Thursday, May 4, 2017

Showers, Flowers and the Blues

The rain is unbelievable in this part of the country.  It isn't just our area, but the whole mid section of the country.
Roads have flooded and washed away, homes and businesses are under water, cars have washed away, and on and on.  It is really sad for so many.

We had three days of rain over the weekend. and had flooding.  We finally got about a day and half of dry weather.  Luckily, the water in the yard had rescinded, and I took advantage of a few dry hours to mow - as did a few neighbors.  It was really windy and chilly out there.
WEEDS, WEEDS, AND MORE WEEDS are growing like crazy.  There will be no chance to deal with them till at least next week.
It started raining again yesterday at 3PM and hasn't stopped, and isn't supposed to till tomorrow afternoon.  Sigh!!!!!!!
As much rain as we have seen, other parts of the country have had it worse.  It is so sad.

Weather tends to put a damper on a good mood as well.  I have felt so melancholy this week.  I just can't get myself excited about anything.  Hopefully that funky feeling leaves soon.

The rain sure has made the flowers start to bloom.  Here is a little preview of what is to come this summer.

Ever-blooming honeysuckle starting to open.  It smells so pretty.

The clematis is starting to bloom.  Funny thing, it has always been deep blue purple till this year!  There sure are a lot of buds.

The first peony of the season.

Columbine in many colors blooming

Vinca vines blooming.

Baby grapes!

I sure hope everything lasts through the weekend.  We have freeze and frost warnings for this weekend!!!  ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It's May - this is crazy.
It sure will be a while before any gardening is done this year.

I'd like to ask everyone to say a little prayer for all the farmer's across the land.  They have lost many fields of young crops to water and will have to replant.  Many haven't even had the opportunity to plant.
Hopefully all this spring rain will bring crops and beauty this summer.

Prayers for the farmers and for the property owners hit by flooding.
Blessings to all.


  1. All this rain sure is discouraging. Ours finally stopped this afternoon but don't know if we will still get more. Lyme disease is on the rise too. I have that and sure don't want to get bit again. Still fighting my chronic lyme I have! We are fortunate not to live in a flood zone. So many people losing their home and tornadoes and fires. If the farmers can't get in their fields that means crops will be scarce and expensive. We have to do what we can and trust the Lord. Hope your weather gets better soon for you and you cheer up! Nancy

    1. I understand Nancy. So many things on the line with the weather. You are so correct, it is all in God's hands.
      I hope you stay well.

  2. Your flowers are gorgeous. I love that honeysuckle. It's raining here right now. I hope it stops soon for all of us! This time last year we plowed the garden up for the first time. It's not going to happen this year for awhile.

    1. I know - I think I was plowed and ready to plant this time last year. it will be a while this year.
      Thanks on the flowers.

  3. Here in the eastern prairies of Canada, the farmers still haven't got all the crops plowed under from last year, let alone plant. I think today is the first day we have hit 20C - 70F. We are still wet from last year. Hoping for a dryer year this year. It seems like the farmers all over the world are struggling this year. Prayer is the only answer for sure. Wishing you all in the US some respite from what you are going through.

    1. Hello Jean. I had no idea it had been so wet in eastern Canada. Hope things dry out for you too.
      There were sections of our country that had snow a few days ago.
      This sure has been a crazy weather year so far.

      Thanks for coming by and come again!

  4. Cheryl we had the same thing a month ago with the aftermath of Cyclone Debbie. Many of our northern (hot area of the country) lost all their capsicums and tomato crops. Mango trees have taken a big hit and this years crop in Nov/Dec may be a disappointing one. Whilst many areas had flooding other areas are in drought and haven't seen rain for over three years. Oh the fickle life of a farmer.
    We were in drought until the Cyclone. Since then we have been having enough coastal showers to keep the ground moisture levels at a reasonable level. My garden is loving the cooler days and the moisture and is coming into wonderful production.
    I so hope that you get over your glumness and find your happy space. Mine is outside digging about in my garden.

    1. Jane my happy place is out digging in the garden too - just can't do that!!!
      we had drought in California area for years and this year they got crazy amounts of rain.
      It seems to be feast or famine!
      Glad you are enjoying the cooler temps.

  5. (((((HUGS)))) Cheryl, we had that kind of weather last month and in February also. There are still roads that are washed out and I have never seen so much sloughing off of hills. Our farmers were just able to get out in their fields within the past few days and are working around the clock to get the fields ready for planting. One of my good friends is a farmer and he seriously considered taking the crop insurance and just not planting this year if the rain did not stop. I feel so bad for farmers because they really are at the mercy of the weather and that can be so stressful!

    1. we need to pray for all those farmers.
      I feel so bad for them - and I think about food prices later for all of us.

  6. I hear you on the weeds! Mine are out of control. I was able to finish pulling weeds from the driveway before the rain set in. I hope that hubby will be able to spray it with weed control before they start growing again. As for the flower beds... they are a mess. I hope that by next weekend I will be able to get in there and pull weeds. I haven't seen the long range forecast so I don't know if that will happen. Who knows when we'll be able to get the garden tilled.

    While running errands last Saturday we ended up out in the country a little bit. I noticed that almost all of the fields had been planted. I imagine those poor little seeds have drowned by now. We had 4.5 inches of rain last weekend and so far since 3pm on Wednesday we are now up to a little over 3 inches and the rain is still falling. I feel terrible for the farmers.

    I am ready for it to take a little break. Not only does it make me have little motivation it also gives me a headache. No fun!

    1. Wendi - yours sounds like the same weather we are having. About the same amount of rainfall.
      I am so over it!!!!

      I have some weeds in the flower beds that are totally out of control!!!!! Like you said - maybe by next weekend.

      It's hard to even enjoy the flowers that are blooming as we can't get outside to see them.
      Feel better!!!!!

  7. We have been having the same problems here in Missouri. Our first haying should have been underway by now, but that's not happening. Luckily the last bout of rain went around us, but more is due next Wed. and Thurs. I'm not complaining (too loudly) as people in other parts of the state got hit a lot worse. Don't know if I'll ever conquer all the weeds - but I'll try as best as I can. At least the radishes, rhubarb, asparagus and potatoes are growing (through the weeds!). Prayers and {{{Hugs}}} to all who are water logged.

    1. Kris - same here. I complain but try not to do it too loudly as there are so many in awful shape.
      Only by the grace of God!

      I wish I had 'something' planted - but I do not. I am glad at least you are getting a few crops in!
      Take care.

  8. Your flowers are beautiful! Thank you for sharing the pictures.
    I have been so grumpy and funky lately. I think it is partly due to the rain which makes me achey and headachey.
    Hope you feel better.
    I am a new reader to your blog, and I have enjoyed your posts.

    1. Hello Kathy - welcome!!!!!
      I feel funky and grumpy too. I know mine is weather - I hate the cloudy days. I NEED SUNSHINE!!!

      I sure hope you get to feeling better.
      Please come back and visit and comment soon! We all love everyone's comments and suggestions!

  9. We had all that rain and you will be able to see later in the summer in the crop fields where the puddles have been, or rather, won't see any crops there...then we had a light frost, happily this year the late frost was after the apples had blossomed and begun to set bud, so we might get more than four apples off our trees this year!

    Garden finally got tilled yesterday, finally dry enough to do so! will get the greens in very soon, had to wait for this rain to stop!