Sunday, March 25, 2018

Frugal Happenings 3/25

Hello all.  I am so glad this week is over - what a weather mess we have had.  UGH.  Spring - my foot!  LOL

We started out Monday with close to 60* - nice.  Temps started dropping on Tuesday and we woke up on Wednesday morning (our first full day of spring) with 3" of snow!  Happily it was all gone by the end of that day.  We had a couple decent days, but windy - then we got the BIG ONE!  We received about 10" of snow yesterday in 12 hours.  WET HEAVY SNOW!
I am sore today.  I didn't clean the whole drive, just enough to get clear spots for the sun to hit - as it is warming up today and tomorrow.  My kitties weren't sure what to think.  They came out of the greenhouse while I was making them some potty runs and they set there looking around as if to say "what the heck happened while we were napping?"
I have to say it was pretty, but I am done!  Come on spring!!!

Looking out the back window about half way through the snow.  Sure doesn't look like it's spring!

Looking out at my Blazer.

I heard we are to have much warmer temps this week and got so excited - YAY yard work.  NO - it's supposed to rain most of the week.  Someday!

It was quiet here this week, not a lot to report.
My frugal week:
  • Renewed library books on-line
  • Soaked and cooked a pound of dried baby lima beans.  Used in 3 different ways.
  • Did more organizing and spring cleaning
  • made a gallon of juice
  • Watched several videos on You Tube about Pantry Prepping and Small Home Organization
  • G used Netflix a lot
  • Meals all from home
  • NO grocery shopping
  • Did a little dehydrating
  • Just doing all the regular stuff
Meals this past week:
Fried cabbage with leftover corned beef added and potatoes
Cube steak, baby lima beans & salad
Chicken strips, succotash (beans & corn), salad
Veggie soup - last of beans added
Ham/cheese/kraut grilled sammies and salad
Homemade pizza
Pork fritter sammies and baked beans

                                                            Lots and lots of veggies!
See I told you - it's been a quiet week.  I am still waiting for my spring energy to kick in!

It is hard to believe that next week is Easter.  Three months of the year down - and what have I accomplished?  Cleaning and organizing a bit is about all.  I feel like a sloth.

What has your week been like?  Did you find any great deals?  Are you ready for SPRING? 
Have a fantastic week - stay safe and healthy - and stay frugal.
May the Lord's blessings be upon you.


  1. Oh my, that is a lot of snow! My Dad, who is in Illinois, is done with snow too. He is ready for warm weather. I have dried Lima beans on hand, they are not my favorite, but my daughter likes them. I need to make them for her soon. Your pizza looks delicious. I hope you have a good week, Cheryl, and that spring really will be just around the corner for you.

    1. Actually this was our worst snow of the winter! Crazy.
      I love lima beans - regular and baby. I sure didn't when I was a kid, but my taste has changed. They are so good for you too.
      Yeah, I hope spring is just around the corner too!
      have a good one.

  2. You got walloped! So much snow! It's still freezing here but no snow thank goodness! Spring has to be around the corner somewhere! I'm making pizza right now after looking at yours!

    1. LOL - I love that - "spring is around the corner somewhere".
      Yep, we got walloped for sure. Hopefully the last hoorah!
      Enjoy your pizza.

  3. Oh my goodness! Look at that snow. We are already planting things here- 70 or so degrees. It's been a pretty low key week here as well.

    1. Kind of what I thought - oh my goodness!
      We never plant here until at least Mother's Day or after - weather is too unpredictable. I have seen snow in May (years ago).

      It is amazing that people are already planting. I hope you have great success. 70 sounds lovely!

  4. The pizza looks great. We made homemade pizzas too. I am right there with you on the snow. Come on spring. I want to plant my peas so badly. I can't believe March is almost over. Time really does fly. My husband likes to say life is like a roll of toilet paper. The closer you get to the end, the faster it goes. Have a great week.

    1. Sorry you are dealing with the snow too. Hopefully you can plant soon.
      That's funny - I'll have to remember that saying!!!!
      Have a good day.

  5. Cheryl I think I might be responsible for your loss of energy. I think I might have stolen it from you. It is finally cooling down enough here to tackle the more physical jobs I have wanted to get done. On Saturday morning I cleaned out and rearranged our 20' shipping container. It holds all our gardening equipment, tools, painting and tiling items and large plastic storage boxes of items belonging to our daughter. It had gotten to a point where I couldnt find anything and I couldnt get in and out anymore. It is now tidy and organised.
    I then decided it was time to clean off the veranda. Our veranda is wide and runs the full length of the house. We use out veranda as an extra living space. After a summer of showers every couple of days and high humidity and heat there was some very interesting algae and moss growing on it. It took me Saturday afternoon, a few hours yesterday and another two today to get it all cleaned off. A lot of energy has been used and I have found a lot of muscles that I had forgotten about. My body does not like me very much at all.
    I hope you start getting warmer weather real soon. Yesterday it got hot and humid again and today isnt much better. I am looking forward to cooler weather as much as you to the warmer variety.

    1. WOW you sure are busy. I bet the container is such better. I did see the pics of the veranda on FB - it sure looks nice. that was a lot of hard work.
      My arms and back are still yelling at me this morning - that snow was wet and heavy to move.

      I hope you cool and I hope we warm up. It looks like rain almost every day this week for us. It is always something!
      Rest and enjoy that veranda.

  6. We only had a little snow just one day this year...way less than we usually get. I've been a little sad missing the snow, but you made me feel lots better about it. Poor kitty cats.

    1. One day - oh my. Saturday we had as much snow as we got ALL last winter.
      I know they look around like they wonder what happened. I make little paths for them to go potty - heck I wouldn't want to potty in deep snow either! Poor babies.
      have a good week.

  7. That is so hard and discouraging to see that much snow when it is supposed to be spring. Keep a stiff upper lip with your stiff lower back it will be there soon.

    1. Yeah it was hard to see the other day. And yes my back was stiff!!
      Most all is melted now, and rain will be coming in tonight - so the snow will be all gone. However we may have flooding then - rain all week!

      Soon we will be complaining about heat! LOL
      have a good day

  8. Your veggie pizza looks so yummy!
    My biggest recent frugal accomplishment is feeding my family that was here over the weekend very easy and low cost meals that were also mostly healthy

  9. Rhonda good for you! It is lovely to know that you can feed additional mouths with what you have.
    Have a great day

  10. Wow! You sure did get hit! Josh's girlfriend left the DC area heading to Ohio right when it was all hitting that area. Luckily she made it there safely.