Sunday, June 11, 2017

Frugal Happenings 6/11

Good morning everyone.  I hope you all had a wonderful week.
We had some fun conversation going on this week.  Glad so many chimed in.

I had a real frugal week.
I got contacted by some long ago friends (30+ years since we have seen or talked).  Facebook sure is a neat thing!  We are going to reconnect this coming week, with meeting up for lunch.  How fun!

I went to my sisters last evening for a family get together of her children and grandchildren.  They almost ALL live out of state - so some of them haven't been seen in 16 - 17 years.  Isn't that pitiful?  There were gr. gr. nieces and nephews there, that I had never even met.  I hate it when families get so far apart by distance.  It is just a shame that these young ones won't really ever get to know extended family.

My garden is really growing in leaps and bounds.  The plants are so much bigger, and I have blooms on tomatoes, squash, peppers and cucumbers!
It is amazing at how few chances of rain they are predicting.  A few weeks ago I never thought I'd say this - but I wish it would rain!

My week:
  • I line dried laundry this week
  • Had a nice rain the first of the week - really helped plants and barrels
  • Used rain water the remainder of week on garden
  • Only had the AC on a bit until yesterday.  It is now in the 90's for several days - YUCK!
  • I finished up the t-shirt/jersey blanket for my nephew's graduation

  • I kept the backs of the brightly colored t-shirts.  I will use that material for some future project
  • Did a ton of yard work in the early part of week when temps were cool
  • NO grocery stores or shopping this week!!!!!!!
  • Trapped myself a groundhog!  It was basically the first outing for it, and I figured it would be hungry, so set the live trap and within an hour I had him/her.  Not taking any chances with that booger eating garden this year!

Isn't Chucky cute?  He/she sure didn't like being in the cage, but it sure didn't want to come out when I dropped it off far, far away!  I had to turn the cage on it's side - and then he walked out and looked back at me as if to say "what's going on - aren't you my Mom?"
G said he sure hope it didn't have GPS - groundhog positioning sensor!

Chicken breast and salad
Burgers and red beans and rice
Leftover burgers, fresh veggies and dip
Homemade taco salad
Brats and loaded fries (used leftover taco meat and cheese on top of fries)
Loaded baked potatoes
Chicken tenders, corn and a salad

PLEASE NOTE I have added another blog on my side bar.  It is the Frugal Workshop.  This is reader Belinda's blog.  CHECK HER OUT!

What has everyone been up to this past week?  What were some of your frugal ways?

I pray you a have a truly blessed week.  Wishing health, safety and fugality to ALL!


  1. You caught it! I love that...maybe I should catch that rabbit of ours before he gets any bigger. I'm glad you got to see so many of your family members. I bet they miss being a part of the group too. Have a great week.

  2. I forgot to say that quilt is just so neat -he will love it!

    1. Vickie - I was thrilled to catch that wooly critter. I used an old apple 9cut) and a couple pieces of pineapple, so I think it smelled too good to pass up!

      Thanks on the quilt. He gets it today - I sure hope he likes it - his Mom was thrilled!

  3. Chucky the groundhog does have a kind of cute, funny face, doesn't he.

    It was good that you were able to visit with your distant family members.

    I hope your garden continues to grow and do well.

    1. I think he's kind of cute. Too bad they can be so destructive.
      I was happy to see the family - you just never know if or when that will happen again!

      Thanks on the garden. Hope you have a fantastic week.

  4. I'm glad you caught Chucky. There was one living in the neighbors yard last year. All he could catch in the live trap was the opposum. Thankfully he is now gone. Destructive things!

    I'm also hopeful for rain. I have one rain barrel that is almost empty and had to use the sprinkler on the garden this evening. I go through quite a bit since I have a good number of annuals.

    Not a very thrifty week around here since we had to purchase a new stove. I can't complain much since it was 16 years old and hubby had already repaired once. I'm happy to be back to preparing meals.

    1. Wendi sorry for the big purchase - but it will last you years and more than pay for itself. Those weeks happen. I have tires coming up sometime soon. I hate the thought.

      I have been using an awful lot of rain water as well. I need the barrels full again. Hope you get some rain soon.

  5. Your blanket is awesome. Wow....that critter is kind of cute. Just dropping in to say hello.

    1. Thanks Laurie. I think it turned out kind of good.
      Hope you have a great week.

  6. Hi Cheryl, The blanket came out awesome!
    I sure hope Chuckie doesn't have a GPS too!

    1. Hey Laurie - thank you.
      yep, hopefully he is far enough away that he can't find his way back. Thought about blindfolding him too! LOL
      Have a great one!

  7. I love Facebook for connecting like that. My family is far away from me now and we keep in touch via Facebook. It's the best thing.

    So glad to read your garden is doing so well. I hope it is very productive for you this year. I hope you get some much needed rain.

    The t-shirt/jersey blanket turned out great! I'm sure your nephew will love it.

    I'm LOL at your groundhog story. I hope he stays far away too. He sure is cute though.

    Thank you so much for adding my blog to your sidebar. I've already gotten traffic from your blog, so thank you for that. :)

    I hope you have a great week!

    1. Hey girl you are very welcome. We all need to share each other!!!!! LOL

      Facebook has turned into a wonderful thing for me with reconnecting. Other times - eh!
      I do love how I can stay in touch with so many.
      Have a good week.

  8. I love the blanket that you made. What a treasure full of memories for the lucky young man. :)

    That groundhog is cute. I saw one out in the fields just south of my home yesterday and I have to say, I am glad he is out there and not in my garden. They have been reeking havoc on our Heather's parents garden.

    1. thank you on the blanket!
      Yep, they are cute but so destructive!