Sunday, June 4, 2017

Frugal Happenings 6/4

Here we are starting another new month.  This is the half way month for the year.  This is just almost too hard to believe.  Time goes so quickly.

We had lovely weather most of the week, although the past couple days have turned fairly hot!  I have had to turn on the AC the past couple days.  Next week should be about perfect according to the forecast.  YAY

I was hoping to find some garage sales on the day (Friday) that I ran errands - but noooooo, there just wasn't any.  I found a couple that are those perpetual every weekend, every summer sales - so I didn't stop at them.  I haven't been to a yard sale yet this year.  I don't understand, there are usually tons of them this time of the year, and Fridays and Saturdays are prime days here.

I went to dinner at my sister's on Sunday, and my brother and his wife were there as well.  Sis gave me 3 more pieces of Mom's costume jewelry (that's basically all Mom had).

The picture does not do justice.  The are so shiny and bright.  I love brooches and pins.  The one with the amber colored stone is a locket type - can be a pin and has capability to add to a chain.  It is an Avon piece from years ago - and it is filled with my Moms perfume!!  I opened it, and it smelled like Mom.  I stood there and cried.
No they aren't worth a monetary cent, but they are priceless to me.  I will wear them and enjoy them.  I love them on blazers and sweater in the winter.

My frugal week:
  • Sister sent home lots of leftovers - which we enjoyed at a few meals
  • Cut G's and my hair
  • Colored my hair at home with supplies on hand
  • Did a ton of yard work - great free exercise
  • Got to have windows open a big part of the week
  • Laundry line dried
  • Made a dozen hard boiled eggs
  • Brother gave me 2 quarts of homemade tomato juice - YUM
  • Used vinegar on weeds
  • Watered with rain water from barrels - the garden plants are really growing!
  • Picked lettuce, chives and green onions!!!
  • I washed down the back side of the house (north side).  After such a wet winter, it was developing a lot of green mossy looking stuff (as is everyone's in the neighborhood).  I used Dawn, vinegar and water with a nylon scrubby - and it is now nice and white again!!  Next week the north side of garage!
  • Went to the library
  • Cleaned out the greenhouse/cat house well.  I also laid another rug on the floor (to keep kitties warmer in winter) that had formally been on the front porch.  I washed the remainder of the bedding - so it is all fresh and clean.  Sprayed down with mint/lavender spray I made last year (keeps away fleas).
  • Washed and kept a couple zip lock bags and a cereal bag for the wax paper
  • Made a bunch of mini meatloaves (muffin pan size).  Used for meal, made spaghetti with a few, and froze the rest.
  • I took more donations to the church thrift store.  I purchased a vegetable noodle maker, a Coca Cola bowl, another (super heavy duty) grill pan all for $8.  I got a box of croissants for FREE (was supposed to have 20 - but had 22). Bakery items are always free.
The noodle maker was brand new and never even opened.  I saw one at Kroger for $19.99.  Can't wait to make spiral fries and zucchini noodles!
  • I made 14 sausage/egg croissants for breakfast meals.  Froze several.  I still have 8 croissants bagged in frig to make more.  They are so tasty - G was happy!!!!
  • I did stop at Kroger to check clearance.  I got 6 jars of peanut butter (11/2018) on clearance for .89 each.  I was getting low, so this was a blessing to find.  I bought all they had.

G didn't feel the greatest for a couple days, so meals at the end of the week was just whatever.  He wasn't real hungry.  He is better now.

Meals this week:
Dinner at sisters
Homemade mini meat loaf,  corn and slaw
Spaghetti (with cut up meat loaf) and side salad
Chicken strips and fresh veggies
Chef salad
2 meals of leftovers and whatever!

Had cake with fresh fruit, sherbet, pickles and pickled veg mix for snacks

I really didn't think I accomplished a lot this week, but it appears I did ok!  I worked on the blanket some more and plan to finish it up today.  I will be glad when it is done!!!

Did you keep you frugal going?  LOL

My friends, please say an extra prayer for the people of our world!  There is so much hate and evil happening.  It is just heart breaking
I hope you all have a lovely upcoming week.  Please stay healthy and be safe.


  1. Oh Cheryl, I got all teary reading this because of the memories that came flooding back to you when you smelled your mother's perfume in the beautiful locket. (((((HUGS))))) my friend. Those broaches are so pretty. I collect them too and have some of my grandmother's along with others that I have bought over the years.

    I think you did very well this week, especially on the buy on the peanut butter! Woohoo! That is something that Jeff goes through like water here and I am always on the lookout for a great deal on it.

    Be blessed my friend!

    1. Debbie - it was surely a moment for me! I keep going to it and smelling it now.
      I have several that were Mom's, many I have purchased at yard sales/flea markets, and a couple that were my Aunts. Sis got most of the jewelry, and she is getting older, and wants it to go where it will be loved!

      I loved finding the peanut butter. Shoot had I found much more I would have purchased it all - someone would use it.
      Have a wonderful week.

  2. Looks like you had a very frugal week, Cheryl. The broach's that belonged to your mother are beautiful. Our yard sale season started off slow this year too, but it was better this weekend, so I'm hoping that continues thru the summer months. Great deal on the peanut butter and how neat to get a box of croissants. I love those. Hope you have a good week. :)

    1. Belinda thanks. I thought I did pretty good. Sausage/egg croissants have always been G' favorite breakfast sandwich.
      I hope yard sales pick up - but if not, I SAVE MONEY!
      Usually don't know I NEED something at a yard sale till I see it. LOL
      Have a fantastic week!

    2. Even buying at yard sales has been slow, my neighbor does a big one every year, and this year had to run it a second weekend as so little was purchased at the first one they had.

    3. WOW - It makes me wonder what is going on!

  3. The brooches are so pretty. How special that the smell reminds you of your Mom.
    Great shopping. I was skeptical about the spiralizer thingy, but we are really enjoying different zoodle recipes. Great buy on the peanut of my favorite foods.
    Glad your husband is feeling better. Hope you have a good week.

    1. Thank you Kathy.
      I sure do hope the spiralizer works! I look forward to using it too. At least I paid very little for it - so I could pass it on if I didn't like it.
      Have a lovely week.

  4. You know Mom loved custom jewelry think you could still smell her perfume! Oh what memories that must bring. You know the garage sales are going here but not like last year too. I think it's because of the rain we have been getting. You will love your Vegetti -zucchini noodles are good!

    1. Vickie I think I will enjoy the noodle maker as well.
      It is odd about the yard sales. We have had some nice weather this past week - it was really surprising. Oh well - I'll just keep my money.

  5. I love those brooches. How wonderful that your sister passed them on to you. Such a beautiful keepsake of your Mum.
    I need to visit your stores for peanut butter. We go through a lot of it here and I can tell you that even when on sale it is nowhere near as low in price as you have gotten them. I have even taken on growing peanuts in the hope that I could make and keep up with the amount eaten here. Nope.
    I have a much small vege noodle maker. It works really well when it's just Bluey and I. He isn't real keen on pasta so having noodles he likes to eat is an advantage.
    You've had a great week. Hope this one is just as good.

    1. Jane peanut butter isn't too expensive here - usually can find decent prices - BUT this was great!
      My squirrels plant peanuts around the round!! I should let some of the plants grow. It would take an awful lot I would surmise.
      Hope you week is great.

    2. I grow peanuts as a ground cover and nitrogen fixing plant over our hot summers. I do end up with a lot of peanuts. The picked plants are then allowed to dry before being run through the mulcher and put back on the garden as mulch. Peanuts are a great little plant.

    3. Jane that is so cool! I never knew that peanut plants would be such a great ground cover. Thanks for educating me today!!

  6. How sweet to be able to smell your mom again! My mom has been gone almost two years and I find I'm missing her more and more these days. Your frugal week sounded busy and productive. I'm going to start cooking up squash to freeze this week. Have a great week!

    1. Hi there. It was really something to smell that scent again. My Mom passed away in 2001 - I miss her so.
      I am so sorry for your loss. I do believe our Moms were our first friends - so the loss is hard.
      Squash sounds yummy. ENJOY
      Blessings this week.

    2. I use the detergent I grew up with (Oxydol) :-) to remember my mother, nothing left of her scents except she did wear Estee Lauder's Beautiful in her seventies and eighties, but my daughter gets a migraine from Lauder scents (sad face).

    3. You could always get a tiny bottle just to take a smell every now and then!
      If perfume is too strong, I always get a headache too.

  7. Oh Cheryl, how wonderful. My grandmother's neither one, nor my mom wore a scent. But I have an aunt whom I loved deeply who wore Jean Nate. So, I keep some things that still have that scent and it definitely reminds me of her whenever I smell it.

    You weren't necessarily crazy busy last week, but you were moving.

    Love the things you found. I wasn't crazy about my spiralizer, and gave it away almost immediately. I had found mine on sale at BJ's for $10.

    Will be making some meals to be able to just heat-and-eat throughout this week myself. Made asparagus last night. Took the leftovers and made asparagus salad - just cut asparagus and thinly sliced onion with a homemade vinaigrette. Will also be husking, steaming and cutting corn off the cob. Found some at a decent (not terrific) price so bought 6 ears.

    Have a great week.

    1. I love the idea of remaking food items into new dishes. The salad sounds YUM.
      Mom was like me, and couldn't put perfume on her body (allergic), but she always had her scent some where - either on clothes or the locket.
      I'll let everyone know if I like the spiralizer later!!!
      Have a good week.

    2. I was able to put some leftover peas in my lunchtime salad today, it was a nice punch of flavor, and a good way to get some extra veggies (sometimes I don't do so well on that account so was extra pleased to manage today better).

    3. Peas are great in salad. We love hard boiled eggs in ours too - extra protein.
      Tuna is a favorite as well.
      So many ways to use leftovers.

  8. I love brooches too. I have several. I always bought from Avon when they had them. They don't seem to make them much anymore, I guess they think they are out of fashion.
    We have been eating frugally here, finally have eaten up all the leftovers. My son brought me whipped cream from his work (dairy plant) so I made strawberry ice cream with some strawberries I had and we had strawberry shortcake a couple of times.
    I have gone through my fabric stash looking for some seem binding cause who knows where I put it and discovered I better get busy and make some fleece scarves for this winter, it will get rid of one big box if I do.
    On the grocery front I only shopped for fresh fruit and veggies.
    I will need to make donation run this week as things are getting piled up here.

    1. Laurie I haven't looked at an Avon book in years, so not sure what they ell any more. I remember there used to be lots of jewelry.

      Oh my, homemade strawberry ice cream - be still my heart! That sounds heavenly.

      I have such a pile of stuff I need to sew on - MOTIVATE - MOTIVATE - That is what I keep telling myself (PS It isn't working). LOL
      I think I could donate every week and not miss a thing!
      Have a fantastic week!

  9. Cheryl, I was wondering if you ever gave a recipe for your lavender/mint spray? Also, how does the vinegar work for weeds? I need something to kill the weeds that are coming up between the raised beds. We put down weed barrier and stone, but they are still coming up!! I tried using vinegar with Dawn and salt. I quit because all the worms were coming out of the ground as the salt was killing them.

    1. Kris - the vinegar works well - although it isn't a 1 day kill. It seems to take a few days for everything to go brown - but brown it goes!! I put it in a sprayer with a squirt or 2 of dish soap (to make it stick). It needs repeating as new weeds develop - but it's natural, and it doesn't harm animals.

      On the spray - I just pick a nice hand full of mint and lavender, place it in a pot and cover with water. I then "cook" it down till the water is about half. I add a tiny bit of alcohol, and put it in a spray bottle.
      I have outdoor cats and they don't need flea spray. I spray the area they sleep and stay - you can spray on them if they let you. (Leave out alcohol if doing that).
      My cats love laying in the mint too.

      Hope that helps.

  10. It is so nice to have those pins that were your Mom's. Really special. Great buy on that peanut butter! Nancy