Tuesday, May 29, 2018

This Life.............

This life of ours, always seems busy and hurried.  Everyone has places to be, things to do, people to contact...........

The older I get, the more I realize that all those things aren't that important.  I think back to when I was a kid, and my life was so much simpler.  I know my parents worked hard to provide a life for us - but they still had more fun than many do today.

They spent time with their families, doing things with the family - not watching a computer screen.
They cooked home made meals and we ate together at the table - everyday!
They involved us in all aspects of life - and taught us many life lessons that are still used today.
They gave us discipline when needed.
They taught us good morals and good behavior.
They taught us to be polite and show respect.
They taught us to be good Christians.

Life takes over and everyone gets busy today.  Hurry, hurry is what it seems to be about.
We ALL need to take time to slow down and enjoy life.  You know there ISN'T anything that can't wait except LIFE.  It will be gone in a flash - hopefully we all enjoyed it and experienced the simple sweet things of the world.

I loved this saying the moment I saw it.  We have all gone through times, thinking the grass was greener on the other side.  It isn't - that's why it's on the OTHER side!!!!!!!!  Live your life your way.


Take time to smell the flowers and really look at each one.  They are each little miracles.
Read an ACTUAL book - take time to simply do the unimportant.
Sit and enjoy the rain.  Next nice shower - go stand in it and splash!!!!!! (I do this every summer)
Sit and listen to birds and nature.
Take a calming walk with nature.
Pet the dog or hug the cat.
Eat the ice cream or candy bar once in a while!
Savor your next meal - really ENJOY it! SAVOR every bite.
Visit with family - they may not be here someday.
Save I LOVE YOU to someone important to you.
Enjoy the babies and little ones.
Smile, laugh, and spread cheer when you can.  You may make someone's day!
Sit on the porch and watch the world go by now and then.
Take a nap.
Make your world a little simpler and calmer.
Unplug once in a while - no phone, no computer, no emails, no electronics.

Most of all JUST SLOW DOWN - QUIT HURRYING - QUIT being THAT person who doesn't have time to enjoy life.

Live it and enjoy the simple things.  They will give you more enjoyment than you can ever imagine!
Start living ........... this life!


  1. Following this most wonderful Memorial Day weekend, I can tell you I did exactly ALL those things! And it was wonderful indeed!
    Working outside the home makes these things harder to do, which means we must be more mindful than ever on those days.

    1. Good for you! You are so right, when working it is harder to do - we just have to make ourselves slow down.
      I am so glad you did and that you took time to ENJOY THIS LIFE!
      Love it!

  2. I love this line from the poem as it is so true...But those who live simply, sleep soundly. Great blog post, we all need to slow down and enjoy the things around us.

    1. It is so true isn't it? The minute I read this I loved it and knew I had to share.
      Hope you spend the day enjoying all life has to offer.

  3. I love this, my father always said that the people you were jealous of would eventually be coming back the other way while you are going forward. He would say, Don't let your mind worry on that, you will meet those people coming back. I have found out this is true.

    1. Absolutely! I love that saying too. Good advice dear old dad gave you.
      Kind of like that store=y about the "rabbit and the hare"!!!!! LOL

  4. I love this! I hope you had a great weekend!

    1. Thank you, it was quiet and HOT!
      glad you liked it!
      Have a great day!

  5. Your so right busy busy and work all the time is never good. So many wonderful moments are missed.

    1. They are - and life isn't getting any longer. So we need to stop and enjoy!

  6. Hubby and always say when will it slow down. Our youngest is 16 so I think in a few years it will. I like to sit outside in the morning drinking my chocolate milk and just listening to the birds. It is a wonderful way to start my day.

    1. Enjoy those high school years! Time goes by so quickly.
      Your mornings sound divine!

  7. I love this post also. I am trying to build "quite and slow" into my world more and more lately.