Sunday, July 31, 2016

Frugal Happenings 7/31

Hello there my friends.  WOW, can you believe this is the end of July?  It seems like the summer is flying by.
It has sure been hot and humid lately.  We are getting a tiny reprieve with the extreme humidity for a couple days.  We have had spotty rain this past week - enough - but nothing to get excited about.
The garden is still going good.  I sure love having all these fresh veggies to eat and can.

I stopped at an ethnic supermarket this week on my way home from visiting rehab.  I am still not sure if it was Asian or Mexican!  I really think it was a combination of both.  Oh my, were there some weird things in there!!  There were veggies I had never heard of - which was cool.  The meat department is where I got a bit grossed out.  Packages of sliced beef tongue, intestines, stomach, etc.  YUK!  I know people eat that stuff, but it is NOT my thing.  I truly think I would be a vegetarian first.  LOL!   It was an interesting experience.
I like walking through new places and learning about different cultures.  It was a FREE adventure.

I was doing some canning this week, and noticed that the wire rack for my canner has broken clean through in two places, making the jars sit crooked.  I checked out pricing for a new rack - a new canner w/rack would only be $7 more - so that is what I am going to do.  I can still use the old one, just can't put 7 jars in it any more.  Thinking on how I can repair that rack!

My frugal week:
  • I have been de-cluttering big time.  So much un-needed stuff in this house
  • went to the library for FREE reading material
  • Line drying laundry
  • Used rain water when needing to water garden and pots
  • Had to have lost some weight this week.  Mowed and trimmed and did a ton of yard work - boy was it hot!  I drank 2/3 gallon of water and sweated up a storm.  It surely help clean toxins from my body!!!
  • Made our first pot of fresh green beans this week (from garden) and used the last potato I had in them
  • Harvested crops - picked approx.  33 lbs. of produce this week.
  • Stopped by Kroger on my way home this week, to look at clearance.  Got a package of 10 - 1/4 lb. 80% lean burgers - regular price $10.00.  (That's $4/b.!).  I got it in mark downs for $5 - a much better deal. Repackaged and froze.
  • Found 3 cans of Carnation evaporated milk for .49 each.
  • Got 8 pounds of baby carrots for .39/lb.
  • Made dip from scratch
  • Picked 2 floral bouquets for the house
  • Canned 10 quarts of pickled (spicy dill) veggies (love for salads)
  • Washed the inside of all the windows (kitty nose prints) with homemade window cleaner and rags
Canned pickled veggies - includes carrots, a few green beans, yellow squash, cukes, and cauliflower.  YUM

Pretty phlox - it smells so good.

I noticed when I was leaving Kroger this week - that they already had ceramic Halloween pumpkins sitting outside for sale.  I sure wish they would wait till after Labor Day - it makes it much more exciting.  Of course, Christmas decoration will probably be out in the next couple weeks!  CRAZY!

Meals this week:
Pork chops - steamed broccoli (garden)/cauliflower - salad
Sausage - eggs - stir fried squash/onions
Chicken strips - brussel sprouts - salad
Bologna/tomato sandwiches - cheese strips (I got over hot this day - so dinner was sandwiches)
Tuna patties - fresh green beans - mac n cheese
Burgers - leftovers - salad
Meat/cheese/veggie rollups
We have tomatoes and cucumbers for every meal!

Snacks - chips and dip, nuts and fruit

Well, we tried for the Powerball this week - figured it was worth a shot.  Someone had to win at some point - figured my chance was as good as anyone else's.  I don't live in NH - so NO big win here!  Oh well, I still consider myself very wealthy IN MANY OTHER WAYS THAN MONEY!  Money is nice, but the other things in life mean more to me than it does.

What have you all been up to this past week?  Have you been doing any canning, freezing, crafting?
Give us a shout!  I love hearing from you all.

God bless you all.  May your week be safe, healthy and happy.


  1. Rather than buy a new canner rack measure the diameter of your rack. Call your local hardware/home stores and inquire about the this size in barbeque grill screen replacements. They make great replacements and are strong and can take the heat. If you cant find them then several round dollar store cake racks will work when stacked. Good luck

    1. Good ideas. I can still use the old canner, I just can't raise the rack. The poor thing is so old, but still useable.
      Thanks for the suggestions and for stopping by.
      Come again!

  2. Lili over at Creative Savv ties a bunch of canning rings
    together to put in the bottom of her canner.I have used
    the cake cooling racks before. Have a blessed week and keep cool.

    1. Hi Patti - that is a great idea too. Isn't it amazing how many different ways there are to do every day things?
      I love it.
      Have a wonderful day. Come by again!