Thursday, May 10, 2018

Project Pantry Part 1

I am planning on doing a PANTRY series over the next few weeks.  Each segment will deal with a different way the fill the pantry and be ready for anything.
We all know that a pantry is essential for so many reasons.  Financial hardship can be caused by a variety of reasons.  Loss of job, cut-back on job, health,  unexpected financial hits (car problems, household maintenance, etc.), and even events from Mother Nature.

The more prepared we are the better.  Not only can we feed our families, but we may be able to help our extended 'family' - how ever that is defined.

Today I want to talk about MONTHLY DEALS.  Each month, for various reasons, there are specials that are hard to pass up.  The examples I give for May, are for the U.S..  I would love to know what specials are being had in the Southern hemisphere, as it is winter there.  Any of you gals care to give us a shout out?  Inquiring minds want to know!!!!!

This is the beginning of summer and picnic time.  Memorial day, car races, and back yard BBQ's and graduations.

Hot dogs and sausages of different sorts
Hamburger & other ground meats
Steaks and whole loins
Condiments - mayo, catsup, salsa, mustard, Miracle whip, salad dressings, hot sauces, A-1, etc.
Chips and dips of all sorts
Soda pop and bottled water
Check deli items and the bakeries for sales and markdowns as well.  With graduation planning, there will be some deals.
Rolls and buns
Charcoal and grilling supplies
Paper products like plates, napkins, and cups  (always nice to have on hand in emergency situations)
Garden supplies and kids pool items (think ahead to birthdays and Christmas gifts)
It is also "pet month" - so there are many pet food sales as well

Now is the time to take advantage of those super sales and stock the freezers and the pantry.  Condiments and chips, soda and water, grilling items, and paper products and pet food - last for ages.  Stock up and you may well be good for several months - or at least until the next major holiday.

Fresh fruit, berries (strawberries are big now), and veggies are great to get cheaply for every day eating, freezing, canning, and jelly/jam making. 
FARM MARKETS are going on as well - so check them for deals.  Make sure you check them at the end of the day as well as early - as you may get some awesome deals at the end of sell time - as they don't want to load up stuff.

Strawberries and  rhubarb are in season now (at least here).  Other berries will be starting soon as well as sales on watermelon and other melons (due to holidays). 

Know you prices - know your market - get great deals.
Most items go in cycles.  Many of the items listed above will be on sale again come July for the Independence Day holiday.

Take advantage of the low prices.  The stores advertise many items, knowing they will draw you in and they may not make much profit on them.  BUT, they also know you will buy other stuff while there - therefore they make up for it.  They take advantage of you - you need to TAKE ADVANTAGE TOO!

Other upcoming segments of the series will include:
Gardening and fresh produce - and ways to preserve for later
Shopping at unconventional stores - other than grocery stores
Clearance and manager closeouts

I hope we all can benefit and give suggestions to keep our pantries full and ready for anything -  CHEAPLY!!!!!


  1. Oh, I will be looking forward to your pantry series, Cheryl. I love this statement:

    They take advantage of you - you need to TAKE ADVANTAGE TOO!

    It's so true! Great blog post. :)

    1. Thanks Belinda. It is true. Why not? Our money is can be used in better ways.

  2. I got 6-2packs of london broils for $1.99 a pound. I had to go 3 times to the store as there was a 2 package limit. I am on the look out for condiments. I usually try to stock up now and around Labor Day. I look forward to reading your series.

    1. WOW that is a great deal. Way to go!!!!
      I imagine in another week or so, we will see a lot more sales.

  3. Looking forward to this series. ...Vicky in Ky

  4. Dear Cheryl, Shopping is a skill! Shopping around widely is work but it is well paid work! Today being Mothers Day I will go to the store later as all the Mothers Day stuff will probably be on clearance. If so this would be food and gifts so I will see. If not I will go back tomorrow! Happy Mothers Day too! It is a beautiful day here just lovely. Love this series! Love

    1. Hello Annabel. You are so right - I believe shopping is a skill as well.
      It really is work to get the best value for your dollar.
      Good idea to start looking for gifts as Mother's day items will be on sale.
      There are so many events and holidays throughout the year that give us special food and gift ideas "after" the day is over!!!

      Have a wonderful week.