Sunday, July 23, 2017

Frugal Happenings 7/23

Happy, happy day all!!!
It is a hot, dreary, wet day here in our area.  We have been hot and humid most of the week.  Looking forward to a couple cooler (80's) days coming up this coming week.  I absolutely 100% enjoy each cooler day we get!!!  I am trying to be careful what I wish for, because we know cold weather will be here before we know it! 

The skeeters are horrible this year.  I have been going out in the evening to deadhead and weed the big flower gardens (big weeds).  I sweat like I am in a sauna, plus I have to wear long sleeves to keep from getting eaten alive! 

The garden is doing well, except the cukes.  They are really looking scraggly and not producing a lot.  I guess I said I was hoping to not have to can cukes this year (still have a ton of pickles and relish), so again, I need to be careful what I wish for!

This week:
  • I did use a few of the cold, used tea bags I had saved - to reduce the poison swelling around my eyes.  It worked beautifully and even seemed to dry things out.  I am now good to go!
  • Hung laundry outside
  • Used dehumidifier water in the washer
  • Planted some cuke seeds last Sunday and the are up about 3" already.  Give it another boost of plants!
  • Ran to the UPS Store and returned all the old cable equipment.  They pack and ship and it costs me nothing. (Will save me $300 to get it turned in!)
  • Ollie's is right next door to UPS store - oh my!  Well guess what I bought?  You betcha - another cookbook!  Their books are so stupid cheap!  It's another Gooseberry Patch book - my love!
  • I went to Wal-Mart pharmacy to get script for G.  It was 3 mos. for $0!!!!!
  • Stopped at Christian thrift (across from WM).  I got a 12 pack of whole wheat hoagie buns, 3 pound cakes and 3 loaves of French bread for FREE!!  They just had a big delivery from Sam's and needed to get rid of some of it.  I came home and vacuum sealed 4 packs of buns, 2 of the cakes, and froze 2 French bread (triple wrapped in newspaper bags).  WOOHOO!
  • I also got a lovely Christmas bowl and a cool picture frame for .50 each!  They were having Christmas in July sale and everything was .50!  The bowl will be filled with homemade goodies and gifted to someone this holiday and the frame will be a gift as well.
  • I used the crockpot this week!  It has been a while.
  • I re-invented leftovers into new meals
  • Got out the spiral-izer I bought a while back at thrift and used it!  It works fantastic.  Made wonderful zoodles!  I slightly cooked in butter, garlic powder and parm!  YUM
  •  I picked zukes, a couple cukes, 2 heads of broccoli, bell peppers, jalapenos, and 4 tomatoes.  Oh yeah I did!!!  We will eat out first tom today - they weren't quite done when I picked!  Lots of cherry tomatoes picked.
  • Been using rain water from barrels when needed, and it keeps getting replaced with all the rain we are getting!
  • Only groceries bought - milk!

Meals this week:
Oven fried zucchini sticks and a salad
Roast, potatoes, carrots, and onion
Leftover roast & juice made into a stroganoff type dish using veggies and served over rice

Cheesy tuna pasta bake and salad
Homemade French bread pizza
Enchiladas made with burritos I had in freezer
Ground beef/ravioli 'spaghetti' sauce served over zoodles

All leftovers used for breakfast or lunches.  Also had fruit covered pound cake, fruit, and ice cream sandwiches for snacks.

What did you do frugal this week?  How are the gardens doing?
Is anyone canning yet?  I may get to start some this week!!!

My thoughts and prayers are with you all for health, happiness and safety.
Stay frugal my friends!!!!!


  1. Wow! Never would have thought of using the dehumidifier water in the washer!
    I love zoodles made like that. We didn't plant zuc. this year. Hoping someone will pass some along to us. ~smile~
    You did some great things. I look forward to doing more this fall.
    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

    I really enjoyed my visit with you!

    1. Laura hope you visit again. I can't imagine a year without zucchini!

      I listed your blog on my side bar. Nice blog.
      Have a blessed week.

  2. Great deals Cheryl! Free is always great! We have gotten great free stuff like that too at the Habitat for Humanity store. It's so nice! Your zoodles look so good. The seasoning sounds delicious!

    1. Thanks Vickie. FREE is my favorite F word!!!!
      the zoodles were yummy.

  3. So glad the tea bags helped with the poison ivy!
    Great deals on the bread and cakes! Glad you are enjoying the zoodles. I am going to make a garlic shrimp and zoodle recipe tomorrow.
    Your meals sound delicious. Hope you have a great week.

    1. Kathy what time is dinner? Shrimp sounds yummy - I haven't fixed that in ages.
      You have a great week as well.

  4. Great shopping. I love a good bargain. I also detest mosquitoes. One bite on me swells and itches for days.

    1. when I get bit - it really itches, but it is usually gone in a day or so. I guess I just worry about all those nasty diseases they carry.
      Have a good week.

  5. Wow, you had a really frugal week. Good score on all that free bread! I like zucchini noodles too, but hubby isn't crazy about them. I usually make myself a little serving when he isn't home, top with spaghetti sauce and cheese. yummy! Watch out for those skeeters!

    1. I am lucky as G will eat about anything! He has never been known to be picky.
      I love new ways to get veggies in the diet. That is probably one of my favorite things about gardens and summer!
      Have a good one.

  6. What a great name, ZZZZZZZooooodles ! now I know what to ask Santa for this Christmas. I might even like zucchini if it is cut that way.

    glad to hear the tea bags worked on your eyes, nice thinking!

    1. Ellen - the machine works on all kinds of things. I can cut like spaghetti or thick spaghetti or in ribbons!
      I can't wait to try on potatoes and maybe even apples. So many choices!
      Santa should be able to afford that! Just be a good girl!!!!

  7. Hi Cheryl, I am so glad you posted about the zoodles! I had completely spaced off that I bought one of the spiralizers and that I have zuchs in my fridge. I may have to make some of those to go with the lamb chops that I am making for dinner later tonight. ;)

    You did find some great deals and I am so glad that the poison ivy rash is finally under control. That must have been absolutely miserable! (((((HUGS))))

    1. Hi Debbie - glad to help remind you! They really are good and there are so many ways you can season them to add flavor.

      Thanks I am glad the poison is gone too. I have to go weed whack again tomorrow - sooooooo fingers crossed!

  8. Cheryl, have you heard of Armenian cucumbers - they grow really long, sorta like those burpless English cukes in the stores? They might grow well in your area.