Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Healthy Munchies on the Cheap!

We all get the munchies now and then and just HAVE to have a snack.  I know so many people who say chocolate is their go to snack!  I like chocolate once in a while - and I love flavored potato chips - by my favorite snacks are all pretty darn healthy.  GO FIGURE!

There are so many ideas for 'smart snacking' that cost very little money.  These are great ideas for home, car, and the office.  Adults and kids should enjoy most of them.

Buy what is in season. 
SUMMER - melons, peaches, plums, cherries, etc. 
FALL - apples, pears
WINTER - citrus of all kinds
SPRING - strawberries

I absolutely love melons.  I like all types of them if they are really ripe and juicy!  Apples and peanut butter are a staple in my house in the fall and winter.  We both love that.

Sliced carrots, celery, radish, tomatoes, cucumbers, etc.

Probably my favorite in the summer is a nice tomato with salt!  I do like to eat cukes, radish and baby carrots with a little Italian dressing - or even a small salad.

*Hard boiled eggs are a great and filling snack (or lunch or breakfast)
*Bananas - so nutritious and another yummy with peanut butter.  I like peanut butter/banana sandwiches
*Nuts - full of protein and very filling.  Eating about 10-12 nuts can make you feel full
*Homemade trail mix - so easy to make with whatever you have on hand.  Throw several sweet and salty goodies together and you have trail mix.  Very filling.
*Pickles - sweet or dill - they are good!  This is another one of our favorites - we can sit and eat a quart of dill pickles in an evening!!!!!
*Popcorn - so easy to make and very inexpensive.  Filling as well.  Try adding new flavors so you don't get bored with it.  Ranch, garlic, onion, cheese, etc.
*Pretzels - can't get much cheaper than pretzels.  We have small pretzels on hand all the time.
*Yogurt - mix it with some fruit and you have a super healthy snack
*Muffins - make several muffins (sweet or savory) and keep them in the freezer.  Microwave one or two when hungry (much better than snacking on cookies, candy or other sweets).
*Smoothies - fruit smoothies are always fun.  You can put all kinds of combos of fruits (and even veggies) together with a little milk or juice and ice and you have a smoothie.  We love fixing these for what seems like a sweet treat - but very healthy.
*Cheese - string cheese is great for taking away hunger pangs!  It is filling and good for you.  I often cut some slices of cheddar or Colby and eat for a little snack.
*Seeds - sunflowers, pumpkin, etc.  Very healthy and can be quite inexpensive.  You can even  dry your own.
*Water instead of pop or sugared drinks is the best.  Water is filling.  Drink before a meal and eat less.

None of the items mentioned above are expensive.  Probably the most expensive would be nuts and cheese - but if you eat just a bit to fill you - each serving costs little to nothing.
All the above items are very healthy, especially when eaten in moderation.  Looking at the list I see lots of protein and lots of vitamins and minerals!
Don't waste your money buying those "lunch-able kits" at the store - make your own with fresh and healthy ingredients.  You know exactly what your getting and it will only cost you pennies!!!

The next time you get a little growling in that tummy, don't grab for candy (it really doesn't curb your hunger) - reach for something healthy.
You can keep all these items at home (and probably already have most), and you can grab and go.

Stay healthy and full and save a chunk of change in the process!


  1. I love your ideas for healthy snacks. One of my favorite things to do is go out in the garden and pick fresh fruits and veggies to eat. I am so looking forward to doing that here again soon.

    1. Me too. I am anxiously awaiting tomatoes!!!!! Nothing like a 'mater' right off the vine!!!