Thursday, July 21, 2016

Pantry, Prep, and Planning 3

Today I would like to touch on our pantry prepping and planning on non-edible things (human), and still prepping on a budget.  It can be done - although you may be using some unconventional items (or new to you).

  • Watch for coupons and sales, and match the 2 up.
  • Don't be brand restricted (if SHTF does it really matter how good your hair smells?)
  • Learn how to make many of your items.  It is easy and very cost effective.
  • Shop Dollar Tree and other dollar stores.  I buy all my shampoo, toothpaste, deodorant, razors, etc. at the Dollar Tree (they accept coupons now too).  Name brand items for so much less money.
Many people don't stop and think about their pets when stocking up.  Our animals are members of our family - so I could never forget them.
  • Buy large bags of whatever dry food they like when it's on sale.  If necessary keep those bags enclosed in large rubber or metal trash cans (to keep out varmints)
  • Have plenty of canned food on hand
  • learn how to make or dehydrate treats for your pets from healthy human food
  • You can make litter from shredded newspaper if necessary
  • Keep mint or lavender in your yard (natural flea remedies, and also essential oils like mint, lavender or eucalyptus or rosemary.
  • Watch for coupons on pet food and pair up with good sales.
  • Animals shouldn't eat the same things you do (with spices) - but you can make homemade pet food with meat, rice, veggies (unseasoned).
You can make most cleaners from basic ingredients - and many of those ingredients can be used in cooking and baking as well! 
  • If you must have brand name cleaning products - then again watch for coupons and shop the sales at dollar stores.  You should never buy household or hygiene products at the grocery store - they are way more expensive there.
  • Essentials to have on hand -  BAKING SODA, distilled or cider VINEGAR, PEROXIDE, bar SOAP (like Zote or castile), essential OILS, WASHING SODA and/or BORAX. 
  • Keep old rags (or cut up old t-shirts) and/or newspaper for cleaning
  • Old toothbrushes - to help in cleaning tiny areas
  • Keep lots of TP on hand!!!!!!!  Granted we could wash or use alternatives, but that is one luxury I don't anyone wants to be WITHOUT!!!!!!  Look for sales and combine with coupons when possible.
  • For long term emergencies - CHARCOAL, PROPANE, or WOOD for cooking
  • A generator for frig, furnace, etc.
  • WOOD if you have a fireplace
  • LOT'S of blankets and coverings - don't ever get rid of any
You need to have basic first aid supplies on hand at all times.  Dollar stores are a great resource for buying many basic items.  Band-aides, plain aspirin, gauze, peroxide, etc. can be had very cheaply.
DON'T forget to watch yard/garage sales.  I have purchased wrist guards and new ace bandages for pennies.
Places like Sam's or Costco are good sources for large quantities of over the counter meds
Keep a good antibacterial ointment on hand.
Pure Aloe Vera is mandatory in our home - I use that for all sorts of ailments (external and internal)
I keep sanitary pads on hand strictly for absorbing compresses (non-deodorized)
**When renewing your medical scripts, go in before you are completely out of medicine - usually 3-4 days is allowed.  Keep those extra meds (marked and separate), in case something would happen that you couldn't get your meds.  At least you would have a few extra on hand.

I hope this gives you a few ideas on things you need to have in your pantry for basic existence JUST IN CASE it all hits the fan!  There are frugal ways to be prepared with our non-edibles. 

What are your ideas on basics that are needed?  Let us know your thoughts.


  1. Great lists! I had not thought about using feminine pads as compresses. Right now is a great time to stock upon aloe vera at the Dollar Tree. They also have ibuprofen there with a long out in the future expiration date. I bought 4 of them over the weekend.

    1. I so love the Dollar Tree. They have more to chose from every time I go.
      So many name brands any more too.

    2. I figured out that with the sleeves from the t-shirts from the t-shirt quilt I made, that the sleeves can be used for staining, just the right size to dip and spread the stain.

    3. Cool idea. If we put on our thinking caps I am sure there is NOTHING that should go to waste.
      re-use,, reduce, recycle!!!