Thursday, May 11, 2017

A Mission to Help

Yesterday I saw a report on the news about a young man in my city, that is making it his mission to feed the hungry.  (He doesn't live all too far from me)
This young man named Austin, is currently 11 years old, and he started his work 3 years ago (at age 8)!!  His family had little to eat, and he decided he had to take care of that.
This adorable kid now has a nice garden in his yard to feed his family, and he has started a community garden to feed the neighborhood!

We can't get adults motivated to do this - yet this babe has taken it upon himself to end hunger.   I am attaching a link to the story that was on the news - I hope you take the time to read it.  there is also a link to his You Tube station in the article.
He says "It's his destiny - Gold told him to do it".  
WOW, WOW, WOW!!!!  What an awesome kid.


We have a local organic co-op grocery a couple miles north of us - which we invested in as owner/members before it opened, and we continue to be members.  It is something that we really want to see succeed.
This grocery is located in an area that is considered by some as a food desert - there are no other grocery stores in the area that can be easily accessed if one has no vehicle.  It is a low economic area and kind of a high crime area.
The only availability to food before was 'junk food' at the corner quick mart/gas station.
Prices are a bit higher than the average store, but the food is healthy and lots of it is local.

They have implemented a summer program that insures SNAP (food stamp) recipients double their stamp value.  ALL food purchased with stamps will be reduced in price 50% - so the person can purchase twice as much for the money!!!!!

This is their 'kids are home for the summer' program.  They know people will spend more when children do not have free lunches and breakfasts at school.  WHAT A WAY TO HELP THIS COMMUNITY!!!!

ALDI has lowered many of it's regular prices for the summer.  I don't know if it is for the same reason as above - or if it's just to help with summer activities.
All I know it's a GOOD thing!!!!!!
Many items have been lowered .25 - .75 each - which many not seem like a lot, but it all adds up.

KROGER and many of it's affiliates have been giving points for purchases that can be used for gasoline discounts for ages.
Last week the double points program started again and goes through most of the summer.  Present a coupon at checkout and get double points instantly.  You can still go on-line 4 times a month and answer a survey and be awarded 50 FREE points.
You can take  UP TO $1 per gallon in discount.  ($1 = 1,000 points)
Considering our state will be implementing a new gas tax on July 1 (.10 per gallon) - every discount we can get helps.
It is great that this is done during the summer while people are traveling, vacationing, and out having fun as families. 


This is 4 groups that are working to end hunger and help folks financially just in our area.
It really does make my heart happy.
Check around your areas and see what is happening.  Do you have grocers or communities working to help each other?
IF NOT - maybe YOU can get something started! 
I for one would like to try to convince the vendors at local farmer's market to donate their end day items to area food pantries or soup kitchens.

If we all try and do a little - it will have a big impact.  These are OUR communities!
As Austin said "It's our destiny"!  


  1. You hear a lot of statements from older people that are derogatory in nature, towards young ones. Master Austin shows that there are so many wonderful young people who go above and beyond to be good community members.
    In Australia our Govt has just released its budget plans. I know we have to tighten our belts but oh my goodness really! According to the Govt you are rich on an income of $87K/yr. According to the same figures those on our income are well below the poverty line. We have no debt and live well. We are able to access a local store run by a church charity which is basically a food bank. This store helps us to pick up some wonderful bargains and to keep our pantry full. The big supermarkets have loyalty cards for earning points towards flights or towards fuel discounts. There are many businesses that provide discounts for seniors on pension cards. Some also provide discounts for those over 60 that have applied for and be given an over 60's card. Our biggest saving compared to the US is our health care system. We can go to the Dr and into hospital at no cost. We provide, through our tax system a Medicare levee and this is used to fund the health system. The only time you want private health insurance is when you want elective surgery. If you don't have private health insurance you go on a waiting list. A friend is just about cripple and has been waiting for a knee replacement operation for 2 years on the elective surgery waiting list.
    It's so interesting to see the similarities and differences between the Us and AUs.

    1. Jane I just love hearing from those in other countries and to see what we have in common.
      I don't consider 87K rich. It is a good income, but far from rich.
      We are probably considered poverty level with our income as well. G is the only one with any income, as I haven't started taking my retirement income yet. We have everything paid for, and get by well.
      Rich and poor is really a matter of perspective. We would be considered rich to many in the world, and dirt poor by others.

      We have loyalty cards at the stores, and we do have many places that offer senior discounts as a regular thing.

      Our health care - well don't get me started!
      I pay an affordable amount a month - but it covers virtually nothing. I had to get it, just in case of a catastrophic medical occurrence. I get Medicaid (65 and over) for another 2 1/2 years.

      I agree, we hear so much BAD about the youth - and there is much to hear - but then there are young people like Austin. He has a bright future and he will help the world.
      I thank God for youngsters like him.

  2. I loved the story you shared about that wonderful young man and about the programs that are trying to help people afford healthier food for their families. I shared the link about Austin on Facebook, I hope you don't mind. I just think he is incredible!

    Jane, I too enjoy learning about the similarities and differences in our countries. Your health care system sounds similar to Canada's although they do pay a small fee to see certain doctors.

    1. Debbie, I think it is wonderful that you shared Austin's story. Thank you! I actually hope more do, and perhaps it will push others to do something. He is a great kid!

  3. We to have food desserts here. So far to go in some places to buy food! I love that little boys passion to make sure . His family is fed and to help others as well.

    1. It is a shame that there are so many places to don't have good accessibility to grocery stores. You would think in America that wouldn't be an issue.
      He is quite an awesome young man.

  4. In reply to your comment about Aldi's lowering their prices - I read on MSN last week that Aldi's is going to be taking on Walmart and other big food retailers and try to give the best prices possible. Yay Aldi's. We have one about 45 minutes away in Nixa, MO , but now they they are building a new one in Republic, MO which will cut the drive down to 30 minutes. Can't wait. It's supposedly going to open sometime in June or July. I told my husband to drop me off there now so I could be the FIRST customer through the doors LOL! There are some things that will have to be bought at Walmart, but I think most of our grocery shopping will go to Aldi. Sure wish we had a Kroger here. Sure wish we had more kids (and adults) like Austin around. Most kids today don't WANT to WORK at anything! :-(

    1. I think Aldi can take on the big box stores. They have good quality products and pricing that is just awesome. I try to never shop Walmart (I just don't like it). I do utilize Kroger for their deals and clearance.

      Aldi is pretty cool. I don't blame you about getting in line now! LOL I sure hope you get to utilize it regularly and find many, many great deals.