Sunday, June 25, 2017

Frugal Happenings 6/25

Happy Sunday everyone!  I hope everyone is doing great on this fine morning.

We are having absolutely beautiful weather today.  Actually I am sitting next to an open window, and the breeze is down right chilly!  I couldn't say that much this past week.  We had heat and more heat and humidity and at least some rain 5 out of 7 days.  Friday was a torrential downpour and it rained all day.  We had a backyard lake my Friday evening - but thankfully it was gone Saturday morning.
It looks like nice weather much of the upcoming week as well!

I very accurately managed to smack both elbows and my shin on hard surfaces (at 3 different times) this week.  I really do it right when I do it.  My right elbow is still sore and green in color and my shin had a big lump which has finally disappeared - but it still hurts.  Can we say accident prone?

My garden is coming along nicely.  I am so thrilled.  I can hardly wait for that first tomato.

Here's a side view of the raised bed.
My week:
  • Worked on organizing and arranging the basement pantry some more.  Found all kinds of things back in cubbies I had forgotten!  You know you have too much stuff when you find clothes and utensils you have set aside who knows when.  Going to use them now.
  • Did yard work at the beginning of week when it was cooler.  Look forward to doing it this coming week.
  • Line dried laundry on those dry mornings.
  • Have had AC off 3 1/2 days this week.
  • Didn't have to water anything with all the rain
  • Helped the kids next door make a FREE fire pit.  They only had a handful of bricks and a couple of cement blocks.  I let them know it is common knowledge that anything left in the alley is FREE to whom ever needs it.  I showed them a big stack of cement chunks (flat on 2 sides).  The pieces actually look like big rocks - they got plenty and now have a very nice fire pit!  They were so happy.
  • Renewed library books on-line
  • We have another branch of a local grocery going out - stopped by and picked up a few mark downs.  I got 60 cans of cat food for .15 less per can (than I can get at cheapest).  I also bought 4 boxes of Rennet for 1.10 each (8 tabs per box).  I have never made cheese, but have decided to try this summer - so I figured I would get the rennet cheaply - that way if I am not successful I will not have wasted a ton of money.
  • I picked more lettuce, onions, basil and 3 jalapenos.
All 3 jalapenos were this size.  Nice, huh?

Mmmmmm - it won't be long!

I have started my harvest book for the year.  I keep track, generally by weight, of all I pick.  I also keep track of all canning and freezing.  This is something my Dad did forever, and my brother and I both have followed in his footsteps.  It is just fun knowing what your hard work had produced.  You can even sort of figure how much money your produce is worth!

Meals this week:
Quiche and side salad
Mexican skillet casserole & salad (2X)
Mushroom, cheese crockpot chicken and mashed potatoes
Taco salad

I made a 3 fruit crisp.  Used apples, peaches, and pineapple that I had put up in the past.  It is so yummy!

As you can see, nothing real exciting happening here - just normal day to day stuff.  To be honest - I LOVE IT!  No stress, no drama, just a simple, quiet daily life.  That is what I strive for - bliss.

I look forward to hearing from you.

I pray for each of you and your families.  May you all have a blessed week.


  1. Your garden looks so good! I love that the kids made a firepit. We had our first fire last week. It's just fun. Thanks for the reminder that we can renew library books online. For some reason I always forget we can do that. Have a great week!

    1. Thanks Vickie. Nothing like sitting out by a fire on a nice night.
      Have a good one.

  2. Great deals on the cat food and rennet tablets, Cheryl. I've wondered about making cheese. I'll be looking forward to reading about your cheese making.

    How nice of you to help the kids with the suggestions about the cement chunks in the alley and with their fire pit.

    Your garden already looks terrific. Your jalapeno looks great.

    We had a good week and had fun going to yard sales. I hope they pick up soon in your area.

    1. Belinda I wish sales would pick up here as well. it is really strange this year. They are usually every where you go.

      Glad you had a good week.

  3. Your garden looks like it is doing well! You will be harvesting even more things soon! One year I started weighing things from the garden but it was too much work for a bit of lettuce or a bit of something here or there. It is great that you do it. Nancy

    1. Nancy, lettuce is the one thing I do NOT weigh. It's mainly all the other veggies. It just becomes second nature - part of picking.
      Happy gardening!

  4. I made cheese at home, but not the hard cheese kind with rennet, but the soft kind, it is is a link !

    On my bucket list is to make hard cheese, converting an apartment fridge to a cheese cave.

    1. Ellen - hard cheese do require a lot of items to complete. I look forward to making soft cheese in the future. Thanks for the link.
      We will see on the hard cheese - I am still contemplating!
      Have a good one.

  5. Hope your elbows and shin are feeling better. Sounds painful. Your garden looks great. I so want fresh tomatoes, but it will probably be august before I have any ripe enough to eat.

    1. thanks Kathy - my one elbow is still kind of sore (I really did a number on it) - but healing nicely.

      We will probably have tomatoes in July for sure. There are many greens ones hanging out there! Like you - I am ready!!!!