Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Canning ideas

Howdy everyone.  I finally decided (needed) to stop working in the yard today and get the blog going!  Sorry it is later in the day.
I have had quite a busy day - all day!

Here is a recipe that has been requested.  It is a great use of peels/cores of apples when making applesauce.  We all like having additional uses for things - and no sense letting goodies go to waste.


 Please click on the recipe to enlarge.  Both the recipe and picture are separate.
5 LBS. shredded cabbage
3 1/2 Tbsp. salt
Mix salt and cabbage together.  Let it set 30 -60 minutes.  Pack into your jars, leaving 2" head space.  Fill to 1/2 " from top with plain cold water.  Place your lids and rings on tight (might use older rings).  Place somewhere out of traffic, and place jars in a catch pan.  This is to catch any brine that might be emitted due to fermentation.  Check your kraut every 5- 6 days to see if it has lost liquid.  Have a jar of 1 1/2 Tbsp. of salt in a quart of cold water ready. (I keep a jar in the frig during fermenting time.  If the levels have dropped - remove lids and add more salt water.  Re-lid.  Let it all sit for 6 - 8 weeks for best results.
At given time - remove lids - thoroughly wipe down the tops of jars - add NEW lids and your rings.  Put in a COLD pot of water in water bath - bring to a boil and process for 30 minutes after boil.
Makes 7 pints
This is the best kraut I have ever had.  Once you realize how easy it is to make, and great it tastes - you'll never go back to store bought!
**This is not an officially sanctified recipe by the powers that be.  NO rude comments**.
This is how I have done it for years, as well as many people I know. 
You have the choice as to whether you try it or not.
1 gallon water
6 Tbsp. white vinegar
2 Tbsp. canning salt
Bring this concoction to a boil, and add your sliced or whole okra.  Bring back to a boil for 6 minutes.
Fill your hot jars with the okra  - tamp down - but DON"T smash it.  Bring the liquid back to a boil quickly, and top off each jar - leaving an inch of head space.
Top with hot lids and rings.  Wait for ping.  That is it!  NO PROCESSING
This is shelf stable.  I am still using some I put up 2 years ago.
****There will be NO SLIME at all when you open your okra****
(There is also a video on You Tube showing how to do this)
When ready to add to soup or before breading and frying - simply rinse your okra and you are ready to go.  It is so good in soups in the winter (we make gumbo), and it great to batter and fry.
Have you started any canning yet?


  1. Thank you for the apple peel/core jelly recipe. That is a good and frugal recipe for sure.

  2. When I make the jelly I add a touch of cinnamon for additional flavor.

    1. Mmmmmm - that sounds yummy. Would probably taste like apple pie! Thank you for the tip!

  3. Thank you for sharing the recipes! I can't wait to try the apple core and peel jelly in the Fall.

  4. Can't wait to try some of theserecipes - better yet - ALL OF THEM! We love, okra, kraut and apples. A total win-win all the way around.
    Thank you.

    1. Oh I hope you get to try them all. There isn't much in the way of fruits or veggies that I don't like!

  5. Since I buy organic apples for us to eat I would like to try that apple jelly recipe! I was wondering if as we eat the apples the peeling and cores would keep in the refrig or freezer until I have enough? What do you think? Nancy

    1. Yes am - you can keep them in the freezer till ready. No problem.

  6. always so yummy with your blogging Cheryl!
    we do our kraut in a 5 gallon bucket and then can it up, excellent and crispy and salty but mild

  7. Homemade kraut is the best. people just don't know what they are missing, if they haven't had homemade.
    Love it.

  8. I need to make Kraut this year. I love the easy recipe! Have a great day!

  9. I've never thought to use peels and cores! Do you use them even if they are turning brown?

    1. That wouldn't hurt anything (as long as not rotten). I just keep mine in freezer till I get enough. It's a great way of not letting anything go to waste.