Sunday, May 1, 2016

Frugal Happenings 5/1

Wow I can't believe it is May already.  I am not ready!  There is so much yet to do outside to get the garden ready.  The temps don't quite feel like May in my opinion.  But it is here, and I know I need to get myself in gear and get things done.

I have been M.I.A. most of the week, do to being at the hospital a lot.  My brother is still not out of the woods, but he is alert and pretty receptive to us, only time will tell.  He had a feeding tube implanted this week, and they keep saying he won't talk or use right side again - but I am trying to stay positive.  God has this, and all we can do is trust in that.

Saying that, I haven't really accomplished much of anything this week.  I did manage to cook all our meals at home, and totally resisted the powerful urge to order out.  I had days where I just didn't feel like cooking - but I did!
I did make a couple stops for things on the way to or the way home from the hospital.

  • G and I worked on cleaning the garage some more last Sunday.  He also 'helped' the grandson of our neighbor with some car work, by giving some of his mechanic knowledge
  • Monday I got a half of pick-up truck load of 2 year old horse manure for FREE from my other brother.  He didn't need it, so I got it!   (It is covered and still sitting out there)
  • I got some 8" deep chunks of cement FREE from discard of a neighbor.  I will be using them to set pots on in the back part of yard to prevent pots from flooding
  • I stopped at Dollar Tree and got a package of 4 watch batteries for $1.  They will last me 2 years.  I have been buying from there for years and they last about 6 months each! 
  • I stopped at Fresh Thyme (right by hospital) and got some more fresh salad veggies this week.
  • I found a heck of a deal on coconut oil this week.  The store had quarts for $12 and on the bottom shelf they had gallon jars for $12!!!!  DUH!  It is organic.  Considering it has so many uses both internally and externally and it isn't even dated till 2019, I got 2 gallons.  **I checked the price online and it was $42 a gallon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!     THAT'S A $60 SAVINGS
  • Meals from home and from scratch
Basically in the month of April I bought only fresh veggies and milk and bread as groceries.  I have been trying to use from our pantry as much as possible.

Sunday evening I grilled out steaks from the freezer and we had fried okra and a salad.  That sure was tasty.    We finished the balance of the shepherd's pie one night.  Had sausage and eggs and toast, chicken/rice/cheesy soup, pasta and salad, and lasagna soup.  Tonight we will finish the balance of both soups and have a salad and garlic toast.

I am hoping to get some much needed work around the house done this week.  Praying that I don't need to spend as much time at the hospital and that things will improve there.

May you all have a lovely week.  Please stop and tell those you love that you 'love them' and show them often - life can change in an instant.
God bless and keep you in His loving arms this week.

Peace my friends.


  1. wow, those buys are fantabulous Cheryl!
    I can tell you that by keeping a file of expenses, what I thought was a frugal food month, wasn't! We doubled our grocery bill, and tripled our eat out allowance. Mind you, we set very low limits on both so it wasn't a terrible impact, but nevertheless, will need to compensate this month (a very long month it looks to be).

    Have gotten more radish seeds in ground and the pepper seeds are finally germinating. Got a pair of socks finished this weekend for a christmas gift, and another pair half done, will work on the bus this week to finish them.

    Our bus pass is tripling in cost ($15 a month instead of $5) so I am very glad to be back doing plasma donation. Even though the super specials aren't being run ($280/month instead of $200 a month) it is still more than not doing it for very little time expended. I look at it as paid overtime, something never received at my day job.

    1. Sorry the bus pass is going up so much - although it's probably still cheaper than driving and parking I would bet.
      Sometimes we think we are doing so good - then boom - reality hits us!!!!!

  2. I am glad to hear that your brother is responsive, and I am sure you all will figure out a way to communicate with ease so that he is still a big part of the conversation of life.

    1. It is frustrating for him - yesterday he wanted to tell me something and it just wouldn't come out - God love him.
      Therapists did get him in standing position yesterday - 2X. He is very strong on his left side - so hopefully with therapy he will do ok.

      He is going into rehab either today or tomorrow.

  3. First of all Cheryl, I am continuing to keep your brother in my prayers and you too. The fact that they got him up into a standing position is very encouraging...I suspect he will surprise everyone with how well he is going to do in rehab. :)

    That deal you got on the coconut oil was simply amazing! Maybe not being able to work in your garden was a blessing in disguise now that you had that damaging hail. God is watching out for you. :)

    1. Yes Mam, I do believe God is always watching out for me! it is supposed to get in the 30's tonight and tomorrow night as well.

      It will be a couple weeks before starting garden.
      I am very encouraged for my brother as well. Thank you for your continued prayers.