Sunday, April 23, 2017

Frugal Happenings 4/23

Oh what a beautiful morning!  Oh what a beautiful day!  (I wish I could sing - LOL)
The sun is shining bright here this morning and it is heavenly!
We have had 80* days and 50* days this week.  Lots of wind and some rain.  We are back on track for 70's after a very chilly Saturday.

I am sitting here this morning watching the squirrels run and play, the possum out eating his breakfast, and the Robins pulling their breakfast from the ground (yuk).  Kitties have all been fed as have we, paper has been read, news watched, and now I am just enjoying quiet time.  I am retired, and each day is similar, but Sundays somehow seem different to me.  I have always loved Sunday mornings - even as a kid.  It is a time for reflection and gratitude.

This past week has been quiet, but I feel a little accomplished!
  • Received a magazine in the mail.  I am now guessing someone has sent a subscription. Thank you to whomever did!
  • Froze lots of nice turkey broth from the Easter turkey
  • Got my rain barrels out and set up this week
  • Cut G's and my hair
  • Colored my hair (oh, I feel 10 years younger!)
  • Did laundry in cold and line dried
  • Did more yard work - it is never ending.........FREE exercise (I sure need it)
  • Repaired a wood chair I found out back in alley earlier this spring.  It was falling a part - glued, nailed and braced all the wood back together.  This week I will paint (purple) and use as a artful plant stand in the yard! (picture later)
  • I cleaned, straightened, and inventoried the upright freezer downstairs.  Now I hope to keep a running inventory!!!!  I always have good intentions!  LOL!  It is now organized and sectioned off by type of meat and veggie again
  • I ran out one day to pick up a script for G and the Christian thrift store was across the street so I stopped.  I got a new looking piece of Tupperware and a Lazy- Susan for the cabinet each for .99

  • I re-organized the upstairs pantry AGAIN!  How does it get so messy?  GREMLINS!!!!  The lazy-Susan  worked wonderfully in the back-most corner (my pantry is 3' deep).  Makes it so easy to find canned goods.  I have 20 cans on it (2 high)
  • We are getting FREE Cinemax and HBO for some reason this weekend, so I have been DVR'ing movies to watch later on some rainy day
  • Made marshmallow Krispies
  • Made peach cream fluff (Mmmmm)  used same recipe as the pineapple
  • All meals from home and using all leftovers
  • Refilled a lot of my upstairs pantry jars with inventory from stock in basement
  • All our normal stuff: tea making, filtering water, windows open, no lights, heat off, etc.
Meals this week:
Turkey, harvest potatoes, and asparagus Au gratin (2X)
Turkey Manhattens (hot turkey sandwiches, mashed pots, all smothered in gravy)
Sausage gravy over toast and leftover harvest potatoes
Spaghetti and meat sauce with garlic toast
Cajun mix-up
Taco salad
Leftovers eaten for lunch or breakfast

I have been enjoying the comments from so many folks this week.  Oh by the way this is my 300th post!!!!  There have been over 72,000 visits to my humble little blog thus far!  I just find this absolutely amazing.  THANK YOU EVERYONE for coming along on this little journey! 
God bless you all!

Future grapes - yum, I can't wait!  Jelly, juice.......................
How was your week?  Did you do anything fun or money saving?  Give us a shout out - I think everyone enjoys learning from each other.

I hope your upcoming is stress free, frugal and safe!  Blessings to each of you!
HAPPY SPRING (or fall in some cases!)


  1. Hi Cheryl, stress free would be nice 😄
    Your menu sounds good.
    300 posts is quite an accomplishment, way to go! I'm one of your regular readers

    1. Glad to have you aboard Rhonda.
      Hope your week is lovely.

  2. Congratulations! look at your grape vines-hopefully mine will look as good as yours! It's as hard to keep organized as it is to keep it that way I think. Have a great Sunday!

    1. Vickie I can organize with the best of them - but keeping it that - well that's another thing!
      The grape vines have done really well the last couple years - as long as we get enough rain they are great.
      Have a good day

  3. Happy 300th post Anniversary. Now that is quite an achievement!
    My biggest frugal saving this week was in the garden. Hubby had cut down the overhang of the neighbours trees along our fencline. He did this some time ago and the cuttings were now nice and dry. I pulled out my little electric mulcher and away I went. Four wheelbarrow full loads of mulch has found its way onto my garden. At $15 for a big bag to purchase this is quite a savings.
    Hubby had several thousand dollars worth of tools stolen out of our shed last year. We were covered for most by insurance. When he goes to do a job he is still finding tools that are missing and unclaimed for. He has been unable to find his jigsaw so we think this may have also been taken.
    Our daughter works part time at a large hardware chain store. As part of her working conditions she gets a discount card for herself and for one other member of the household. Hubby got this. He got $19 off the purchase today of a sander and a jigsaw and is a happy camper.
    Hubby visits the refuse tip recycle shop twice a week. I have had him looking out for items I can use as large plant pots. He came home this week with a sand filter from a swimming pool. He needs to cut the top off(why he needs a jigsaw) and then I will have a large pot for the Malibar Chestnut. I will flip the cut off top over and have a saucer shaped pot for some strawberries. I already have a number of these pots and they are fantastic.
    There has been lots of baking; sourdough bread, banana cake, Anzac bikkies(cookies). Lots has happened in the garden and we are now eating lots of homegrown greens. We enjoy our quiet, simple and slow life.
    Have a great week.

    1. Jane your week sounds amazing.
      You are proof of why we need to keep track with pictures and serial numbers of our possessions (my post on feelings safe and secure). You find things missing for ages.
      I am so glad he got the new tools he wanted and needed and with a discount!!

      That is great on the mulch - wow, it sure is expensive there. Here wood mulch is currently running about 1.99 a bag!

      Yum on all the homemade goodies and the greens.
      I am with you - loving the simpler and slower life.
      Have a great one!

  4. Same here, we got our spring chickens, so cute, and growing so fast! I think they worry some will not make it in the mail as they included one of our fellas is really little so we shall see, hopefully all will make it out of babyhood, peep peep peep anyone? looking forward to more fresh eggs later in the summer

    1. Ellen - how cool on baby chicks!!!!! Have you had chickens before? I can't seem to remember if you did or not.
      Fresh eggs will be great - I won't say FREE, as them babies hicks will need supplies and feed for sure.

      I have never had chickens before - my parents did when I was a kid - but don't remember much of it, as I was really little. I just remember a rooster that used to chase me round and round the house!!!!! I hated that thing.
      Suddenly he disappeared and I am sure he ended up on our dinner plates!! LOL

      have a wonderful day!

  5. Congratulations on your 300th post! I know I have enjoyed reading your blog, learning from you and getting to know you. :) What is your secret to growing grapes...I never have luck with them here.

    1. Thanks Debbie - I find it so neat getting to 'chat' with people from all over the world. How cool is that?

      No secret - I don't do anything! They are in a super sunny spot. if we don't get much rain, I do place a soaker around them, but that is it. I trim in the fall.

      Have a great day

  6. I read your blog faithfully. Enjoy it so much.
    Back home from vacation with my mom. Been sick for 17 days today! Yikes, will it ever end. Dr. has had me on two different antibiotics because I'll more than likely need a surgery next month. Taking it easy but itching to get out and work the dirt for my garden this year. In Nevada we don't plant until end of May / start of June. Rhubarb plants have come up strong this year already. Can't wait for all that wonderful rhubarb. Expanding the garden this year and hoping to add a few raspberry plants for fruit further in the future. A little more every year.
    Congrats on 300 posts. Take care.

    1. Crystal so sorry that you have been so sick. Bless your heart. I sure hope you are feeling better soon and praying you won't need a surgery.

      I am so glad you enjoy the blog. Thanks.
      I totally understand wanting to get out and dig and plant and EAT all the goodness! Me too.
      I would have thought Nevada would plant before Indiana. I learned something today.

      Take care and feel better.