Thursday, June 29, 2017

Coffee, Tea or...................

Last week I wrote a post about "don't throw that away".  There are so many things in our lives that we use once and then we toss them out.  WHY?
Most items have many, many uses..... we just don't think about it.

Today I am going to touch on the many uses for used coffee grounds, used tea bags, and egg shells.  Some may actually surprise you.  I hope you find something that will be useful for you and your family.

  • Used grounds can be placed in an open container in the frig to absorb odors.  Once you change it out - put it in the compost pile
  • Exfoliator - it is great on skin.  Add to your face cloth with some soap and wash your face - it will be so smooth.  I do this once in a while - it is very messy - but it works.  Many people add to their homemade soaps
  • Scrub your hands with grounds after cutting onions or garlic - removes odors
  • Mix with some oil and use to cover scratches on wood furniture
  • Place a small cup of grounds under your car seat or in your cup holder.  The heat from the sun warms it and your car smells fresh
  • Use around garden plants to repel ants, snails, and slugs - it also helps fertilize
  • Make a 2nd or 3rd pot of coffee using grounds and freeze into cubes or jar and refrigerate.  Makes a great cooler of HOT coffee, great for smoothies, and wonderful to use in baking or ice cream (anything with chocolate)
  • Use as a dye (mix with water) for an antique look
  • Attracts worms to garden soil
  • Helps clean blades of garbage disposal and keeps it smelling clean
  • Add grounds to homemade candles
  • Use as a cleanser for scrubbing gunky pans or grill grates
  • Place around hydrangeas to change the soil PH and change flower color
  • Great for pest control around plants - snails and slugs can't crawl over them
  • Adds calcium to soil around plants
  • Deer hate the smell of eggs
  • Dry and crush and add to bird seed (especially in winter) to give the birds a calcium boost
  • Add to oyster shells to feed chickens
  • Crush shells - place in a jar - cover with cider vinegar.  Within a couple days the shells dissolve.  This is supposed to be excellent to rubs on aching joints.  Keeps on the shelf for months.   I am going to try this one for sure!!!!
  • Many folks sterilize shells, dry, and grind and place into capsules for a daily calcium supplement
  • Keep shells in a jug or bucket of water and use to water your plants.  African violets love the calcium intake.
  • Use in crafts
  • Compost

  • Place old bags in a bucket of water and use to water plants - add egg shells too and you have a great compost tea.  Tea helps repel fungus.
  • Dry used bags and place in cabinets to repel mice.  They don't like the smell.
  • Add bags to a hot bath - contains antioxidants.  Great for softening the skin.
  • Cold wet bags on eyes (while resting) helps reduce puffiness
  • 'Brew' some old bags and use the water as a conditioner rinse for your hair.  It is a natural conditioner.
  • Tea water makes a great dye for paper or cloth.  Use to make it took antique or vintage (makes pretty 'old' lace)
  • Place in hot dishwater 5 - 10 minutes prior to washing greasy pans or dishes.  It helps loosen the grease
  • Make a weak tea to clean hard wood floors
  • Place a cold wet bag over a bee sting, cold sore, bug bite, pimple, or sunburn to reduce inflammation.  Promotes healing.
  • Wash hands or soak feet to remove odors
  • Place in the frig to remove odors.
  • Dry old bags, and open - spread tea over cat box litter to remove odors.

I know that I am definitely keeping ALL my tea bags for re-use.  I will be using them in in the bath and for medicinal and garden purposes for sure.
I already use the coffee grounds in the garden, as well as the egg shells.

I will be keeping most tea bags in a sealed jar in the frig - but I will also be letting some dry out for other uses. 

I am sure there are dozens of other re-use ideas for these items.  DO YOU HAVE ANY THAT WEREN'T MENTIONED?

Trash can be a wonderful thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Some great uses Cheryl. I making Iced tea now -going to try in the bath tonight! thanks for the info

  2. Thank you! I did not know some of these tricks. I have 4 bags of tea brewing right now to make 2 quarts of iced tea and will be saving those bags. :) I'm also going to go and put some used coffee grounds around the pole bean plants...I saw more evidence of slugs there again. It's a never ending battle!

    1. Glad to be of help. Isn't it amazing how useful our trash can be?

  3. Such great tips. I recently put some egg shells in our compost pile. My elderly neighbor has done that with his for years. It is amazing how useful our "trash" can be.

    1. Belinda - yes it is amazing.
      One man's trash is another man's treasure!

      There are just so many uses for things - and we don't take the time to figure it out. We are so wasteful.