Sunday, July 3, 2016

Frugal Happenings 7/3

Happy July 4th weekend.

This week has been a little quiet around here.  I did get a couple good finds.  We worked around the house and yard some.
Amazingly, for this time of the year, we have had some wonderful weather this week.  It started out really hot, then cooled right down.  We haven't had the AC on (except for a couple hours) since Wednesday.  Sleeping at night with the windows open has been lovely.
Today our highs are to be in the 60's and it is raining!  Give it a couple days and we will be back to upper 80's and 90.  I am not looking forward to 90 at all.

The garden is doing well.  Slowly starting to get more harvest.  I give it a few weeks and I will be a canning fool!  I can't wait.

Saw something unusual for our area today.  The neighbor was mowing, and there was a bird that seemed to be going crazy.  I thought maybe it had a nest close by - but it was a swallow!  It was collecting bugs as they mowed.  I have never seen one in the city before.  it was really cool to watch.

This weeks frugal ways;
  • Made a new bottle of Febreeze
  • Laundry in cold and line dried
  • We were gifted a 2 lb. bag of spicy trail mix.  G is loving it!
  • Mowed, weeded, and did lots of yard work (free exercise)
  • G did some maintenance work on my little tiller.  Should be working perfectly again
  • Cut G's and my hair at home
  • With G holding the ladder - I lopped/trimmed several low branches from our trees
  • Got a great deal on fish for the freezer.  Kroger had a sale on whiting fillets - 2 lb. bags - USA - for 2/$5!!!  They were originally 11.99 a bag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  NO way would I have spent that - but the savings I gained on buying 12 bags was $113.88!! WOOHOO!                                         We now have 24 lbs. of fish in the freezer.
  • Also got 2 - 5 lb. bags of Martha white flour on clearance for 1.49 each.  Originally was 2.99.
  • Picked more lettuce, another cucumber, and the first 2 yellow squash
  • AC off much of the week, and enjoying fresh air
  • All meals from scratch
My fish purchase. We are set with fish for months to come.  My freezers are officially full again.

Meals this week:  Mac n cheese with hot sausage and salad, stir fry veggies and chicken served over rice, ham and cheese roll-ups and leftover mac n cheese, chicken strips, mashed potatoes and wilted lettuce (YUM), loaded baked potatoes, stuffed pepper skillet dinner

Snacks:  trail mix, fresh fruit, nuts, popcorn, fruit smoothies

How was your week? 
I hope you all have a great holiday weekend with family and friends.
Hope to hear from you all this week.

Blessings to all.


  1. What an amazing deal on all that fish! You saved so much right there. I wish my hubby know how to fix our little tiller. It is having issues and using it would make my life so much easier. I'm glad your G was able to fix yours. :)

    1. I was sure happy with the fish!

      G is confined to a wheelchair - but he has really started doing more and more. Sometimes he needs a little help, other times not. He feels great being able to do stuff like that. He was a mechanic when he had to retire - so he is very handy.

      Yes, a tiller makes life better for sure. Hope you can get yours fixed. Maybe a barter with someone?

  2. Great deal on your fish purchase!
    I enjoyed your post. I've been sidelined for a few days with a bug but I plan to be back to my normal activities soon.

    1. Rhonda I sure hope you feel better quickly. Take care of yourself.

  3. Great deal on the fish. I would have stocked up as well.
    My deck garden is looking good this year. We only have a few plants but they seem to be doing well. Flowers on the cuces and zuces. I can't wait for them.
    Have a great 4th!

    1. Hi Laurie - same to you. ENJOY your holiday.
      I am glad your garden is doing good. The way I look at it, is any fresh garden is better than none! I picked a few more cukes this morning.
      Have a great day!

  4. We had a holiday at the house, we painted a bedroom, established better lighting in there, and continued to enjoy garden greens for meals. Flowers are just beginning on our peppers and tomatoes (we got them in late). Frugal for us? nothing as great as that fish buy, Cheryl!

    1. WTG Ellen on all the work around the house.
      Ours got out late too - so things are much slower coming on. That's ok - all in good time!

      Yep, I just couldn't pass that up. 1.25 a pound for fish!! Deal of the year.

  5. Hello ellen. So nice to read your post. I remember you always being busy with something.
    I started a few more zucchini and cute plants I figure we will have nice weather for a while yet.

    1. Heck yeah. Hopefully the new zucchini will take over when the others are about spent! Good idea.

    2. Thanks Laurie and Cheryl, I am usually busy with something, but often feel like the TO DO list is so much bigger! I suppose it is good to have more to do than time?!

  6. Isn't it great when the garden starts producing!! I don't like to can but I like the finished product! I would rather freeze. Lazy! Nancy

    1. Yep, nothing like walking outside to pick free groceries!