Sunday, July 21, 2019

Weekly Wrap-Up 7/21

Good morning from the sub tropics of Indiana!!!!! LOL  That is what it has felt like this week for sure.  Humidity levels have been so high and it has just been muggly out there!  On top of that the regular temperature has been above 95* for several days - with heat index at 105* and above.
A change - she is a coming!!!!!!!!  Rain coming in later today and that 'cold' front is supposed to get rid of the humidity and tomorrows HIGH is to be 79*.  WOOHOO!  That has been the low for many days.

We did get rain one day - which helped the garden plants and the flowers.  The rain barrels are both full again.

I have been listening to some You Tube videos this week (instead of doing all the things I should be doing)!  I have listened to several from Coffee with Kate.  She is definitely a fan of Amy Dacyczyn and the Tightwad Gazette.  She says that gave her the first incentive to get busy on the frugal journal as it did many of us.  I found it lovely that in one video she mentioned our own Rhonda from If you do stuff, stuff gets done blog (blog link at the right of my page).  How cool is that?

My week was kind of quiet:
  • I went to my sister's for dinner on Sunday - nice family time.  She sent home yummy leftovers!
  • Covered the greenhouse roof with a tarp - to keep so much sun out of it and keep it a bit cooler for the cats.  It gets so hot in there, even with the door open.  Their food is protected in there.
  • Deadheaded all the lilies one morning.
  • Froze 3 containers of the Mexican chicken I made on Saturday
  • Rain barrels are full again
  • I have been moving many of my 'store bought' preps upstairs.  Using the bookshelves that I have been emptying.  I'll show you this later.
  • De-cluttering more & cleaning
  • Tied up the tomato plants
  • Making lists of TO DO!!!  I still have so many important things I need to accomplish - it has been right at 3 months now - and I keep putting them off.  Avoidance is my denial!!!  I have to get my butt in gear.  Time to get serious!  Some things really NEED to be done.
  • Picked a bouquet of flowers
  • I ran to Kroger for cat food stock-up and of course I wondered around the store.  Milk was .88 half gallon and 2.19 gallon.  Of course I got 2 - 1/2 gallons.  I told a lady that was getting a gallon the price difference and she said IT'S ONLY .40 DIFFERENT!!  Really?  I asked her "what if you paid .40 over for everything?  Wouldn't that be a difference?"  She shook her head and walked away.  OMG!!!!!!  People amaze me.
  • I found Campbell's cream of onion soup on managers special for .50/can (got the 6 left) -  Campbell's chunky Chicken Fiesta soup (big cans) on manager's special for 1.29/can (got 3 that were left).  I found grape Jello for .22/box - I got 10.  I love anything grape!!!!!

My meals this past week:
Dinner at sister's
Leftovers from sis - breaded tenderloin, mac n cheese & deviled eggs
Mexican chicken over rice
Fried chicken tenders, mashed potatoes & tomato/cukes sliced
Loaded bacon cheese burger & salad (bacon I pre-cooked from freezer)
Tuna salad over bed of lettuce and crackers
2 slices pizza (already baked & from freezer)

I am thinking about doing a Wednesday post for a few weeks - addressing summer harvests.  Could be canning recipes, cooking recipes, freezing, etc.  This would be in concert with the regular Tuesday and Thursday posts.  What say you?
Would this be of interest to anyone?  Let me know.

How was your week?  Did you stay cool?  Any deals?  Were you blessed with any garden goodies?

I look forward to hearing from you and pray that you each have a wonderful week ahead.  Stay safe, cool and healthy.
Blessings from my humble little home to yours.


  1. Yes, it is so hot here too. I'm ready for cooler weather for sure. I've listened to Coffee with Kate on YouTube too. She's a good one to follow. Good deals on the markdowns at Kroger. I've not tried the cream of onion soup and am intrigued. Is it good and can I use it in pot pies? Curious minds want to know. LOL

    We were definitely blessed with food this week. Fresh corn to boot. Yum! Sounds like you had a good week, I hope you have another good week and enjoy your Sunday.

    1. I use the cream of onion soup in casseroles and soups - use as you would any cream of soup. I love the onion flavor it adds.

      Yum on fresh corn - so happy you were blessed. The Lord does provide. Keep cool.
      Have a great week.

  2. I'd love some posts on the summer harvests :-)

  3. I would be interested in your summer harvest posts Cheryl.
    Have a good week.

  4. Anytime anyone wants to share recipes, I'm in! For example what is Mexican chicken?

    1. Thanks for the feedback!
      Mex. Chicken
      2-4 boneless skinless chicken breasts in bottom of crockpot
      1 can corn
      1 can black or red beans
      1 jar salsa (14 -16 oz. jar)
      equivalent of 1 package of taco seasoning
      No need to mix it all up
      Cook on high for 4 hours or low for 7-8 hours.
      Use forks to shred the chicken into the mixture.

      It can be used over rice or potatoes. Used in tacos or burritos, or use in enchiladas. Make sandwiches. So many uses and very yummy.

  5. Greeting from the southland cheryl. Glad your going to get a break from the heat wave. Down here in florida 95 degrees, we just call it summer! We have already plowed the garden over for the year.
    We had too much rain. We lost most of our tomato's as they just burst. Enjoy the rain and cooler temps.

    1. Howdy. I can't wait for a break from it. I couldn't live in Florida. Visiting was about all I could handle - too hot and humid for me all the time.

      So sorry about your garden. Could you do a fall garden perhaps? I hate it when rain does that to tomatoes - it also make them too watery and tasteless.

      Hope maybe you can find some goodies at farm markets.

  6. You guys are getting all of our heat. But it is supposed to be hot today and I am going to go for a walk. I think a post about harvest is a great idea. We are all into that time of year now.r

    1. I will be happy to share the heat!
      Good glad you like the idea. It is that time of the year!

  7. The cold front came through yesterday for us and the wind switched to the North. This morning the upper-level low came in and we got 5" of rain since 3 a.m. Our pond is FULL! Cooler and dryer weather tomorrow and Tuesday. I can't wait to open up the house and freshen the air. With Farmer working in such heat & my increasing allergies, we keep it closed up once the weather gets hot.
    With the heat, we ate very simply and lightly this week. And ate on some of the leftovers from the kids' visit. A co-worker gifted me with a 6lb bone-in ham that we have been enjoying. I heated it in the Instant Pot last night and cut it all off the bone afterwards. I have at least 3 meals of slices, 2 servings of "pieces" to use in omelets or frittatas, the skin and fatty pieces to go in baked beans and the bone with plenty of meat on it, for ham & bean soup. That little ham will have made at least 12 meals.
    I haven't had to shop but once since the kids were here. I only got Bananas and grape tomatoes & small cucumbers at Sam's; local ones are not at the farmers market yet and mine are slow to mature/ripen. As it looks now, I shouldn't have to get anything this week either. So thankful for a full pantry & freezer.
    I did get 4 organic locally-raised butchered chickens on Thursday. I personally know the producer and am so happy to get these. They raise chickens, beef and pork. I only get chickens, 3 times a year. I usually cut them into pieces and bone them but this time I was busy helping the Farmer with hauling round bales. I just double bagged them individually and dropped them in the freezer. I guess I'll either be roasted them or taking the time later to thaw and cut up. Not my favorite way to do it but it did save me a too-late night on Thursday.
    This coming week I MUST defrost the upright freezer. (We have both an upright and a chest.) It's very over-do to be done. I have room in the chest freezer to hold all of the food while I'm doing it. I wonder what "treasures" I'll find.
    Thank you for the Mexican Chicken recipe. I think I will use some drumstick instead of breasts for this. We don't care for them as part of a fried chicken meal so this will be good way to use them up.

    1. You go girl! WOW.
      The ham was an obviously wonderful gift providing so many meals! How great that you are getting to stay out of the stores. I bet the chickens are really good. That is so neat.

      I love when I defrost - I find all kinds of surprises! Good luck with that.
      I hope it really does cool for you and you all get some relief. Love open windows and fresh air. I can't imagine working outside in this heat. God love all those that do.

      You could use any chicken parts you want with that recipe. Breasts was how I got it and I like them. I am with you - legs and thighs are not my favorites - but would work good in a recipe like that.
      Stay cool and hoping you get some relief.

  8. Yes I would love to read garden posts! I love to watch coffee with Kate too. That's neat that she mentioned our Rhonda! Have a great day!

    1. Thanks for the feedback.
      She is funny and just thought it was cool that she mentioned someone most of us know of!

  9. Yes, the rain is coming and is cooling us off. We Hoosiers aren't used to such hot weather! I, too, love watching Coffee with Kate and I would be very interested in your garden posts.

    1. I thought the rain would be here by now - still waiting! I can do heat just not humidity.
      I just found her the other day and have enjoyed many of her posts.
      It looks like harvest posts will happen - everyone seems interested.

  10. I can't wait for the cold front and neither can my air conditioner! I've been using the crock pot for dinner to keep the house cooler. I hate to admit it, but we did eat out some also. We'd been helping my niece get her classroom ready. Of course they are running the air on the minimum since school isn't in session. It made me too hot to think about cooking! I will have to check out Coffee with Katie as you aren't the first to mention her.

    1. Wendi there are just some days that going out to eat is fine. It sounds like you had a long hot and hard working day - so it was deserved.
      I can't believe it is almost time for school. Just a couple weeks or so here.
      She is kind of funny. Some she just talks and others she actually does stuff - I like those best.
      Stay cool!

  11. 78 degrees sounds wonderful! I have NEVER wished summer away before this year... I am truly looking forward to the fall! I lol'ed at your lady and the milk prices. Maybe it hit her later in the day.

    1. Could be that she figured it out - but I tell you I do some people obviously have more cents than sense. LOL
      Or at least they think they have lots of cents - bet they don't!

      This month sure has been a hot one. We were cool and wet until July hit - then boom! I guess I can handle a month of it - hopefully it won't be like this in August.

  12. Saving a little everyday makes a big dent when you add it up.

    1. Yes mam, it surely does. Hope you are doing well!

  13. I have never had grape jello. Sounds good. We usually have strawberry, cherry or lime. Great prices on the milk. I would rather have the 40¢ in my pocket then give it to the store. I would love to see another post if you have the time. I haven't posted in 2 weeks. Super busy. Went to visit my OD. Went looking at venues and wedding dress shopping. Took my youngest to her college orientation. Working on the garden and helping the elderly man has been keeping me busy.

    1. Thanks - I guess I will try it for a while. If it becomes too much - then I will stop.
      Sounds like you are awfully busy. I have missed your posts. Don't over do it!

  14. I would love to have the extra post also I haven't been able to stock up on much. Hubby put all my groceries away when we moved here, LOL he said we have too much food! Little does he know or understand the not need to go shopping. I hate going to the store everyday for something.

    1. I don't blame you - no need to go if you have so much at home. You will use it all I am sure. He should consider that a blessing not a problem!!!
      Glad you have plenty.

  15. Cheryl, I don't know why or how it's posting me as unknown.

    1. I don't understand that either. Did you change servers or email addresses or anything. Maybe you need to sign in as a follower again. I am not sure why that is happening.

  16. I love your idea to post recipes on Wednesdays!