Sunday, April 16, 2017

Frugl Happenings 4/16

A blessed Easter to each and everyone of you and your families.

This week has been quite a good one for me.  The weather has been splendid most of the week.  Daytime temps in the 70's and lower 80's.   Sleeping with the window open and loving it!

The flowering trees are at their finest.  It is so pretty outside.  The grass is almost glowing in color.  Today is rain off and on - but we all know April showers bring May flowers!
I am so sure that spring is finally here  that I put away the snow shovel!!!!!!  LOL

I have mentioned before that we have a whole house generator.  We purchased it in 2013, and guess what?  We have never had a power outage since!  It does a test run every Friday, but that is it.  Well, for some unknown reason, we had an outage on Thursday as the sun was shining, and the geni WORKS!!!!  YAY  It is comforting to know that it works when needed!

My week:
  • Ran to old time hardware up the road and got a couple pieces G and I needed for a project.
  • Went to library one block from hardware
  • Made a list of all the spring projects I want to complete
  • Made a bottle of 'Febreeze'.  I have been using the same bottle of fabric softener for 6 years, and it's still not empty
  • Pulled a turkey from freezer for Easter dinner
  • Replenished a lot of pantry items from stockpile
  • Got taxes mailed off.  UGH!  We did owe a little - but we prepared ourselves, saving a lot of money
  • Line dried laundry
  • Worked in the yard a bunch - mowed, whacked, dug, pulled, you name it!  Lots of FREE exercise
  • Worked on many small projects
I redid the top of the potting table - with scraps of wood from other projects - it's like a patchwork.  I will take a picture after I stain it. (me and the power tools become one this week!!!)
I repainted several pieces of yard art
Fixed a door knob in the house
Worked w/G on his roller/seat - we redid the wheels to make them ore stable
G repaired my125' heavy duty extension cord (that I accidently cut when using hedge trimmer - OOPS) saving us a lot of money
I repaired a back step that has been loose for ages!
  • I did buy $5 gas which will run all yard equipment for the summer
  • I went to Dollar Tree looking for plastic milk crates (as well as other dollar stores) - didn't find any - BUT  I got a rack for the grill for $1 (keeps stuff from falling through) and I got asparagus (U.S.) for $1 a can!  That is a bargain around here.  I may go back and get more asparagus for winter eating.
  • Heat is OFF.  Enjoying fresh spring air!
  • Easter dinner is going to be from the pantry/freezers
Meals this week:
Homemade pasta salad and burgers
Pasta salad and chicken breasts
Homemade oriental stir fry and rice
Fries, onion rings and tenderloins
Cole slaw and burgers with sautéed onions
Loaded baked potatoes
Pork chops, hominy/green bean/onion/tomato fry (it really was yum)

While working at pulling weeds out of the perennial bed this week, I was thinking about my friend Carol (who passed earlier).  It was the kind of day she would have been out on her hands and knees as well.  Well, lo and behold, I came across a plant I didn't remember. It is really getting big.  Once it dawned on me what it was, I had to laugh out loud.  Carol was letting her presence be known big time.  Years ago she gave me starts of bleeding heart plants.  They grew one year, and that was it.  It is growing in my garden this year!!!!!
Talk about a surprise!  Thanks Miss Carol.

This is the view from my kitchen door on Saturday.  He wasn't 3' away.  Sitting there eating his walnut!  The indoor kitties were amused for a while!
I love my critters!

I hope the weather is starting to break in your areas of the world.  It is just so nice being able to have fresh air and sunshine!
What happened in your frugal world this past week?  I look forward to hearing from you.

God's blessings be upon you in this coming week.



  1. I love the story of the bleeding heart!

    1. Isn't it funny how things happen, when you need a lift? It just seems comforting.
      Have a great day!

  2. I'm glad you had such a great Easter!
    We are having Spring/Summer here as well. so nice. Turkey sounds like a great Easter dinner!

    1. Vickie, I hope you and yours had a lovely Easter.
      I love the nice weather.
      Turkey turned out well, will be eating leftovers today!
      Have a great day.

  3. A very Happy Belated Easter to you Cheryl! My indoor pets (conure Buddi and dog Dixie) do love watching the animals on the deck too. I am not sure but I think the 'teasing' goes both ways!

    My Good Man (TGMan) does a lot of electronic repairs around the house, like your extension cord. It does help a good bit like you said.

    My frugal was to get serious about returns, now I have a pair of shoes as a gift to return, another pair just bought that have torn, an unused ski jacket, and a raincoat that the zipper went in. Need to get those boxed up and out so I can get them off my credit card!

    A free cookie and two free burgers from Subway and McD's for Easter travel rewards - from doing their customer surveys. Will treat myself to that cookie after work today, like in five minutes! later all!

    1. I do believe you are right about the animals teasing ach other. It is so funny to watch.

      Good going on returning things. No since wasting money on things that you won't use.
      ENJOY your cookie!

  4. Yes, Carol is letting you know that she is still with you and loves you!