Sunday, March 11, 2018

Frugal Happenings 3/11

Happy Sunday all.
I hope everyone that had to, changed their clocks last night.  UGH I get so tired of doing that.  Daylight savings time is fine  -  now lets leave it be.  I thoroughly enjoy daylight later in the evenings, (as I am sure farmers do) but I hate it when it changes back in the fall.  This is 100 years of doing this - I would think we could stop it now!!!

We have had very chilly to cold weather this past week.  We woke to some snow Thursday, but it was gone by the end of the day.  We should be back to some spring like temps by the end of this coming week.
Out winter hasn't been that bad - I didn't even get out the snow blower.  I haven't had to use it for 3 years now!  YAY
Prayers for all those having such bad weather.  Stay safe.

My week has been relatively quiet and lazy!!  I just didn't do a whole lot.  I bad!

My frugal week:
  • I did color my hair.  I used dye that I got on clearance and will get 2 more dye jobs out of the box - thus a hair coloring cost me .53!!!!!!
  • Got peaches out of freezer for some sweet snacks.  We like them when they are about 2/3's thawed - still a little crusty and cold!
  • I have done a lot of reading this week
  • Started watching a little series on Netflix called Money for Nothing.  I think it is British by the accents and monetary denominations.  It's about making and selling items from trash.  A gal meets people at the dump, take things and up-cycles & sales, then returns the money to the original folks.  Kind of interesting. 
  • Made dip
  • Made 2 dozen chocolate chip cookies from dough I have in freezer
  • Worked on last months receipts
  • I needed to get out - so I did run to Kroger.  I got 3 of the .99 produce bags - 1 with 3 huge bells peppers, 1 - 4 large apples, and 1 - with about a quart of cherry tomatoes.  I also got us 2 bags of clearance chips for .64 each.  That is all the human food I bought (all month so far).
  • I got 5 bags (all they had) of cat treats for $2 a bag.  These are the bigger bags (they usually run close to $4 or more) - my kitties will love me.
  • I then decided I would stop by the Christian thrift store, as I hadn't been in a while.  IT WAS CLOSED DOWN!  Oh no.  There is another location, but it is farther south from us.  It saddens me, as they helped so many hungry and homeless people in the area.
  • Meals from home. 
  • All usual stuff - making tea, drinking water, laundry in cold, etc.  Still working on cleaning and organizing.
                                                  Homemade teriyaki chicken and veggies
Meals this past week:
Tuna casserole and homemade slaw
Tuna casserole with added cheese and cheesy dried onions and asparagus
Salisbury steak, mac n cheese and green beans
Baked potatoes topped with chili, cheese & sour cream
Teriyaki Chicken and veggies over rice
Mexican Frito pie

                                                                      Mexican Frito pie

See - not a lot going on here.  Just hanging out and waiting for warmer weather.  I am so chomping at the bit to get outside and work.
I even went out the morning (it's in the 30's) and walked the alley, picking up blown trash.  I just need to be outside working!

What is going on in your world?  Has anyone found any super sales?  Any great adds to the pantries?
Any crafting going on?
Please feel free to share - we all live vicariously through one another!!!!!  LOL

Prayers for safety and health in the coming week.   I look forward to hearing from you.


  1. I have Mexican frito pie and Tuna casserole wrote down. Sounds so good! Sorry about your thrift store. That's a shame it has closed down. It will be warm enough soon to get out there and work -I can't wait either Cheryl.

    1. Great minds! LOL
      I know - I am trying to be patient. Soon we will be complaining about the heat!
      Have a good one

  2. Great deal on the hair dye, Cheryl. I'm sorry to hear your thrift store closed down. I'm sure it was a good resource for people in your area. One of ours reopened this month after being closed for the last three months. Maybe yours will reopen too. We can always hope. Your Frito Pie and Chicken Teriyaki look so good! My daughter got in on a good toilet paper deal yesterday. I'll be including it in my blog soon. Hope you have a great week!

    1. yeah I sure hate that it closed. They did a lot of good in the community.
      Thanks both the chicken and the Frito pie were yummy. G loves Chinese, so it pleased him.

      WOOHOO on a TP deal. It is so expensive, so we all need to stock up when possible. It seems a shame to have to spend money on something that just gets flushed!! LOL
      Have a good one.

  3. Hello! Can you post the receipes for the Mexican Frito pie nd the Tuna casseroles? Your Mexican Frito pie looks like one I made many years ago and have lost. Thanks!

    1. I will try to post a recipe - because I don't really have a recipe. I pretty much wing it when it comes to cooking.
      I sit down today and right them out.
      Thanks for the interest

  4. Hi! I bought two packages of strawberries from Plant City, Fl for 99 cents each at Aldi's and dehydrated them. Working on a quilt for a granddaughter whose birthday is next month. Nancy

    1. Yum - strawberries. that is a great price. Those will make great treats.
      I bet the quilt will be lovely. Make sure you post it on your blog.
      Have a good day

  5. Cheryl, I like half thawed cherries from the freezer, yum! Working on knitted half mitts for a bridal shower, daughter thinks it is a bad idea, but it is frugal. Can pair them with a nail file and some polish? I think some will like them but some won't, so will need an alternate party gift idea.

    1. Yum on the cherries. I do that with seedless grapes as well. So yummy.

      I like the idea. I think that would be cute and personal. It would also be original!
      Nice that you are making a gift. Homemade means so much more.
      How about those cute soap holders that are knitted or crocheted? - you have made those before haven't you? Or homemade washcloths.
      Just thinking outside the box!
      Have a good day.

  6. The food looks nummy. The hair dye I bought on sale did not cover very well. I will use it up but go with a different shade next time.

    1. Oh bummer on the dye. I try to leave a little gray showing on the sides so I don't look totally like the 'old lady trying to look young'.
      I also go much lighter on the dye than my natural color.
      Hope fully you will get just the right one next time.
      Thanks on the food.

  7. You did well again my friend and those kitties are sure spoiled. ;) I will have to check out that show you mentioned. We have been watching the Flog It show where they bring in antiques they no longer want and they go to auction.

    1. Yes, my babies are very spoiled.
      That sounds like a neat show too. There sure is a lot of off the wall programing out there. We just need to do a little searching.