Sunday, July 16, 2017

Frugal Happenings 7/16

Good morning and happy Sunday.   I sure hope this finds everyone happy and well.

We had some really nasty storms this week - 2nd worse I have seen here in the 31 years we have been here.  We had 4.5 inches of rain in our area in 6 hours.  The back yard/garden area flooded really badly.  Thankfully it went down within 24 hours - but it sure was something.  There was tremendous flooding around our state.  I pray for the farmers, as many fields are totally under water.  I also worry about the home gardeners, as many people depend on those gardens for winter food.  It is so sad.

I took advantage of a couple cooler days to get some necessary yard work done.  Whacked them weeds for the first time in a few weeks!  NOW, through sweat and flying debris I have poison on my face.  Not too bad except around my left eye.  It's on the eye lid and underneath.  Boy, does it itch!  I am doctoring it, and it is doing better today.

Here is a TIP that reader LAURIES told me about.  Until I get the recipe file thing figured out - there is a quicker way to find things.  At the top of the blog page on the left you will see a white box with what looks like a magnifying glass in it.  Type a key word in - and every post with that word reference will pop up!  I tried it and typed in the other word for zuke, a flower name, and the proper word for Xmas (I hate this abbreviation).  I didn't type those words here, as then this post would show up.  CHECK IT OUT - it does make it easier, and you can just scroll past posts you aren't interested in!!  THANK YOU LAURIE

This week:
  • Mowed and trimmed everything 2X - while cooler
  • Got to open windows a couple 1/2 days to air out the house.
  • Took my brother some zuke (his aren't producing yet) and he gave me a beautiful big bunch of fresh pulled carrots!
  • I cut the lacy green tops of carrots and chopped and put in ice trays with water.  Bagged - now I can add extra nutrition to soup this winter
  • Dehumidifier has worked over time this week in basement (we got dampness).  Used the water in the washer
  • Line dried laundry
  • Stopped at Kroger when I went to brothers (he lives 2 blocks from it!)  I got several boxes of elbow pasta marked to .39/box.  I also got 11 - 4 packs of organics beans (different varieties) for 1.29/4 pack.  That's .32 a can!  I don't need now - but they went into long term storage.  ALL are dated 2020!!!

Click on pictures to enlarge

  • Ran to the orchard and got fresh peaches, a lovely cantaloupe, and some berries
  • Picking zuke, bell peppers, jalapenos from the garden.  Getting a lot!  Picked 4 cherry toms so far!
  • I got COUPONS from Aldi - 6 - $10 off coupons!  Spend $40 and get $10 off.  These are good through the end of August.  They came in the mail.  WOOHOO!  These will be used to stock-up for the winter months. Watch you mailboxes - hopefully other areas get them too.
  • I ran to a 'yard' sale at the park up the street yesterday.  Proceeds went to an animal shelter for ill animals.  I got a lovely table runner (6') for $1, 4 packages of smaller Hallmark gift bags (each indiv. bag marked .99) 4 packs of 6/$1, and 3 big packs of all occasion tissue paper (each pack contained 12 packs of paper) for $1 each.  That was 24 gift bags for $1 - and 36 packs of tissue paper for $3 (Hallmark too - marked 1.79 each).  WHAT A SAVINGS!!!!!
Table runner draped over back of couch.  Bags of tissue paper and bags of gift bags.

Meals this week:
Cold cut sandwiches and zucc. salad
Made a big pasta/veggie salad
Veg. & faux crab lo-mein (homemade)
Chicken strips and pasta salad
Leftover chicken and lo-mein
Stuffed pepper skillet
Grilled ham & cheese and chips and dip

Made raspberry cobbler that was truly enjoyed, and had fruit.

All in all, I think it was a pretty eventful week here at my little homestead!  I know I should have stayed out of the grocery store (per my plan), but with the savings I got, it is like money in the bank in the future.  We added to long term storage so cheaply.
I am giving myself a break on this one!!!!!!!

Are you getting any goodies from your gardens yet??
What did you do to stay frugal this week?
Just remember - slow and steady wins the race.  You aren't competing with anyone - do what you need to do!

God bless my friends.  May your week be safe and healthy.
Prayers for all the farmers and gardeners.


  1. Hi Cheryl, We have had just tons of rain here in GA this week too. Not complaining after last years drought! It has been so stinking hot/ humid though- hard to get the yard work done.I love it when I get to open the windows- even for a little while.

    1. Angela that has been the weather for the most part this summer here too. Hot and humid. We seem to get breaks on the weekend (which is nice).
      Tuesday on is supposed to be back in the 90's. UGH!
      I only get stuff done when there is a break in the heat/humidity. I totally understand.
      Hope you get some cooling!

  2. Cheryl, I too dislike Xmas so the point is? I always think that and refuse to use it and correct my children if they use it. Just wrong. we are getting produce a little at a time. But it will come on strong soon. I will be giving it away. So sorry about your flooding, we are in the midst of fire season so could use some of that here.

    1. I hate that abbreviation - but did that to explain how the search device would work. That way if someone types it in correctly - todays post would not show up.

      I love having fresh produce - soon it will be time to can. Not enough yet.
      Oh goodness, please stay safe. I would rather have flooding than fire. Please take care.

  3. You had a great week Cheryl! I would not have wanted to pass up those deAls either. Sorry to hear about your flooding. We had storms too but not as bad. Have a great week.

    1. Yeah, sometimes it just isn't worth passing something up. It will feed us in the future!
      Glad all is well in your area.

  4. The weeks just seem to fly by around here. Working in the yard and all. I have harvested 2 zucchini small ones. There should be plenty more in the next couple of days though.
    Sorry to hear of the flooding I hope your garden enjoyed the extra water!
    Where did the poison come from?
    Good deals at the store. Patsy blog today talked about markdown produce. There is a Kroger affiliate that I shop at that does this same thing too. I will be checking it out a little more closely next time I'm at the store.
    I love your reminder "Just remember - slow and steady wins the race. You aren't competing with anyone - do what you need to do!"
    With all the blogs out there telling us we need to do this and that, just a nice reminder. Thank You.

    1. Laurie, I got poison ivy after weed whacking. It definitely flew up and hit my face and arms, and then I was sweating, and that didn't help!

      I'll check out Patsy. fresh stuff doesn't get marked down much at our Kroger - but I always watch!

      Garden is fine - a few tiny zukes rotted, but now more are coming on.
      Yeah, we aren't in competition with anyone - so slow and steady seems the way to go to me. The tortoise DID win the race!!!!!

  5. You got some great deals. It would have been unfrugal to have passed them up.
    I don't garden except for herbs (black thumb). But we do get a half share in a CSA and I have been busy freezing fruits and vegetables and making basil pesto for the freezer.
    Also went salvage grocery shopping this past weekend and scored some great bargains for my stockpile.

    1. Sandy I love my herbs!
      I have never done the CSA thing - but always hear great things from those that do.
      Our one salvage store is now closed - I wish there were more of them. They would make a killing!
      glad you found some goodies!

  6. Cheryl, sorry to hear about the poison ivy. If it itches too much - get an ice pack, helps a lot. Watered down vinegar also helps - put it on a cotton ball and just rub the area.

    You did great at the stores though. You can always freeze a few small things at a time until the harvest comes on fully and then unthaw and can.

    I made a new cucumber salad dressing. Cucumber salad - 2 sliced cucumbers and 1 thinly sliced onion. Dressing:
    2 tbsp. sugar
    4 tbsp. sweet Thai chili sauce
    1 tbsp. rice vinegar
    salt to taste

    Mix the dressing together and pour over the cukes and onions. Sprinkle with chopped peanuts (optional).

    Very tasty. No hot pepper bite, but it would easy enough to remedy that if you wanted to. Also, I made back up dressing and used honey in place of the sugar.


    1. Norma thanks for the ivy tips. I have been using soap with tea tree oil and aloe. It is working out.

      Your dressing sounds really good. I love onion and cucumbers together. I may have to try that.
      Thanks a bunch!

  7. I am so sorry that you are dealing with Poison Ivy. Ouch and itch. (((((HUGS))))) I am also sorry to hear about all the flooding your area has gotten. My heart aches for everyone that has lost so much.

    You had a good frugal week and what a deal on the pasta and the beans. I would be stocking up too! Our gardens have been affected by our strange weather so I am just trying to be thankful for what is producing abundantly (the fruit trees and bushes) and trying not to be too sad about the squash and beans not doing well at all.

    Be blessed my friend!

    1. Thanks Debbie.
      I feel blessed with what we have too. I figure anything I get - is better than NONE!

  8. Sorry about your eye. I hope it is okay. Wish we would get some Aldi's coupons in the mail! Thanks for reminding me about the carrot tops and what to do with them. I haven't been successful this year growing them but will keep that in mind if the new ones I planted grow. I don't think I would do it with boughten ones unless they were organic because of chemicals. Nancy

    1. Nancy, my eye is doing much better - thank you.
      I probably wouldn't use store bought carrot tops either. I know how these were grown, so I feel very comfortable.

  9. So sorry to hear about your eye! As we often look for the silver linings, be glad it wasn't shingles ! But I don't think that makes it any better does it? Sorry for the poison ivy, that stuff is awful ! We talked about it on the bus, so much of it this year.

    1. Ellen you are sooooo right. I am thankful it is easy to treat.
      I am doing better for sure.
      It does have an itch that is so stinking intense - but that is passing thankfully.
      Ivy is growing rampant in our area this year do to all the moisture and heat.