Thursday, September 27, 2018

On My Mind

I always have so many things flowing around in my little brain!  MOST I will not share - as I try to keep this a 'safe zone' for everyone. 
I have many thoughts about the daily news events (of all types) - but I will keep those to myself.  We all need quiet zones to visit - away from all the crap of the day!

"You get to do what you want to do with people who care about the same things you care about."

Doesn't really seem like a horoscope - but it is true.
 I love getting to talk about things with like minded people - you all!
That makes me so happy.

This morning a young friend of ours (in 30's) posted on FB that **abc company** has large iced coffees for 1.99 for the rest of the month.  She drinks 3 a day!!!!!! She was so excited. 
BACK STORY - she is a wife. the mother of 3 very young kids, a step mom to 1, a brand new house and 2 new cars and LOTS of debt.
I commented - ANY SIZE iced coffee you want - almost FREE - 365 days a year AT HOME!
Her comment - 'not the same'.
WOW - it just amazes me how differently folks of different generations and different upbringings (super spoiled) think.
Basically $6 a day, at least 5 or 6 days a week, is a lot of money!  That could pay a bill each month or buy groceries (oh wait - they eat out all the time too!).
Drives me crazy!!!!!

                                                            Mmmmmm - Hmmmmmm!

We have had the same mailman since we moved here in 1986.  He also was the mailman at the last place I worked for years as well.  Think about it - your mailman knows more about your life than most!  Mine knew where I lived, where I worked, where G worked, what bills we owed, what places we ordered from, what hobbies we had, etc.  EVERTHING - LOL.

The other day he knocked on the door, as a he had a small package.  G had ordered something.
I commented that it was probably something for his guns.
Jeff (mailman) says - "oh you guys preppers?  You have a couple guns, a little money buried in the back yard and a couple months of food stored away?"

I was chuckling and said - "sure".  He really doesn't know us after all.  G has been a collector of fire arms for years.  YES, we have money hid - not in the yard - but hid.
2 months of food?  Weeeelllllll - lets say more like 1 - 2 years.

I just find it comical what some people consider prepping for whatever events may happen in our lives.  It also makes me kind of sad.  I do believe his thoughts on the subject mirror the thoughts of many people.  What will they do in a crisis?

My RANT of the week!
I have seen ads on TV the past few days for new movies and TV shows.  They are all remakes of older shows and movies - some of which were classics.  I hate that. 
I like the classics.  It just goes to show that 'the Hollywood' sorts have run out of ideas!!!!!  They aren't really creative - they are just using new people and updating situations.  I know they are trying to reach the younger generation - but try distributing the older version first.  They may like it!!!!
I will not watch the new versions - they are never as good.
Some things need to be left alone.

Have you ever noticed that even Hallmark channel movies, basically all have the same theme?  They are all centered around bakeries, coffee shops, inns, and pets.  LOL - at least that is how is seems to me.  I still watch those - as they are at least family oriented - but you ALWAYS know that there will be a misunderstanding at some point and they will 'live happily ever after'.

Now you know about 1% of 1 % of what is going on in my head today!  It's a jumbled mess!
Laundry is being done, meat thawing for soup, cleaning and airing the house, and little projects going on.
"It's a Wonderful Life". 


  1. I feel like we are the last generation that cares. People are turning away from God. They no longer care about anyone but themselves. From the relatives I have, they over endulge their kids to the point nothing means anything to them. The 30 somethings I know dont want to learn to cook. We have one daughter in law who never cleans their house, never cooks, never knows you till she needs a favor. Her and son had first child this year, they are 38. She is constantly on her laptop or phone. When she come to a family gathering she sits with her phone and never bothers to help with the meal or clean up. She has a mile long list of stuff she won't eat. Shes the first to fix her plate, forget the little kids go first, this horse is hungry and thats that! And in true fashion she never puts her plate up. Leaves it on the table for someone else to deal with. 38 yrs old and an RN at that! Im sure this is an example of what all of you are seeing. Its pathetic, I feel so sorry for the ones who are hard working and have good values and common sense, to have to deal with the princesses and princes!

    1. I totally understand. It really isn't their fault - no - it is the fault of those that raised them. I have a real hard time with "me" generation or "me" people in general.
      I can't imagine having someone like that having to take care of me. Amazing. I wonder how she treats her patients.

      We are old fashioned for sure.
      But you know what? That is fine. In my book it is much more acceptable than being the other way.
      You just have to shake your head and wonder.

  2. I'm giving you an AMEN on this! We just went through a spendy-drive thru for a mocha and hot chocolate (I don't drink coffee) this morning, something we seldom do. The reason it's seldom is because we live debt free and use cash in envelopes (via The Dave Ramsey system) for all our spending. The problem with our debt-ridden society today is too much use of a "card" to take the place of money. We need to feel the "pain" of spending to help us be aware of what we are trading for that little cup. The statistics show using any card (debit or credit) instead of cash to pay for purchases (even at McDonald's) causes an increase in spending at the register.

    1. I will give you and AMEN on that!!!!!
      So true. Spending actual cash always 'hurts' worse. Many who use cred/debit cards think of it as if they aren't really spending. "I'll pay later". YES YOU WILL - OUT THE BUM!!!!!

      I love a mocha frappe. I got a couple free ones years ago at McD. Those babies are expensive. So I figured out how to make my own - and it tastes even better. I have one each morning for a couple pennies!

      Glad all of us 'smart chicks' hang out here together!

    2. Looking forward to seeing that recipe, Cheryl!

  3. I appreciate your blog being a safe zone. I’m pretty sure what your religious and politely views are but you aren’t telling people “my way or your just dumb”

    I’m afraid we are a sort of prepper family too. Unless our finances just change drastically for the worse, I think we always will. I joke our children and grands can argue over our toilet paper and laundry products stockpile like others argue over money.

    1. Rhonda - I am sure it is fairly obvious what my views are - but we all have our opinions and values. Mine are mine and I have no right to tell anyone they are wrong.

      I love being a 'prepper' - I will never apologize for it. I fell justified every day with all that goes on in the world.
      Your stockpile IS MONEY!!!!!
      You go girl!

  4. Most of the people I know live like that lady. They have new clue why the are broke. I love ice cream. A soft serve cone is one of my most favorite things. I enjoy it whenever we are on vacation. If I had one every day no less 3 times a day it wouldn't be special any more. I can buy a carton of ice cream, and get 6-8 cones from it, at the store for cheaper then one soft serve at a shop.

    Your blog is one of my happy places. Thank you for having a place for us weird people. Normal is broke and boring!

    1. I agree. If you have something that often - it isn't special or a treat.
      Thank you sweet lady. Sometimes I truly believe that just maybe WE are the weird ones!

  5. If your mailman is unprepared first house he is raiding will be yours. Hopefully he hasnt told all his other unprepared friends ;).

    1. We I didn't let him know exactly what we did have here! He mentioned 2 months food - I let him believe that! No one really knows the extent of our prepping - not even those closest to us.

  6. $6 a day on coffee will add up over the long haul. I agree with you that a bill could be paid with that or even more groceries. I never did get into drinking coffee, so don't spend money on it, but have bought an iced tea in a pinch.

    I just watched a Hallmark movie last night on Youtube. I like how they are good to watch with no bad stuff in them. It's great free entertainment.

    I hope you have a great weekend, Cheryl.

    1. I am not a coffee drinker either. Hubs likes a cup every day.
      I like wholesome movies they put on -no bad stuff at all. But you know they will 'live happily ever after'
      Have a good one.

  7. I cannot imagine spending that much money on coffee. I know people that do it too, and it just boggles my mind. I like iced coffee, but not THAT much- I don't even like to pay that much when it's a special treat, you know?

    About the Hallmark movies and such- industries like that go in phases. Think of the publishing industry when Twilight got really popular. Suddenly everything was about vampires, and then it was werewolves, and then mermaids. And then, after a few years, the trend was over. Cozy movies set in coffee shops and such must be the in thing right now (and I can understand why people would want something like that at this time). Give it a few years, and there will be a new trend! :)

    Maybe it's just the people I know, but the majority of them around my age (38) do cook- my parenting group even has a pretty active cooking forum, and we're always sharing recipes and asking about techniques and how you cook this ingredient, or is this gadget any good, etc. For some people, I think it's harder, what with schedules and work and all that, and even as dedicated as I am to frugality and making everything myself, I can't blame those people. It's hard to cram absolutely everything in, and sometimes cooking is what has to give. If I were leaving the house at 6 am every day and didn't get home until after 6 pm and then had to help my kids with an hour or two of homework and then do bedtime routine, etc- I'm not sure I'd be up for cooking then either. I honestly don't know how families with schedules like that manage at all, and I know too many that do have that schedule.

    I'm not quite a prepper, but I do have a decent stockpile of ingredients so that I can make most of the recipes I use regularly without special trips to the store. It makes meal prep time here so much easier, and I like the feeling of security it gives me. :)

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Stephanie - being a parent is hard work. A working parent is even harder, I agree. I just bet you would figure it out. Crockpots, freezer meals, etc.
      I am glad to hear that there are still young gals out there that try to cook at home and do all the frugal things. Raised well!

      I think being a 'prepper' just means that you are ready for anything. You could live and have the knowledge to extend your supplies for a length of time - in the event you can't leave or get to a store.
      It definitely makes one feel secure.

      You have a good one too.

  8. Preachin' to the choir. I hate going out in the world anymore. so much stupidity. I like living in my little bubble. Coffee tastes MUCH better from my percolator than any store! And it is cheaper! lol

    1. ME TOO! I stay home generally 6 days a week. when I go out - it's almost always to the same places.
      That bubble is a comforting place!
      Most things made a home taste better.

    2. You are SO right. Coffee bmfrom a percolator is THE best. I bought a used Keurig machine and rarely use it. My "pods" are bought on sale, but the coffee just Isn't as good as perked coffee. Perhaps because 40 cents a pod makes it too expensive for me. Ha,ha.

  9. Thank you for your safe place! There is so much nastiness on both sides of the political spectrum.
    I can't imagine buying 3 iced coffees a day. I think it is a treat when I get cinnabon once a year, or go to cracker barrel around Christmas. My kids get to pick a restaurant for their birthdays, but most of the time, we eat at home.
    Now, I actually watched the remake of Magnum, and it was better than I expected. I liked Manifest, so I may keep watching it.
    But you are right, the remakes are never as good. I'm almost afraid of what they will do to Lord of the Rings movies.
    Hope you have a great weekend.

    1. She definitely has to be running on a caffeine rush!!!
      I like when things are a treat as well.

      Manifest sounds interesting.
      You are welcome - the world is a crazy place right now.
      Have a goody!

  10. I know just what you mean about different generations/upbringings etc, I think frugality should be taught in schools xx

    1. We did learn some of that in school back in the day. Home Ec class covered a lot of things. We also had an economics class.
      I don't know if there is still Home Ec. or not. We learned a lot of things in that class.

  11. It's not the young. People can behave badly any age. I know some great Generationals that don't want to go down their grandparents or even parent's road. I know a lot of Generationals hate the baby boomers and think they are so wasteful and full of debt.

    I see a lot of Generationals wanting to learn how to prep. I get the opposite I have to hear the 60 year olds on up buy the gourmet coffees and go to the gourmet restaurants then complain they are broke, have no money and their crazy amount of debt.

    I know a man who came from a good family with good strong frugal values. Constant racking up debt and not living frugally. Wants a bail out. Even told me going to the library was stealing. Um, what is his debt then????

    I always say no matter what their age is- Their Mother must be so embarrassed.

    1. Yep, you are right. It is all ages. It is aggravating to watch and hen you say something it ticks them ff. DON'T ask me for help - cause it isn't going to happen, as long as you are a spend thrift!!

      It embarrass's me to watch - I can't imagine how their mother's feel.

  12. Good morning Cheryl. I would never dream of paying that much for coffee, even though I only drink tea and water these days. I make a gallon of iced tea at a time, and that lasts a couple of days. I also only spend $20 a week for food. I just checked the freezer (don't have anything but the little one above the fridge anymore - boo hoo), but it is packed with chicken, smoked pork tenderloin, fish fillets, hot dogs, hamburgers, ground beef, ground turkey, and bacon, and all kinds of veggies, some frozen biscuits, even a couple of packages of scrapple, and a bag with frozen chili from the last time I made it. Oh, and there are 4 ice cube trays, an ice cube container and a different kind of ice cube tray - silicon which is shaped into 6 large cubes. And there are 3 boxes of movie-theatre candy in there and a couple of ice packs. The fridge is pretty empty as I wasn't able to go grocery shopping this week - Sunday after church for sure. My cabinets are filled and I even have taken over part of the closet in the front room and put a smaller shelving unit in there and it is packed with cans. I eat well, on little dollars, entertain more than ever before, and can make meals for others when necessary. And no coffee (or tea) out. Have a great day.

    1. AMEN sister!!! Preach it! It is absolutely amazing how much we can do if we put our minds to it. We live with purpose and intention.

      Sweet tea is a favorite here. G likes coffee too - not me. It always made at home.

      Have a good day.

  13. I love that comment Dave Ramsey made about people buying things they don't need with money they don't have to impress people they don't like. True!

    Different type of Hallmark movie to look for- The Magic of Ordinary Days. One of my all time favorites. It's about 10 years old now but still on from time to time.

    1. That is such a true statement. Amazing how many people try to impress!
      I will look for that movie. I do believe that we have seen them ALL many times!

  14. Cheryl, That movie is one of my all time favorites! A must see for sure.
    I like that Dave Ramsey quote too.

    1. Well I definitely have to look up the movie and watch it.
      Dave Ramsey is one smart man - or maybe just logical! Common sense doesn't seem to be in abundance much any more.
      Have a great day!