Thursday, September 19, 2019

An Amish Treat you can Make

Have you ever tried Amish peanuts butter?  Commonly referred to as "church spread".
Oh my goodness - if you have not, you are truly missing out.
This is probably one of my favorite things ever.

Many years back, when I would visit the Amish store, I would always stock up.  This tasty delight came in pint jars and back then would run me about $7 a jar.  That would be a super cheap find today.  It seems to range from about $11.49 upwards.  I have actually seen it on the Web for as much as $15 a pint PLUS shipping.
You can make your own for a whole lot less.

I plan on making several jars of this to add to my holiday gift baskets.  Peanut butter stays fresh for a long time once opened - as does this wonderful spread.  I think I will make and place in half pint jars - maybe pint.  It will stay fresh for quite a while being shelf stable.

Click on picture to enlarge - Place in your canning jars until ready to use.
I have everything on hand to make this - you can buy small jars of marshmallow crème for around $1 - just look around (got mine at Dollar Tree)

This is just too yummy on hot biscuits or homemade bread, served on a sandwich, served with crackers OR just eating it with a spoon!!!!!!
Seriously, if you have never had this delicacy, you need to try it.

This is a stable at most Amish tables.  NO, it isn't calorie free - but it sure is gooey and yummy.

I am going to try to make almost everything in my Christmas baskets this year.  This will a fun addition, that will surprise and please many.


  1. Sounds delicious. 4 years ago when I was in USA, we visited the Amish area and did buy lots of goodies but I don't remember the peanut butter.

    1. Well, you should make you some. It will be like being back in Amish country! It is the best.

  2. I have never tried it. I might have to make some this weekend.

  3. Oh I love peanut butter, so I am going to have to make this...thanks for the recipe.

  4. Replies
    1. I hope you get a chance to make it and enjoy.

  5. I love this peanut butter too with their little homemade bread. So neat to have the recipe thanks!

  6. We usually use this spread on church cookies...soft sugarcookies made with buttermilk. We've also made the spread with syrup instead of brown sugar. Yummy

    1. I remember as a kid Mom would mix peanut butter and syrup together as a treat. This reminds me of that only a bit creamier. Yum on sugar cookies - that sounds good.

  7. Oh my goodness, this looks delicious. :)

  8. Hi Cheryl, I made it! Delish! It was very easy. Do you put it in the fridge? Made this bread for it. Try it. I make it on the dough cycle and do the rest in the oven. Let it rise for 30 min. Bake at 350F for 30 minutes in a greased 9x5 loaf.

    My daughter had the spread on an apple. Have a good week. 90 degrees in PA.