Tuesday, October 25, 2016

60 Days and Counting Down

Today is exactly 60 days till Christmas.  Hard to believe - isn't it?
Have you started getting ready?
Buying gifts - making gifts - making menus - planning, planning, planning??????

Last week I went through the gifts I have accumulated over the past year  at various sales, clearance bins, yard sales and thrift stores.  I have all gift items in a very large tote.
I also have all kinds of containers to use in wrapping and presenting gifts in another tote.

Today let's talk about wrapping options.  I hate doing what everyone else does!  I like to be a little different (ask those who really know me!).
So begin thinking outside the "box"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I always keep a few individual water/pop bottles (people leave them when visiting).  I wash, de-label, and use for all sorts of things.  They make cute holders for M&M's, Skittles, etc..  Also for nuts or even birdseed.  You can add your own labels.
  • Jars from coffee mayo, etc. are great for jar recipes.  You can use Mason jars - but this way you don't have to worry about getting them back.  These are great for soup mixes, bean mixes, cookie/brownie mixes......
  • TP tubes - are great for very small gifts.  Stuff in the tube and wrap up like a stick candy or piece of taffy!
  • Confuse those people who ALWAYS seem to know what is in a box!  Use cereal, cracker, cookie boxes.  Any type of box will work and you are recycling.
  • Get a strainer/colander and fill with a jar of pasta sauce, pasta, and parm. cheese.  Maybe a cute dish towel in the bottom
  • Wrap homemade bread or sweet breads in a pretty kitchen towel (Dollar Tree)
  • Buy cute holiday or pretty china plates or dessert saucers at yard sales or thrift stores.  Use as trays for giving homemade cookies or candies.  They get to keep the dish and pass on the love to someone else
  • 2 liter bottles are great for gifting t-shirts or logo hats.  Cut the bottom off the bottle - stuff with tissue paper and gift - then use clear tape to put the bottom back on
  • Gallon or plastic jars are great for filling with all kinds of goodies for teens (then their moms can use when empty!)
  • Buy cute coffee mugs at Dollar Tree and add some flavored tea bags or a baggie of hot chocolate mix  
  • Baskets from thrift stores are great for giving home canned goods, or misc. goodie baskets for adults or kids
  • I love giving goodies in re-usable cloth bags - they can then be used all year
  • Flower pots (plastic or clay) can be filled with gloves, tools or seeds for the garden
  • A bait bucket with fishing lures, filet knife, or 6 pack of their favorite beer
  • Find a nice straight glass (bottom and top same diameter) and fill with homemade cookies.  Not only do they get cookies - but a nice milk glass to go with it.
  • Pringles cans are great for gifting cookies
  • I keep the plastic containers that I buy mushrooms in - wash and dry - and use to give fudge and other homemade candies
Hopefully this gives you a few new ideas.   You can start saving items to use now. 
Have fun with your packaging.



  1. Those are all good ideas. I can't do much to get ready for Christmas living in the apartment. Nancy

    1. Hi Nancy.
      I hope you don't allow the fact that you are in a temporary dwelling stop you from living and enjoying things. Make the best of the situation and have a ball!!!!
      Have a good day.

  2. AGGH!!!! Countdowns put me in a stress mode!!!!!
    I am looking forward to the decorating though.

    1. Oh Laurie I am sorry for putting you in stress mode! Breath and JUST ENJOY!!!!
      Remember it is not about the stuff.
      Have a great day friend.

  3. Hi Cheryl, all good ideas here! Every year I stock up at the after Christmas sales and get those plastic goodies bags that are shaped like gingerbread men, Santa, ornaments, etc. I use those to give cookies and homemade candy in. Last year I found a deal on the Ziplock storage containers and used those, along with cupcake liners to make assorted boxes of homemade candies. Those were a huge hit! Years ago I did themed gift baskets for each family on my husband's side (before things got so bad). I did a tea themed basket in an pretty British tin with assorted teas, some pretty teacups, homemade pancake mix and homemade syrup. Another basket held 2 champagne glassed, a bottle of sparkling cider, homemade pancake mix and homemade syrups. The last one had coffee mugs, some homemade coffee mixes, pancake mix and homemade syrup. I got all the glassware,cups and mugs, baskets, the tins and the cloth napkins to line the baskets at the thrift store. I mixed up the pancake mix from ingredients that I got on sale and made the syrup. The presentation was beautiful and the gifts were practical and ones that I knew the recipients would enjoy.

    1. Debbie,
      I love those little goodie bags. They work out so well.
      You know I am a huge goodie basket giver. I have done some of those themes you mentioned. They were always loved.
      You have some wonderful ideas there. Thanks so much for sharing.
      Have a great one!

  4. I am glad you gave us the countdown! I am still only about halfway to being finished with making things. I really like the colander and spaghetti dinner idea. So many great ideas, Cheryl!

    1. Thanks and you are welcome dear girl.
      You will get it done...work...work...work....LOL

  5. Hello! I am making aprons for my 3 granddaughters out of flannel cloth I found at WalMart for $3.47 a yard. One yard made each girl an apron and I can just squeak out a matching doll apron I think. I have one sewn, and it turned out really cute. One is pink with cupcakes and glitter, and the other two *for twins* are pale aqua with cupcakes and glitter. Christmas just doesn't seem like Christmas without some homemade presents. Oh, my pattern was an old ugly apron I picked up for 50 cents at Salvation Army because it was small sized and made a perfect pattern!

    1. Hi Sue.
      I love it!!!!! How wonderful and the kids will love them (dollies too!). They sound so cute.

      I do a lot of homemade (most) gifts. Everyone seems to like them. I agree that is what makes the holidays special.
      My mom always made me new clothes, doll clothes, or something. Everything she cooked was from scratch.................oh I can almost smell all the cookies.
      Those were the days!
      Have a wonderful day.