Sunday, May 28, 2017

Frugal Happenings 5/28

Good morning to all.  I hope all are well and happy on this glorious day. 
It is race day in our city - The 500 Mile Race.  The weather has taken a turn and should be clear for the race.  It was supposed to rain.  I am glad as there are thousands of people visiting from all over the world for this event.
I have not had any desire to fight those crowds for years and years.  In my younger days, it was quite fun - NOT NOW!

We had a couple nice clear days earlier in the week, then rain off and on the rest of the week.  Storms went through the area on Friday evening.

My week:
  • I managed to get a lot of yard work done - mowing, weeding and planting flowers
  • Plowed the garden, plowed in coffee and tea grounds and egg shells.  Added my beneficial insects (looks like dust - becomes alive and eats grub larvae).  Laid the weed barrier and planted the entire garden.  Also placed soaker hose (just in case rain water runs out).  It sure was an exhausting day!!!!!  My poor body ached.
  • God has been watering my newly planted garden all week!
  • Laundry dried on the outside line
  • Picked a bouquet of roses
  • Now have 2 -  55 gallon barrels of rain water
  • I have been working on the t-shirt/jersey blanket for nephew.  It sure would have been easier had all the shirts been t-shirts.  Almost done.  (This has been another back aching project!)
  • I made a run to Meijer and did a big stock up on dry and wet cat food.  Saved $21 with sales and coupons.
  • Meijer also had fresh corn 6 - $1, and ground beef for 1.87/lb.  I got 6 ears of corn to enjoy and 10 lbs. of meat for the freezer (not much room left or I would have gotten more)
  • Made a light and fluffy yellow cake - no icing.  Serving with fruit.
My bad moment was the day the garden went in - I was so absolutely drained, that I broke down and ordered delivery food.  We had Chinese (which made G happy) - but it did last us 2 nights.
I also got 2 really nice storage containers out of it!!!!

Tex-Mex skillet meal

Meals this week:
Cold sandwiches and chopped veggies in dressing
Chicken & dumplings and steamed broccoli
Chinese (2X)
Tex-Mex skillet dinner over rice
Burgers and corn on the cob and salad
Homemade pizza (Mexican style) - used leftover skillet mix on top with mushrooms, olives, onion and cheese (Mmmmmmm)

Snacks - sherbet, popcorn and cake w/fruit

We have been enjoying the open windows and fresh air (when not raining).  I did turn on the AC for a couple hours Saturday afternoon, as it got to feeling quite humid.
It sure smells heavenly when I walk into the back yard.  The honeysuckle is absolutely divine!
The hummingbirds have been enjoying it, and my feeders!  Such precious little flying jewels.
We have some young squirrels showing up at the feeders.  There must have been a birth somewhere close by - in the past month or so.  Oh my the are just so cute.

How has this past week been for you?  Did you find any great bargains?  Did you ad to your pantry?  How is everyone's gardens doing?
Check in and let us know what is happening in your little spot in the world. 

May you all have a safe, frugal and happy week.  God bless!



  1. Hey Cheryl. I managed to stay away from the stores another week. With trying to sell with house, and moving, there are no trips to the thrift stores, or any other with the exception of the grocery store. I found an inexpensive steak which I paired with mushrooms and onions, and potato salad for dinner last night. Our weather pretty much mirrors yours, so it has been cool, cloudy with sun appearances, and some rain. It rained here all night, and is terribly wet. I spotted a red-headed woodpecker on the telephone pole this morning. There are tons of birds out trying to snag worms in the ground and trying to get the rain off their feathers. My frugals for the coming week are to eat from what I have on hand, keep the ac off for another week, use fans when warm, conserve as much water as I can, and not be tempted to spend money that I need to move with. Also I want to get a free termite inspection from Terminix. It is one more thing to knock off my list of things that have to be done before the house can sell. Have a great week yourself, you and G.

    1. Norma - sounds like a wonderfully frugal week!
      Isn't all the nature just awesome to watch? They are so resourceful - we can only be as much!

      A free termite inspection would be great - hope that happens for you. I pray you sell your home quickly, and get the chance to move into a new phase of life. Now that summer is here and the temps are warming, hopefully there will be more interest in your property.
      Have a wonderful week.

  2. I love the holiday sales Cheryl! You bought the same deals as I did! I'm so glad you got your garden in =it's always exciting! a 500 mile race -oh my goodness I can't imagine! Have a great Memorial day!

    1. We have to take advantage of those deals when we find them.
      You have never seen the Indianapolis 500 race? This was the 101st race.
      I am not into race car driving - but it is kind of exciting to have such a big event in our city.
      Enjoy your day!

  3. don't stress over the Chinese food, lol. It happens. I planted watermelon with my grandson, Nasturtiums and herb. I also have some Tomatoes growing, but I did everything very late, for FL so no expectations. I am my 92 yr old moms caregiver. Had other priorities this year. :)

    1. Barbara, your other priorities are by far the greatest. Bless you for helping your Mom.
      Sounds like you and your grandson will have some fun watching - even if it doesn't produce a lot.

      With the heat in FL, I imagine it will be pretty hot by now. I sure hope your plants produce something for you to enjoy!

      Have a good week and God bless.