Sunday, July 17, 2016

Frugal Happenings 7/17

Hi there everyone.  I hope this finds you well and happy.  Do you all have a good week?  I sure hope so.

My week was so-so.  Stayed home a lot again this week.  I have been dealing with extended family issues (brother), and it is just so hard not having control over a situation.  Everyone that knows me, knows I like to be able to have control in a stressful situation, and I have always been the go to person in the family.  This time - no - as my brother has kids.  So as much as I'd like, I can only give my say, then I have to walk away.  It has been very stressful and at one point I had a pretty nasty anxiety attack - but I am better.

I talked with Ron today, and he really seems to understand the seriousness of the situation - which he didn't before.  He and I had a nice brother/sister visit.  I feel better today.
I know many of you have had family situations, that have gone sideways too - so I knew you would understand.  Thanks for listening.

On to fugal time!
  • I did play barber this week, and went and shaved my brother and trimmed his hair.  It was badly in need
  • Did laundry in cold and with dehumidifier water and line dried
  • Reclaimed 1 huge and 1 smaller rubber totes from the garage to use for gifts and other storage in the basement.  I scoured them outside and air dried and they are perfect for what I need.
  • Made ice cream
  • Saved another cereal wrapper for the wax paper.  I haven't bought wax paper for a couple years
  • Cut basil and dried
  • when I had to water (once) this week, I used rain water.  We have had a lot of rain
  • Meals from home, scratch and leftovers
  • Got to have the windows open one night and one day this week.  I'll take those days when I can!
  • I have been picking several different types of veggies.
Aren't those peppers pretty?  My plant are loaded.

Cherry tomatoes gave us a few this week.  Regular tomatoes are starting to turn.  YUM

Certain types of lettuce are still going strong - others have already seeded.

  • I got a $35 rebate check from Menards - that will help when they have a great sale I can utilize
  • I mailed in a $3 rebate from a while back.  I almost forgot about it, but got it postmarked a day before expiring
  • Saved .30/gallon on gasoline this week
  • G had a friend come by one day and helped him accomplish 3 projects in the garage he has been wanting to do.  I sent our friend home with cookies.
Meals this week:
Leftover Chinese, made a veggie/hominy goulash, had baked fish/dirty rice/garden veggies, homemade pizza, beef & gravy with garden veggies served with mashed potatoes, hamburger hash & salad, homemade nacho's supreme.

Snacks were smoothies, nuts and popcorn.

How are your gardens growing?  Are you doing any fun crafts?
I know here in the U.S. we are all geared up in summer mode and gardening, but we have friends here who are in the middle of their winter.  Warm wishes to those followers!

Check in with us this week and let us know what you have been up to.  We all love hearing what everyone is up to.
Prep, Plan, Pantry 3 will be this week too.

God bless you all.  May your week be happy and safe and full of joy!

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  1. I'm glad that you were able to have a talk with your brother. Your garden is producing really well...I have to admit, I am kind of jealous of those peppers. ;)