Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Garden Fun and Function

Good morning everyone.  I am a day late on posting - so sorry.  I took advantage of a near perfect day to get my garden in yesterday.  WHEW is this old gal pooped!!!!!
We are supposed to have rain just about everyday for the next week, so yesterday was my shot at getting it done.

Sunday I posted a picture of my purple chair and everyone seemed to like it.  I love my yard and gardens, but there is nothing formal about anything I do.  I like formal gardens, but that just isn't me.
I am all about WHIMSY!
I love using things in an unconventional way.

As a side story - I had an uncle years ago that made all kinds of doo-dads and whirly gigs for his yard.  I used to think he was silly.  My aunt would spend money on feeding all the stray cats and nature outdoors.  I, as well as my siblings, thought she had lost her mind. 
OH MY GOODNESS  - I have turned into both of them!!!!  I know they are looking down and laughing at my silliness as well!

I will show some pictures today of how to use items in a new way in the yard and garden.  I know some of you may have seen a couple of these - but I hope it gives everyone a few ideas!
NOTE:  Most of these are from summers past - my garden isn't big yet!

This is a farm implement flower I have in the garden.  It was unfinished when I purchased it years ago - I added paint.

This is a birdhouse attached to the handle of an old shovel.  The shovel end was broken in the middle.
The old washtub  makes a great garden container.  Rubber animal water container in front contains lettuce.  A painted metal basket on left contains lettuce as well.

A second wash tub contains flowers - an old chair holding a pot of flowers, whiskey barrel of chives - pieces of drift wood in odd shapes.

Rain barrels.  One store bought - the other is homemade.  Clean 55 gal. drum, scrap piece of hose (works for over flow), and a piece of screen and a budgy cord.

I use a spare piece of plastic lattice in the garden between the zucchini and the tomatoes.  It keeps the squash from taking over.

A wood pallet placed up against the fence works for vining cucumbers.

Ice cream parlor chair turned into planter.  I have 2 of these in different colors.

This gives you an idea of how unconventional  I am!  Shoot I used to have a church pew on the from porch, until it finally started giving out - then my neighbor took it!

I have a red metal old fashioned headboard as a center piece of my perennial bed (I couldn't find a good picture).  It is a flower "bed" is it not???

I just love a little whimsy and fun.  My neighbors all seem to enjoy it as well.  I have met people out walking their dogs in the alley, that stop me and tell how much they enjoy walking by the yard.  These are people I don't know.  I am glad it puts joy in someone else's life as well as mine!

It's your yard - have fun.  You can decorate and add color and fun for little or no money. 

Do you have any  fun pieces in your yard and garden?  Any new ways to use old items?  Give us a shout!



  1. Your yard is always very cute !
    I have whimsy in my yard also. Just waiting for the weather to cooperate so I can get out there and clean it up.
    Working on the weeds between the super hot temps to get the garden ready for the tomatoes.

    1. Laurie, thanks.
      I am so glad that we haven't had those super hot temps here. It is actually cool and damp today.
      Got to love whimsy!
      Life is too short not to have a little fun!

  2. I love whimsy! I also love washtubs-yours are so cute. Have a great day!

  3. Hi Cheryl, I like your yard art too! I had not seen the farm implement before but it does look like a flower now that you have painted it. I wish I still had a rain barrel but we left it at the previous house. I don't know if we would be able to put one here. I wish I would have thought of the bird house on the shovel idea as we through out an old shovel I think that would have been just the things for a bird house. Not sure where I could fit it in though! Thanks for sharing. Nancy

    1. Thanks Nancy. The shovel/bird house could go about any place. There was enough left on the shovel to stick it in the ground.
      I love my rain barrels - free water. God water is always best!!

      Have a good day.

  4. Cheryl I love the whimsy in your yard. I love my garden but I do not have whimsy out in it. I have a little, that has been given to me, in the pot plants on the veranda. I have a metal kookaburra(Aussie native bird), Ronnie the Rooster, Henrietta the hen and a couple of gnomes. Bluey is not quite as tall as me. I am from a very tall family(have a 7' nephew). Our children are both 6'. When our daughter turned 14 she was taller than her Father. Bluey gave me a gnome for Christmas so that there would be someone in the house shorter than him.
    I am going to start looking at what I have that I can convert into a bit of garden whimsy. Your lovely garden has inspired me.

    1. Jane all your garden decorations sound very cute! Oh, I love the story about the gnome. That is so funny. We have some tall people in our family - but no one close to 7'. WOW

      I am glad that I may have encouraged you to do a little more decorating in the garden. Have fun with it!

  5. I do love your whimsy yard art! So prett, and I'm sure it makes everyone happy that sees it. Thanks for the inspiration. I hope I can add a little whimsy to my yard.

    1. Kathy thank you for the compliment. I bet your yard will be lovely!