Tuesday, March 20, 2018

My Must Haves for First Aid

I am going to tell you about some of my must haves for my first aid supplies.  Many of mine will probably seem unconventional to you.
I love doing things the natural way if at all possible.  I do keep some over the counter aids as well - just in case!
So many of my first aids products double, triple, etc. for other things as well.  WIN-WIN

  • I am an Aloe Vera freak.  I have capsules, liquid, and gel (100%) and soap.  I take capsules daily to help keep my insides healthy.  I use the gel as a toner on my face, it is wonderful for healing any skin irritations, blemishes, ivy, scratches, etc.  I keep liquid on hand for those times that I THINK I may be getting something - I then drink it several times a day.  It is such a healer in many ways.  I use Aloe Vera soap daily - as I am allergic to perfumes in others.
  • I love tea tree soap.  If I have something that looks like it may be infected or I get a stubborn rash - this is my go to (even genital itching)
  • Peroxide is always in my cabinets.  It is so cleansing and anti-bacterial.  Wonderful to use on any wound that needs cleaned.  I also use instead of bleach in my laundry.  I have mixed peroxide in a 1 to 3 ratio with water for mouth cleansing or gargling.  I used to get strep a lot and this was the only thing that helped.  Toothache or infected tooth - gargle with this mixture.  It doesn't taste good - but it works (don't swallow)
  • Isopropyl Alcohol is good for anti-bacterial as well.  It is drying, so often helps with oozy bites or poison.  Keep a bottle of menthol alcohol (it's green) on hand for minor aches and pains.  It is very soothing when applied to the sore area.
  • Listerine is anti-bacterial as well.  Can be used on the skin as well as in the mouth  I mix a bit with shampoo to heal dry scalp.
  • Honey - antiseptic, anti-bacterial - the perfect food.  Not only is it chalked full of vitamins and minerals - it is so healing.  Mixed with hot liquids for sore throat, a spoonful swallowed alone will soothe a sore throat as well.  It can be put on wounds as a healing agent
  • Black coal tar (or pine tar) soap.  I always keep this in hand..  It is very healing and drying.  Any type of poison on skin will be healed quicker when bathed in coal tar soap.  If I am working outside and encounter weeds - I come in and wash down with this and cold water.  Very good preventative.  A MUST for an outdoorsy person
  • Cayenne pepper - works as a temporary coagulant for wounds.  If you are out and can't get to immediate emergency help - cover an open wound with cayenne - bleeding will quickly lessen or stop
  • Neosporin - I keep it on hand all the time (generic).  Just in case!  I have even used it on my kitties (on minor irritations)
  • Vitamin C and Zink are always in the medicine cabinet - great if you feel like you are getting a cold, flue, or just plain sick!  It always nips it in the bud for me.
  • Reishi mushroom capsules are healing.  I keep those as well, just in case I start feeling sick
  • Goldenseal and Echinacea are also very healing when starting to get sick or of sick.  It seems to lessen symptoms 
  • Whiskey - not for drinking, but medicinal.  I like Southern Comfort as it has a citrus taste - which helps.  I mix it with hot tea, lemon/lime juice & honey to rid myself of fever or soothe a cough.
  • Cinnamon is so good for you inwardly - many people take cinnamon capsules.  It is healing.  It can be used on smaller wounds as well - helps stop bleeding
  • Bee pollen - one of God's perfect foods (along with honey).  Bee pollen gives you energy and it is wonderful for those with allergies.  Buy LOCAL pee pollen and take it every day - it places the pollens of your allergies (if from the outdoors) in your body which keeps you from suffering so badly.  It has been said that bee pollen IS the perfect food with absolutely everything our body needs in it.
  • Horehound candy for throat irritations
  • Coconut butter is always on hand as well.  I cook with it, and I also use it for skin conditioner.  It is so very soothing for rough and chapped, dry hands and skin.  It's natural and healing.
  • I also keep over the counter cold meds (just in case).  I have Pep-to on hand as well as Rolaids and anti-gas pills.  I always keep a couple bottles of Magnesium  Citrate (helps make you poo!). 
  • Vitamins and herbs are daily essentials for us as well.  We both take many different items each day.
  • I also have regular aspirin, baby aspirin, and Tylenol
  • Bandages, gauze and wraps are on hand.  I have hand braces and knee/elbow wraps.  I even keep feminine pads on hand for large wounds.  They are super absorbent.  We have a box of facial masks and plastic gloves and many boxes of Q-tips.
  • Of course G's scripts
I am sure I am missing something.  This gives you an idea of what natural basics to keep on hand.  Anything natural just has to be better in my opinion.

I get many things like honey and pollen at local farm markets.  Alcohol, peroxide, even generic Neosporin and Listerine can be purchased at dollar stores.  So can lemon juice and tea bags and spices.
Health stores and even the pharma. section of groceries sell Aloe, soaps, and vitamins and minerals.

Just keep your eyes open while you are out shopping for the best deals.

I like being prepared for anything.  In this day and age you just never know what could happen.  If we had a major weather catastrophe in the area, I'd like to know that I was somewhat prepared to help (assuming my stash is safe)!  Accidents happen as well.
I realize some may think I am paranoid - perhaps - but I like to think just prepared for anything. 
It took time to accumulate everything, but I feel like it is important.

Just so you know - we DO stay healthy at our house!!!! 

Crazy or prepared?  What say you?
What MUST HAVES do you keep?


  1. I did not know about Listerine helping with dry scalp. I will have to give that a try! I always keep Sambucol on hand now as it really does knock things out for me. If I feel feverish or start to feel like I am getting a cold or the flu, this is my go to. I also keep Cranberry extract pills on hand and use these whenever I feel a urinary tract infection starting. If I use it at the first sign of one, it usually takes care of the problem. Another thing I keep here is Boric acid. Believe it or not, it is the only thing that works for vaginal yeast infections for me. I put it in empty gel caps and use 1 a night as suppositories "up there" at night. You continue this until the infection clears up. I learned this from a midwife years ago when none of the prescription medications would work for me and actually made things worse.

    1. I have never used Sambucol. I will look for that.
      Yes mam, it seems Listerine added (just a little) to my shampoo and my dry scalp/itchiness goes right away.
      I usually have cranberry juice on hand. I used to keep capsules - need to do that again.

      I have never heard that about boric acid either. I love learning new things.
      Thank you for your ideas!

  2. That's some great information CHeryl. I love the Listerine tip.
    I didn't know that but it makes perfect sense.

  3. Crazy or prepared? What say you?
    LOL, crazy! But seriously I'm with you and I am prepared also. I use many of the same things you listed and have on hand also.
    We have used the Sambucol here and I always buy Oscillococcinum cold and flu, it is homeopathic and Boiron Sinus and Allergy tablets also homeopathic.

    1. I've never tried aloe bar soap before. I use Melaleuca brand bar soap.

    2. Well - crazy is in good company!!! LOL
      It has been ages since I bought Oscillococcinum. I do believe years ago my Dad used that. Good to know it's homeopathic as with the sinus recommendation! Thanks.

      Melaleuca is good, but some reason I quite using it a long time ago. I like the Aloe as there is no perfumes in it.

      Hey we crazy prepper chicks have to stick together!

  4. The regular Listerine(brown)gets rid of lice. Cayenne pepper in a cup of hot water with lemon with clear out congestion immediately. I use Tea Tree oil in baths to stop UTIs. I did not know about Black coal tar. I will have to look into it.
    A friend of ours has a neighbor that keeps bees. We get the most AMAZING honey from him. It really makes a difference compared to the processed stuff you buy in the store.

    1. WOW neighbors with bees. Honey can't get any more local than that!!! Fresh honey tastes so good.

      What great tips!!!! Thank you. I am going to write those down. Great to know.

  5. Do you keep elderberry juice on hand, Cheryl? I read a lot about it this past winter, so decided to keep some of that on hand this year. Tea Tree shampoo is very good to keep head lice away. Several of the teachers use it regularly and several salons in town sell it as well.

    1. Belinda I have heard wonderful things about elderberry juice as well. Not something I have ever had. IF you can find it here, it is extremely expensive.

      Good to know that about tea tree shampoo - you just never know when someone may need that info.
      Thank you