Thursday, July 13, 2017

Education NEVER Ends

I know most of us that are here are after the same end result - we want to be a frugal as possible.
There is no right or wrong way to get there.
We all take different routes to accomplish our goal.
We all have different reasons for being frugal.

Some people are saving for retirement.
Some are frugal do to necessity.
Some are saving for a special item or vacation.
Some save in one area to be able to afford something in another area.
Some are frugal, because it has become second nature.
Some just believe it is the right thing to do!
NO MATTER the reason, you do what you do, for you and your family.

I think these are all wonderful rules to a life well lived!  YES, some are hard to do - but we should at least try to accomplish them!

We continue to grow each day, hopefully we learn something each day, and hopefully we improve with each day.
My Daddy always said "You had a great day, when you can reflect on a lesson learned, when you lay your head down at night."  I try to live this every day.

Our education never ends while we are on this planet.
Take time each day to improve.  Whether we learn a new recipe, or a new tip, or a new word, or meet a new friend, or have a new feeling for something - it is all learning!
Life is like a huge book that goes on and on - and we need to absorb as much as possible.
Strive to grow and improve.

NEVER let someone tell you that is petty.  Education of any kind is NEVER petty.  However you go about things is YOUR way, and that makes it worthy.

Do all you can to make sure someone, someday says "They lived it their way!"
Be a good steward of what you have.  That says so much about a person.

REMEMBER - There is no right or wrong way to be frugal.  Every life is different, every situation is different, and every end result may be different.
All we can do is SHARE in hopes that someone will LEARN something new to better their lives.

Let us all live each day to learn and to teach!
Blessings to all my fellow students and teachers!


  1. Your Daddy was a wise man and so are you my friend.

    1. Awww thank you.
      My Daddy sure was. I learned so much from that man and my Momma as well. They each brought different things to the table - not a day goes by that I don't use something they taught me.

  2. Very wise words of advice, Cheryl. We all come to the table with our own gifts, which makes each one of us unique in our frugal ways. Lucky for us we can learn from each other. Great blog post!

    1. Belinda, thank you. I agree we each have much to offer and much to learn.
      That is what makes this whole effort worth while. It is so much fun learning from folks all over the world!!!

  3. Your so right Cheryl, education should never end. I love to learn new things. It's amazing what I don't know and continue to gain knowledge of. Sometimes it's enough knowledge I decide to hire it done. Have a great night.

    1. Vickie, there is much in this world I have no clue of. Even watching TV at night - I learn new things.
      I agree, sometimes we learn we just aren't as adept at something as a professional.

  4. You are so right, but my husband is so slow...... I am so impatient....... Help me......

    1. Hi there. We all have to give a little and compromise. Marriage is definitely a give and take.
      Make it more exciting for him - try to have a little more patience - and hopefully you can meet in the middle.

      Stick around and you will learn all kind of neat things from everyone!
      Have a great day.

  5. Wise words filter down in your family. We are all life long learners and by being so we gain so much more from our lives.

    1. Jane I totally agree. Ours lives are so enriched through learning.

  6. I loved this post. We all need to keep learning. I wish I'd known half about being thrifty when I got married as I do now. ~wink~

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