Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Lids, Lids, Lids

There are so many useful ideas for using lids.  Bottle lids, jar lids, can lids, etc. 
I hate throwing things away, so I try to find as many uses for things as I can.  I do recycle, but re-using items in my opinion just saves us money.  We don't have to go out and buy an item, and we save something else from the land-fill.

*  I have been seeing posts on FB about using canning lids (bands) for cooking eggs.  I have been doing that for years  I use the wide mouth bands - lightly grease the inside, place it in the pan, and add an egg.  Makes nice round egg shapes, perfect for muffins or biscuits!

*  I am saving the pull top lids from cat food cans for using in my garden.  I will be using them as markers, especially for various types of tomatoes and peppers.  Using a permanent maker for writing, will make them last the season.  I can attach to cages or tack onto plant stakes.

*  Cut the top off a salt box to fit a Mason jar.  They make great pouring containers.  I use for coffee creamer and have one for cornstarch.

*The green plastic lids from parmesan cheese jars fit mason jars.  They are great for pouring or sprinkling.

*Any type of commercial lid can be painted or covered and re-used for jars storing dry goods.  You can paint according to a color scheme or paint with chalk paint.  If you want to pretty them up even more (for gifts) add some ribbon or twine to the outer edges.  You can also glue knobs on the top of lids to fancy them up.

*  Use older (rusted inside) Mason jar rings and used lids to make a cute, yet rustic coaster.  I am going to make some of these as gifts this year.  Place the lid used side facing up (glue in ring), then add a circle of cork over that (glued in).  Maybe add some checked ribbon or jute around the edge.

*  Use the plastic tops from coffee cans (if not using the whole can as storage container), or the tops from peanut cans, etc. as visual aid toys for kids.  They can be used for alphabet, number, colors, picture aids.  Easy to make and not easily destroyed!
Plastic lids are also great for placing under flower pots to keep water off furniture.

*  Metal lids of any type can be painted and add ribbon to make medals for kids.  Great idea for a birthday party or small child competitive event.

*  The tops of water or pop bottles can be used to make a plastic bag a pourable bag.

*  Use an ice pick or an awl to poke a hole in a lid - place on a re-cycle jar.  This is a great way to keep your garden twine dry and contained, while using in the garden.  Pull twine up through the hole.

*Use old wide mouth mason rings to make individual pies.  Cut your dough about a half inch larger than ring (to account for sides).  Grease the rings, add pie crust and fillings place on a parchment lined baking pan, then bake.  Makes the cutest little pies.

*  Add some chicken wire to the top of a mason jar, secure with the band, and use as a tooth brush holder or utensil holder.

If we all stop and think, we can come up with so many cute and creative ways to re-use items and save money.  WHY should we give our hard earned money to others, when we have most of what we need right at home!

Do you have any good ideas for re-using lids?  I know there has to be a ton of good ideas out there.  Share with us all what you do, so that we save more.

REDUCE, RE-USE, RECYCLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. What creative ideas, Cheryl. I especially like reusing pull type lids for garden markers. My newly retired husband is having a ball while he learns to garden. I'll blog about him later. Thanks for the tips

    1. Thanks Rhonda. Glad to see you stop by.
      I hope the gardening ventures go well!!!

  2. I loved this post! That idea for a toothbrush holder is one that I have never seen before and would be so adorable in a country themed bathroom. I can also see that same jar being used for a vase since the chicken wire would act as a "frog" to hold the flowers up and in place.

    I hope you brother is doing well at rehab.

    Be blessed!

    1. LOVE the idea of the chicken wire for flowers! I will have to use that this summer!
      There are just many cute things we can do for NO money.

      He's hanging in there. Thanks