Sunday, April 30, 2017

Frugal Happenings 4/30

Good morning my friends. 
This morning, my favorite saying is .....rain, rain go away - come again some other day!  It started raining Friday and isn't supposed to stop till sometime tomorrow.  We had 3" by mid-day yesterday, and another 3" - 4" on the way before it ends.  I know April showers bring May flowers - but them flowers better have on their life jackets!!!!! 
We have a small lake in the back yard this morning, as do most of the neighbors.  At least it isn't snow that many have gotten this week!  YIKES!

I did see an oriole in the back yard earlier in the week.  That is a first in our 31 years of living here.  It was absolutely gorgeous! 
My columbines are blooming and the poppies have started as well.  They are just so bright and cheerful - they make me smile!

My week:
  • Been working on washing many of the canning jars I received FREE last summer.  I do a dozen at a time.  Eventually I will get through the 10 dozen.  I want to be ready for canning!
  • I checked inventory of lids and bands, as most of the jars I was given had no bands or they were rusted.  Amazingly I have many, many boxes!
  • Got to do yard work the first part of the week.  Got all the weeds cleaned out of garden pots
  • Washed down the front of the house and porch and under the awning on the side of house.  Just hosing things down - costs really nothing - and makes everything look so fresh!
  • Cleaned and polished the kitchen cabinets
  • Worked on getting all the dead wood out of the roses (espec. climbers).  It is so easy to find, now that everything is growing.
  • Took all the heavy bedding out of the greenhouse - the cats don't need that for awhile.  Got is all washed up and ready for next winter.
  • Line dried laundry
  • Received a $5.49 rebate check from Menards.  Not a lot - but it all adds up!
  • Worked on straightening my downstairs stockpile.
  • Received a 20% off coupon from Bed, Bath & Beyond - good till 7/31.  I will use this summer for a new carbonator for the Soda Stream. (I will also rec. a discount for turning in old one!)
  • Ran to Aldi and got milk for 1.04/gallon and eggs for .67/dozen.  Also got a bag of 10 - palm sized cucumbers for .99
  • Stopped at Kroger to look for clearance - and I got some great deals to add to my stockpile.  Bought nothing that wasn't clearance!!  OH - except 2 lbs. fresh strawberries - .99/lb.!
Canned raspberries - 1.35 can.  Reg. 5.39 ea.  (2018)
Large cans of pears - .54 can.  Reg. 1.79 ea. (2019)
Tropical fruit salad - .59 can.  Reg. .99 ea. (2019)
Tiny cans of cranberry sauce - .20 can.  Reg. .79 (2018) Not something we eat much.
Taco shells - 10/packs - 2 for .74!!!  reg. 2/3.00 (2018)
Guacamole seasoning packs - .21 ea. - reg. .83.  (2018) Got several for gift baskets!

I bought what they had (except for cranberries).  We should be good on fruit for the year (or two), with all the other fruit I have on hand as well.  I will also can more myself this year.  It's nice to have a good assortment.

Meals this week:
Individual pizzas and chips and dip
Salsa/cheese burgers and a big salad
Pork cube steaks, red beans & rice (Aldi boxed mix - very good)
Steak burgers with gravy, rice w/mushrooms and side salad
Fish sandwiches and oven fries & side salad
Homemade crunch wraps
Homemade seafood salad, cheese slices, crackers and veggies

All leftovers eaten for lunches or breakfast
Made a blackberry/raspberry (from freezer) pie

I have been trying to plan my garden as well.  I just can't make up my mind on what to plant.  I will go downstairs today and inventory all my home canned goods, to see what I need to add this year. 

What was your frugal week like?  Did you get any good deals or bargains?  I love hearing what everyone is doing - it gives us all incentives to work harder and gives us new ideas.

Blessings to each of you in this coming week.


  1. What great deals you got Cheryl! Great for your pantry! I'm so glad you milk is cheap like ours now. You know I was in Rite Aid last week and was amazed at the mark downs. I'm going to look there again! Have a great week!

    1. it is amazing that milk is so cheap now. About a year ago it was well over $3 a gallon. I don't know what happened but I like it!
      You have a great week as well.

  2. Miss Cheryl you have been busy. I am amazed at the mark downs you get in the US. Here eggs under $3 dozen are cheap. To purchase home grown eggs costs between $4.50 and $5/dozen.
    This past couple of weeks all cooked chicken bones and vege bits(like Broccoli stems) had been placed in a bag in the freezer. I pulled them out Thursday and placed in the slow cooker. Friday evening I strained off the stock and left to cool overnight. Saturday morning I placed half of this rich and delicious stock into a ziplock bag. I reached for a marker to write on the bag, only to have the contents end up all over the kitchen floor. I obviously did not zip it up properly. The half that was left is now in the freezer. The next lot of bones and veg are being bagged and frozen.
    We had the plumber come and look at our hot water service. He was able to mend it and we now have lots of lovely hot water. Our sub tropical climate means we don't have freezing winters but it is starting to cool down. A shower with some hot water in it is actually really nice.

    1. Jane, Oh no on the mishap with the broth. I bet that just aggravated you so much. What a loss.
      I love making broth from all the SCRAPS - it is the best.

      Glad the water heater is good to go. ENJOY a nice hot shower.

      We do get some wonderful deals here. Eggs and milk have been especially cheap for many months. Stores mark many other items down and put them on clearance, simply because they don't keep any back stock in their warehouses. I just don't understand it.
      If they aren't going to keep extra stock on hand for emergencies - I WILL! I take advantage of those sales whenever I can.

  3. Hi Cheryl, Don't you just love those Menard rebates!! We get those also. I am finding with the running and the extra garden stuff now I don't have enough time to work in the kitchen. Need some time there soon. Made syrup tonight. Nancy

    1. yes Nancy the rebates are nice and they do help.
      It is so wet and windy and chilly, I still can't get outside to work.
      Have a good day.

  4. HI Cheryl, you have been busy, not so much here...the new chicks are fun, the daughter was up over the weekend to see them...Alice, Rhonda, Patty, Marcie, Pepper, and ??? since I didn't name them, can't remember all their names! TGMan is planning on finally getting the solar panels out of the garage, yay! And I did a little weeding and prepping on the fruiting plants. WE had tornado watches and warnings in our area last night, today, sunny and bright.

    1. Ellen, oh my goodness on the chicks. I love them. Cute names!
      YAY on solar panels - are they going to be used on your home? That is my dream (albeit an expensive one).
      Glad you are safe and well. Spring weather sure can be extreme.

    2. We have a set of three now, we are going to sell them off, still good, and set up a panel of four at higher density...right now they run our basement and living room lights, we want to add in the chest freezer as back up power. I don't think they are cost effective, re: the installation equipment is $$ and the batteries run out after 5-7 years. We got some batteries free though, so for us, it is working all right. Look at the long term costs and the newer technologies to see if the power density and length of service are there.

  5. You got some fabulous marked down items for your pantry! Don't you just love it when that happens? I found some marked down deli meat today along with some flatbread to make wraps. Jeff and I love wraps and I have wanted to make them here at home since they are expensive to buy when you go out and look very easy to make yourself.