Monday, May 23, 2016

We're Shrinking!

Well, we aren't Americans in general are bigger than ever!  YIKES!!!!!

But our products are sure shrinking.  I am sure you have all noticed.... but the retailers try to trick into thinking you are getting things in the same size.

So often, the packaging stays the same, but the product inside is less.  The really crappy part is they are still charging you the same amount of money, or in some instances MORE! 
This is why I think it is so extremely important to be vigilant of reading the product packaging, but more importantly ------- learn how to make many of the products yourself or find alternatives.
I know there are many items that you just can't substitute another item for, and many you really CAN'T make at home, but we should sure try when we can.

I got to thinking about this over the weekend.  I went to Kroger to buy their Party Pail gallon of ice cream, that was a crazy price of 2.99 in the flier.  They have only one size called Party Pail.  The flier said 128 oz. for 2.99.  The tub of ice cream says 1 gallon (3.78L).  It rang up 3.99 - so I told the girl the add was 2.99 and showed it to her.
I am being gracious calling her a "girl" - she was about my age.  She says well the one in the ad is smaller - see 128 oz.  Yours is 3.78L!   OK????????!!!!!!
I explain that liters and ounces are not the point.  I told her there are 4 quarts in a gallon.  One quart is 32 ounces - so 4 quarts (1 gal.) is 128 oz.!!!!!   Her answer was "If you say so".  (I'm not joking).  So she only charged me 2.99 but didn't understand why.
REALLY?  It absolutely amazes me, that America has dumbed down so much.  Kids can't make change unless the 'machine' tells them - and adults don't even know that a gallon is 128 oz.!!!!!  Amazing.

Ok, I digressed a bit, but that is what got me thinking about our incredibly shrinking world.

*Most places a 'half gallon' of ice cream is actually 1 1/2 quarts now
*Coffee used to be a pound - now most is 11 oz.
*A bag of chips used to 16 oz.  - now 11oz. or 12 oz.
*Laundry detergent weighs less and does less loads (bottle is generally the same)
* I used to get deli cookies 12/$ - now they are 10/$
*Candy bars are much smaller than back in the day!
*Hotdogs were sold by the pound - now they weigh 14 oz.
*Yogurt used to be 6 oz. - now 5.3 oz.
*Haagon Daz used to be a pint - now 14 oz. in weight and they still label it a pint!!
*Bacon was always sold by the pound - now most packages are 12 oz. - 14 oz.
*Disposable diapers were always 100 per pack - now 92
*Toilet paper has less sheets and is narrower per roll
*Slim Fast was 6 - 11 oz. cans - now it is 4 - 10 oz. cans
*Many bottles of juice went from 64 oz. to 59 oz.
*Cereal used to always be at least 16 oz. - now what I buy is down to 11.5 oz.
*Cans of tuna were 6 oz. - now 5 oz.
*A lot of canned goods have always been 15 oz. or 16 oz. - but have gone down in some cases  to
  11.5 oz.
The list goes on and on and on!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It has gotten really bad in my opinion.  The retailers are being extremely deceptive.  They simply think we won't notice - and many people don't.  I read labels on everything!!!!  I watch people in the stores pick up one size of something that is expensive - when another size is cheaper.
I have seen people struggle with a gallon of milk - costing 3.59 - when the sale is a half gallon for 1.25.  DUH!  It is cheaper to get 2 and easier to handle.
I have even told people in the store this - and they look at me like I am a Martian!  I guess some people just have more money than sense!

Be careful to read the packaging on everything.  Yes it takes some extra time (especially at first).  This is a good time for all of us to start 'price books' or keep notebooks with us - as to sizes and prices.  Do the math before buying things.  Always breakdown the price per ounce or sheet - this will give you an accurate figure of what you are buying.

Our incomes don't seem to be going up at all - especially those of us who are retired.  Prices go up daily.  We need to pay attention and get the best value for our dollars.
A little extra time can save you a lot of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$!

PS - I am waiting for the day when a dozen eggs goes down to 10 and a gallon of milk becomes 3 quarts!  I am sure it won't be long.


  1. Oh boy do I hear you loud and clear Cheryl! I always check the per ounce or per pound cost. It takes very little effort to save lots of money. ;)

  2. Oh boy do I hear you loud and clear Cheryl! I always check the per ounce or per pound cost. It takes very little effort to save lots of money. ;)

    1. It sure does. Isn't it frustrating though?
      We really need to voice our opinions to the manufacturers.

  3. My husband will just grab whatever and cares less about saving. Drives me insane but I have learned to pick my battles :).

    1. Oh my Theresa that would drive me crazy too. You are so right tho - learn to battle where you can win! Maybe you can slowly get him to understand.

  4. On your price at the checkout for the ice cream that price is put into the register's main computer or wherever they are suppose to change the pricing when there is a sale. It boggles the mind that the checkers don't know s..t. It's always someone else's job, they take no responsibility to know anything.
    Funny, corp doesn't think we are watching.

    1. Well I wish Corp. was watching. Even their signs said 3.99. Ad was for 2.99 and there was no disclaimer at the store - so sorry about the store - I got it for 2.99!
      It is amazing that adults don't know the basics.

  5. Probably the biggest reason that I make my own sauce is that jars have shrunk from 32 to 28 and 24 oz. My price book is a good check against grocery store inflation and shrink.

    1. Same here Ellen. I mean I love knowing what is in my sauces, but I also get a full quart.
      They really think we DON'T notice!!!

  6. And even a pine 2" x 4" is only 1 1/2" x 3 1/2". Years ago they told you it was a little less because of the saw blades cutting the wood. I've never heard of a 1/2" wide saw blade! I told my husband that men never sewed their own clothes. If a woman sews, a 1/4" or 1/8" seam is EXACTLY that, or you'd never be able to do a quilt or sew clothes and have everything line up. I don't envy the young people today. They have no idea what's going on.

    1. You are so correct. If women ran things - it would be best!!!!!
      Yes in deed, no errors in sewing is so very important.

    2. without being too sexist, I don't think men can measure at all :-)

    3. Every time my husband does something - it's "That's close enough - nobody will notice." I told him I "notice" every time I look at it.

  7. I'm also old enough to remember that corn used to be a bakers dozen (13 ears) for $1. I saw an ad in the Price Cutters flyer advertising corn for "2 ears for $1.00.) I blame the government and their ethanol. Also, a few years back when gasoline went sky high so did everything else because of the cost of shipping. Now this past year gasoline has gone the lowest it ever will, but ABSOLUTE NOTHING ELSE went down in price (except maybe our SS checks).

    1. Yes mam, it's funny gas prices jump up over night, but come down ever so slowly. Once a price goes up - it almost never comes down.

      I will NOT pay 50 cents an eat for corn.

  8. I am irked that canners put a lot more liquid in the cans than they used too, seems like green beans are half water/ half beans where the beans used to be packed in a can. The same goes for canned peaches and pinto type beans.
    Even pork and beans have a lot more sauce than they used to.

    1. Rhonda you are so right. either you get more liquid or more air. They really think we don't notice. It's insane.