Sunday, May 22, 2016

Frugal Happenings 5/22

Happy Sunday everyone.  I hope this finds you all well and happy.
I have been remiss again this week in keeping up with posting.  It seems I have been busy going to rehab and working around the house.
When I go to the rehab to see my brother, it takes up at least half of the day.  Progress is slow and steady!  We do see gradual improvements.

I did take advantage of some nice weather to get a lot of yard work done.  Oh my I was way behind.  I still am.  I have plans on spending today in the yard again.  It seems that all of a sudden things have started to thrive - weeds included!

Frugal this week:
  • I made up 10 hanging baskets and planters myself, instead of buying them ready made.  That was a huge savings.
  • I made more seed blocks (like suet) for the birds.  They are thoroughly enjoying them!
  • Made homemade hummingbird nectar and cleaned and refilled the feeders.
  • Made flavored coffee a couple times this week for G.  Mixed in my own flavoring
  • All meals from home
  • We did order pizza one night from a new place.  It was much cheaper than traditional pizza shops, FREE delivery, it was HUGE and thick with toppings.  Usually we get a meal with a piece or 2 left - we got 2 meals each and lunch from this pizza.  It was wonderful!
  • Picked more flowers for bouquets
  • Made homemade banana bread

  • Have gotten to have the windows open a lot, and sleeping with bedroom window the past couple nights.  I LOVE THAT!  I like a cool bedroom.
  • I only bought milk and some ice cream this week.  Ice cream was on a super sale.  I haven't bought much in the way of groceries in over a month.
  • I cleaned out the garden area.  WOW what a job.  It was full of weeds from about 4" - 12".  I had to pull or dig them all out.  Then I got to spread 1/2 truck of manure on the garden.  Talk about FREE exercise!   I could hardly move that night - boy am I out of shape.
I wish I had taken a picture before I got the weeds out and spread the manure.  It's impossible to appreciate all the work involved.  Now to get the garden plowed and planted!!!!!!  That will happen in the next couple days.

Our meals were pretty easy all week.  We had chili over rice, taco salad, chili-mac made with leftover chili, tuna casserole and salad, ordered pizza (ate 2 nights), and loaded baked potatoes.  I made a large loaf of banana bread and made some homemade grilled fruit pies (with bread & pie filling).

I am sure going to be embracing and loving the warm weather and the sunshine the next few days.  We haven't had a lot of either this spring.

How was your week?  Did you get any deals or do any projects that saved you money?  How is your garden growing?  Hope to hear from you all.

God bless you all, my friends.  May your week be safe and healthy and prosperous.


  1. I had to snicker...we NEVER seem to remember the 'before' pic and you're right. No one but you can ever appreciate the hard work.

    1. Melinda - Hi there. It's funny how we always forget the simple things!
      Oh well, a little hard work never hurt anyone. When my garden is growing and I am picking - I will appreciate my efforts even more!
      Have a great week.

  2. I always love to hear what you have done over the week and your menu. Gives me ideas as I get so lazy about cooking.

    1. I get lazy too. Sometimes it seems like I am in such a rut!!
      It doesn't seem like I have accomplished a lot lately - always running somewhere.
      I am really hoping to catch up soon!

      Glad the menus help!

  3. I'm glad to hear that your brother is making progress. :) I love sleeping with the windows open but have had to close them again due to our temperatures taking a huge dip again. We are even having to run the pellet stove during the day to keep warm....YUCK!

    1. I wish summer would officially get here! We have had cold and warm days. This week looks to be in the 80's most of the week.

      Thank you on my brother.

  4. Hey everyone, same here on the weather! my big frugal for the week was to get four huge planters of miniature petunias and one large container of celosia spikes and a bag of potting soil for $28 at Lowes-planters will be done as soon as I have the energy! And I got some leftover flowers and plants from my daughter to boost our driveway planters.