Sunday, July 2, 2017

Frugal Happenings 7/2

HAPPY JULY!!!!!  It is hard to believe that we are now starting on the second half of the year.
It seems to have gone by in a flash.

This past week we had perfect weather for the first part of the week.  I had the AC off for 4 days.  Then the heat and humidity came back and the AC came back on.  This morning it is quite nice, and I do have the windows open for a while just to air out the house.
Looks like the next week will be in the 80's every day.  I guess that is normal for this time of the year.
We had a gully washer of a rain on Friday, and Saturday it looked like the garden grew tremendously over night!

I did do some work on my long term prep storage this week.  I tried to run all my errands together, so as to save gas.

This week:
  • I did a ton of yard work when the temps were cooler.  You name it, I did it!
  • I used a .50/gallon discount to fill the Blazer with gas. (Discount mainly thanks to dbl. points and free survey points).
  • I ran to Rural King, BB&B, and Fresh Thyme (all in one area).   I purchased 96 rolls of TP at a rock bottom price, and I have batteries for the next couple years (dated 2021).  I turned in an old carbonator (for soda stream) and got a $10 discount on another.  Bought fresh fruit at Fresh Thyme.
  • I picked 3 zucchini and 2 cucumbers.  Let the harvest begin!!!!!!!

  • Cut G's and my hair
  • Sorted through our "snack" stash.  I keep any chips, fancy crackers, etc. in another room.  Out of sight out of mind!  I have enough assortment to last till fall.  (We don't eat much of that kind of stuff)
  • Ran to Kroger to check out clearance.  I got 6 jars of honey added peanut butter for .79 jar.  (It tastes like Amish peanut butter - only crunchy).  4 packages of ground pork for $1.54 each. (Will be great to make sausage or jerky with).  Coconut for .89 bag and 2 large bottles of clear corn syrup for .59 each.
  • I did make a BIG spurge.  The 'meat truck' came around and I did purchase meat.  I got 40 different steaks, Del Monaco, Strip, Fillets, T-bone for about 4.25 per steak.  They are all quite nice in size and there is no way I could have bought that cheaply at the store (even if clearance).  CRAZY for me, I know!!!!!  We can enjoy so many 'special' meals now for a long time!!!!!   No reason to buy meat (with both freezers full) for ages!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yeah, I spent a few bucks this week, that I normally wouldn't do - but we are set on so many items for a long, long time.  I DID take advantage of extreme sales and discounts - so I don't feel too bad about it.

Homemade chicken/veggie fried rice
Leftover rice and chicken strips
Brauts and a side salad
Smothered chopped steak and mashed potatoes
Tuna patties, mac n cheese and side salad
Baked chicken and salad
Mini meatloaves (from freezer), leftover mac and small salad

Finished the fruit crisp, snacked on grapes and watermelon, and had sherbet once

I am so happy that the garden is starting to produce - the extra work of canning will be starting shortly!  I still look forward to that first tomato!
There is just something magical about walking out into your yard, and picking fresh food!

OK, here is my plan for July - DARE I SAY IT OUT LOUD?  My plan is to not grocery shop!  I truly have everything I need here, and there is really no reason to spend money.  I can't believe I just told the world - we all know how much I love looking for deals at the grocery!  But, that is my GOAL - so we will see how it goes.

Do you have any goals this month? 
How did your past week go?  Any deals or any super frugal ways to share?

May you all have a healthy and safe week!  I hope your gardens are doing well. 
Take care my friends.


  1. You have zucchini already! It's funny how I can't wait for my first one then you know the neighbors get them! Great deals on groceries! I bet that Peanut butter is so good! Have a great Fourth of July Cheryl!

    1. Zucchini look like they will be quite prolific this year. YAY I fix them so many ways.
      Oh, the peanut butter is soooooo good!
      You have a great 4th as well.

  2. Happy July to you too, Cheryl.

    What a great deal on the peanut butter! Best of luck to you on your July goal of no grocery shopping. That's a great goal and will definitely save you money.

    Hope you have a great week. :)

    1. Thank you Belinda - I need luck! I do love the grocery store.
      take care and enjoy your week.

  3. I am so happy to hear that you garden is putting out so much food right now and that you found some amazing deals. My goal is to mainly eat from the garden, freezer and pantry. My treat exemption is cheesecake though...I need my cheesecake and find it marked down at our Walmart. ;)

    1. Debbie I can totally understand - cheesecake is the bomb!
      I have never had one from Walmart. But I am sure it is tasty.

  4. A new Aldi's was built in a town a little over 20 minutes away from us. It just opened two weeks ago. I've been there twice, so my goal is to switch from Walmart (which I DON'T LIKE but sometimes is a necessary evil) to Aldi's for our main grocery shopping. I'm sure it will take a few trips to get used to shopping there! I wish we had a Kroger here in SW MO - maybe someday.

    1. Kris - YAY!!!!! on the Aldi. I do believe you will LOVE it! I haven't shopped at WM for years (except scripts). I don't like it either.
      Once you get used to Aldi, I bet you will find about everything you need there.

      The prices are really good as is the quality of everything I have every purchased.
      GOOD LUCK with it! GREAT GOAL!

  5. So nice to be getting cucumbers and zukes now for you. Good luck on not shopping the rest of the month! I love Aldi's too! Nancy

    1. I just love fresh cucumbers - they are always so crisp and yummy. We are starting to eat zucchini a lot as well.
      Have a good one.

  6. Having a producing garden will really help with no grocery shopping. I think buying the nice steaks was a smart move. They will be a special meal when you want one and way cheaper than restaurant steak.
    I'm not doing No shopping in July but very limited shopping. We have a full freezer and pantry and a little garden. I will be buying things like watermelon and cantaloupe because they are my favorite and priced low in summer.

    1. Rhonda, I thought the steaks were a good value as well. Sure beats the price of a dinner out!

      Good for you on limited shopping. I somehow believe that is what will happen here. I have plenty, but I have to agree watermelon is one of my summer favorites. We'll see.
      Anything I don't buy is saving money!!!