Thursday, June 1, 2017

Simple Time - Slowing Down

The simple life - it sounds good, doesn't it?
There is no reason why we can't all aim for and achieve this type of lifestyle and mindset.

Everything is so rush, rush nowadays - I hate it.  Everyone has somewhere to be, something to do, people to see, jobs to be done, CRAP to do........ and on and on.
Truly think about your daily there anything that can't wait for a while, for a day, for a week?

Take time to sit and JUST breathe and relax.
Take time to listen to the children playing and laughing in the neighborhood.
Take time to sit and JUST LISTEN to nature. Close your eyes and listen.
Take time to look at each flower and appreciate how every single flower is somehow different.
Take time to read a good book.
Take time to listen....truly listen to someone else.
Take time to love better.
Take time to pray for ALL your blessings - there are many, whether you realize it or not.
Take time to be a better friend.
Take time to actually SAVOR your food.
Take time to smell the roses, as the old saying goes.
Take time to be thankful for memories.
Take time to cherish the lessons and skills you have learned in this life
Take time to be thankful you have ENOUGH.

I could go on and on.  But the greatest 'simple' thing we can do................
TAKE TIME TO BE YOU - THE REAL YOU - NOT THE YOU THAT YOU THINK EVERYONE EXPECTS.  BE TRUE TO YOURSELF!!!!!!  (This is probably the hardest single thing for most of us to do.)

We all need to try harder to just appreciate what we have.  It is nice to want more, and better, and bigger, but somewhere along the line, when striving for those things, we tend to lose sight of what is really important!   LIFE! 

LIVE LIFE FOR TODAY!  Appreciate today.  Be thankful you woke up today.  TODAY IS A GIFT - EVERYDAY IS A GIFT.
Slow down, simplify your hectic days, and ENJOY! 

LEARN to LIVE each and every day slower and simpler.
God bless you all.


  1. Great post my friend! After all that our family has been through lately I am very thankful to be slowing down once again. Last night I took time for me and used our hot tub, something I had not done for about 2 weeks. After I turned off the jets, I just sad there and listened to the sound of the frogs, the wind in the trees and the birds saying goodnight to one another. Today I am baking bread and am deeply breathing in the aroma of the freshly baking sandwich and banana bread loaves. Heaven.

    1. Bless your heart Debbie - I am so glad to hear you are taking some me time. It is something that none of us do enough.
      Your evening does sound heavenly as does your day.
      Keep it up.
      If we don't take care of ME - who will????

  2. Yes the art of doing nothing has just passed people by. I think that's why I hate cell phones so much. Always in touch and you can't get away. I leave mine at home as much as possible. Great post!

    1. I dislike the cell phones as well. People talk every where - I cant imagine how "important" they must be to have to take calls 24/7!!!!

      Some days it pays in abundance to just BE!

  3. I enjoyed this post also. I always feel like if I not busy doing something in slacking off. Idle hands etc.
    I don't always have my phone on but I have decided I need to so my kids can contact me if they need too. it is an irritation sometimes I have to admit.

    1. I understand the need to always be doing something. That is kind of what I was taught as a kid.
      I am learning SLOWLY that there is a lot more to life than work!!

  4. Here, here, Miss Cheryl. In completely agree with you. I have just spent a couple of days with my parents. Mum wanted to spoil me and took me out for dinner and then for a morning tea. Each time we went out the amount of people flying around in their cars was amazing. The people at the tea house were being served the most amazing food and tea blends(I love tea) but rather than savouring the aroma, they were scoffing the food and tea down. I was amazed by this. I'm home again and am happily doing some chores, stopping for tea(I bought a bag of delicious tea home) and then working again. What I don't get done today will be there tomorrow or even the day after.
    I have a saying that resonates with me
    "You create beauty with your attitude, your behaviours and your actions. It's all up to you."
    I have to admit to being a real grumpous earlier in the week. I was not nice and I let everything and everyone get to me. Thankfully I have left this awful attitude behind and have come back to being my nice self again.
    Have a wonderful and simple week.

    1. Jane how lovely for you. I am so glad you got to spend some quality time with your Mom.
      The world is in such a hurry. I really wonder where they are all going!!

      I get in those moods too - I brood about things and then I become quiet, because otherwise I would be a not nice person.
      I love summer months here, as I get so much more time outside. Nature puts me in a good place. It can be simply watering the plants, pulling weeds, or just sitting on the bench in the shade.

      There is nothing that can't wait. ENJOY