted they live as they did 50 years ago, and maybe even 100 years ago - but in many aspects that makes them extra smart in my book.  They party like it's 1894!!!!
They are quite wise and practical, a hard working and money smart people.  They are extremely resourceful not only out of necessity, but for the love of the land that they will be leaving their children.
They use a huge amount of common sense.  They are taught money principles from early childhood.  They know that delayed gratification, is the best way to save and get ahead.  They have a tremendous sense of community and family, and they share and help all.

There are an awful lot of Amish that have become quite wealthy.  Surprised?  You shouldn't be.  The Amish have many exceptionally successful businesses.  They work hard and use family and neighbors to help work them.  Many business owners, do not take any funds (or very limited), for quite some time - they just get by.
You would never know about their wealth, as being prideful and boastful is sinful.

We (Englishers), always seem to want newer, bigger, brighter, shinier stuff.  We are so addicted to electronics, that it would be difficult to get by without them now.  We strive to have bigger homes and newer cars.  We seem to like it when people think we are well off financially.
Instead we should be so thankful for what we do have, and know that somehow, some way we will get by in the future.
We need to start living life and appreciating family more, and worrying less about what we have.

We need to practice our faith harder and count our blessings more.

I hope you will enjoy this series of posts.  I will try to touch on various ideas and ways to save, to be resourceful, and to enjoy life a little more.


  1. We have Amish in our area too, in PA. Lancaster has the most but here in central Pa we have yellow tops, white tops, and black top buggy Amish.

    WE also have a strong Mennonite community. Some of my friends are involved with them.

    Every one has been gracious and helpful and kind. And the reason so many love their farms is that their produce is fresh, good, and reasonably priced (no middleman). Most of the transactions are done by cash or check.

    It is always a surprise when one has an email account, usually with the aid of an English.

  2. I am not sure if it is because of my age, my economic status, being close to retirement, having raised my family, or what, but I am more content now with what I have than before. We don't do shabby but we do frugal instead, getting reasonably good value for a reasonably decent price. In this manner, I think we help to contribute to everyone's well being, at least I hope so!

    Looking forward to hearing more from you Cheryl!

    1. ellen, I seem to get more content each and every day. I have finally learned, it's not about WHAT we have, but WHO we have in our lives. Truly I could live in a tent if I had my hubs. Not saying I want to (LOL), but I could be happy.

      Some people never learn contentment and I believe it is because they are so unhappy with themselves.

  3. There is a proverb 'Better life in an attic with a morsel of bread, than one with a contentious woman.' I hope never to be that woman!