Thursday, May 25, 2017

Holiday Stock-up

It is that time of the year again.  Memorial Day is this weekend, and yes many celebrate it as a day for picnics and sun bathing, and swimming pool openings, etc. 
I know this is a long holiday weekend for many, and folks look forward to that first big get together of the summer.
In our city, we host the largest single day sporting event in the world - the 500 Mile Race.  I pray it will be a safe event, not only for the drivers, but for the patrons and the city.  It is kind of scary with all that is going on in this world.

Along with all the parties and celebrations - come SALES!
Now is the time to stock up on many items that are extremely well priced this week.

Soda Pop
Watermelon & other melons
Fresh corn
Baked beans
Many types of alcohol
Grilling and picnic items
Suntan lotions
Even swim suits and many summer clothes

This will probably be the last BIG sale until July in America.  Now is the time to add items to the pantry and freezer and save money.  There are many, many great deals to be had at almost every store.

Plan ahead and perhaps you can even buy some Christmas presents.  Nothing says items gifted at Christmas have to be all about winter!  Shake things up a bit.
Think summer clothes, lotions, picnic supplies, grilling supplies, beach towels, etc.

Take advantage, and help to fill your pantry for the winter, or bless someone who may need a little help.  Always be planning ahead.  Pantry prepping is an on-going thing!


I'd also like to add a HUGE THANK YOU to all Veterans and active service members.  So many have sacrificed everything, so we may all have a life of freedom. 
Thank you to the families of all past and present service members as well.  They sacrifice so very much as well.
May none of us ever forget that FREEDOM IS NEVER FREE

Be safe and have a lovely weekend with family and friends.
God Bless


  1. Good post! It's the best time to stock up. We are going after hamburger on sale at Meijers this morning!

    1. They do have a wonderful price on it!
      Corn is cheap there as well.

  2. I need some help on freezing hot dog and burg buns so they don't get that freezer burn taste! I like to stock up, but seems like the buns end up being ground for bread crumbs, or fed to the chicks, not us! Advice?

    1. I keep empty bags and double and triple bag them. It seems to help me.
      Maybe someone else can come up with other ideas. I hate getting a deal on something then not being able to eat it.
      Happy day!

  3. I keep an ongoing bag or box in my office closet of things I get on clearance or very cheap. These include not only personal hygiene items like toothbrushes, toothpaste, bandaids, etc... but also food items with long expiration dates. One of my favorite gifts to give is to someone moving out for the first time or into a new home - foil, tp, kleenex, baggies, garbage bags, laundry soap, etc... all welcome items. Or make an emergency kit with TP and a few items and snacks for the move. I can never find my can opener or toothbrush when I move. Even with careful labeling those darn boxes all look alike. lol

    1. Crystal I absolutely LOVE that idea. What a wonderful gift that would be for someone moving.
      I did that years ago for wedding showers as well.
      One year I knew months ahead of the couple getting married, and I hit Christmas clearance after the holidays and got the couple a lot of Christmas goodies!
      Thanks so much for sharing that idea!