Sunday, September 22, 2019

Weekly Wrap-Up 9/22

Happy fall to all my U.S. readers.  Tomorrow is the official start to the fall season (according to the calendar).

It is still quite warm here and feels nothing like fall.  We have been in the upper 80's and low 90's all week.  At least the humidity was a bit lower, so it didn't feel quite as bad.  Mornings are quite pleasant.  Still NO rain!  This has been the driest September for our state in about 56 years.  That may change tonight, according to the weatherman.  We sure need some.
Projections are that it may be a bit more 'normal' for the first part of the week - and then going back into the 80's and staying that way to start October.
Kind of makes me wonder what the winter will be like.  I have heard all kinds of mixed forecasts - we will wait and see!

My week:
  • I have been going through more things and adding to the donation boxes and even trashing a few things.  I have rearranged some more things.  Slowly going through stuff.
  • Cleaning out a couple more drawers
  • Got a container of Mex. chicken out of freezer to thaw for meals
  • Canned 14 pints of salsa - mainly for gifts at Christmas.  I have more than enough from the past couple years for me.  I like making new for the gift baskets.
  • Cut my hair
  • I used the scalding canning water on the fence row for weed killer
  • Using rain barrels to water plants
  • I ran out one day to run a few errands.  I first went to a yearly yard sale that raises funds for the kids of an area school.  The sale goes for 4 days and is always huge.  All I found was a super heavy hooded sweatshirt for bumming around in this winter.   The quality is fantastic.  I bet it originally cost a good $40 and I paid $1!!!  
  • I then stopped in Kroger, although I was just looking.  Hoping to find some bell peppers to freeze (mine are in between stages).  4/$5 was the going price - and that is too much for my taste.  I looked at the .99 bin and Woop-Woop I found some.  2/.99 and bigger than the regular priced ones.  I got 6 peppers for less than $3.  Those and milk is all I bought.
That is a pint jar for reference on size!  They are lovely peppers - and got chopped for the freezer.
  • Ran into the Dollar Tree to look around.  I did get 2 Bible themed color books for my nephew for Christmas.  I making him an art box of assorted items for Christmas.  He is 5.
  • Cooking from home, laundry in cold, line dried, making my drinks, using what I have in new ways - just all the normal things
  • Picking what produce I can - still getting some
  • I found a leak under the bathroom sink.  I have a container collecting for now - but my neighbor is going to come and fix it for me this week.
  • Trying to get many of my extra pantry supplies from basement sorted and moved upstairs as much as possible. (that is a job)
Meals this past week:
Tomato and lettuce sandwiches
3 breaded chicken tenders and fresh veggies
Mexican chicken (from freezer) over rice
Enchilada's (made with extra Mex. chicken/rice)
Chef salad
Crunchy tacos
Tuna salad sandwich and sliced tomatoes

So as you can see, it has been a quiet week just hanging out at the house for the most part.  The day I went out to run errands I spoke to humans for the first time in 4 days!  I talk to my kitties non stop!!  I have just been trying to do lots of odds and ends around here.  Glen was not much for change at all - and I am at a point that I NEED some changes to help me move forward.  I call it therapy.  Change is tough.

How was your week?  I know some of you are still getting tons of produce and that is just wonderful.  You will have happy bellies this winter.  What have you been doing to stay frugal?

I hope you all have a wonderful week ahead.  May the Lord be with you and yours and keep you in His loving embrace.  Health and happiness to all.
Blessings from my humble little home to yours.


  1. Good bargains especially the hoodie. Change is good for going forward although hard to do.

    1. I was pleased with the hoodie - it will keep me warm mornings/evenings feeding animals.
      Change is the hardest thing of all to do!

  2. Your new sweatshirt looks cozy.
    I didn’t realize Autumn starts tomorrow, our AC is still running lots but it is a bit cooler.
    And we got 4 inches of rain just this morning.

    1. I thought it looked cozy and warm.
      That is what my calendar says! m My AC is still going as well. I hope we get some rain tonight. I don't want that much! YIKES

  3. Good for you to be making changes! It sounds like you got quite a bit done. Those peppers for .99 cents were very pretty!

    1. I need to make changes - don't necessarily want to.
      Yes, those peppers were beautiful!!!

  4. Today, here in SE Neb, is cooler & less humid. We got little over an inch last night. But it's suppose tobe back in the 80s through mid October. I want Fall weather! *stomping my foot and pouting* I have a new fall outfit that I can't wear until it cools off. Good for you in the sorting and letting go of things. I need to do that too but there never seems to be enough hours in the week.

    1. I would like a little more fall weather as well - but I guess I need to be grateful for this warm. All too soon it will be freezing and I don't like that at all.
      Thanks, just trying to go through things slowly. They is just so much STUFF in this house!

  5. It still hot here in the southland. But we've been getting night temperatures in the 60s! I went to a fabulous estate sale and bought halloween plates and mugs new,in the box. Expensive wreaths with the tags still on them. Some heart shaped plates, dvds for a dollar and quart canning jars for a quarter. Oh and vintage cookbooks! I spent 20 dollars and carried out bags of cool stuff.
    I live in the country,so I understand about not talking to anyone for days at a time. Well, anyone who doesn't have a tail!
    Which is why I love your blog so much.

    1. Oh I want to find your kind of sales! Sounds fantastic. What great finds. Oh yeah, there is that fact that I am trying to declutter. UGH
      Feathers and tails get most of my conversations!
      I enjoy this as well - I feel like I get to spend time with so many people of like minds.
      Glad you are here!

  6. I made craft/art boxes for my granddaughters birthdays this year and they loved them. I got the plastic scrapbook paper boxes on sale at Michaels and I used my vinyl cutting machine to put their name on the box, they turned out really cute.

    1. That sounds very neat. I thought of getting some kind of neat box for everything I accumulate. I think he will enjoy it.

  7. That was a terrific find on the hooded sweatshirt at the yard sale, Cheryl. It will keep you nice and warm come winter time. I love that you are still getting produce out of your garden. Good find on the peppers at Kroger. I hope you have another good week. :)

    1. Thanks. I didn't get near the finds you did! You always do good.
      I am not getting a lot - but every bit from the garden is so tasty.
      Have a good one!

  8. Great find on the peppers. I found some too on the marked down rack so they went right into the freezer. I never grow enough. We had only one day hit 80 this week so no AC for us. We have been doing fine with just the fans. Hubby pulled out the bikes and we went for a long ride. It is too hot in the summer. Now is the perfect time for us. I went through a few boxes in the basement. Some got donated, some got tossed. Hubby went through the shed. He is giving a hoe, rake and shovel to a friend that just bought a house. We pick up good ones at yard sales for very little and are happy to share.

    1. Never enough peppers in my opinion. I love them in all kinds of things. Glad you are getting bike riding weather - plus it is free exercise!
      De-cluttering is really freeing! How nice that your husband has tools to share - those things can be expensive for a new home owner.

      Good job. I working on more of the same today as well!

  9. Cheryl, You can cut your own hair? I can do the bangs but I'm scared of the back.
    You found a great deal on those peppers. They are so nice and come in handy all winter long. Have a great day!

    1. My hair is kept short so it is pretty easy to do. Easier to cut, color and wash - there is a reason to my madness!
      Yep, love me some peppers.
      Have a good day my friend.

  10. My pepper plants are going crazy now that it is getting cooler. Putting away all white shoes. Fall is here.

    1. Glad you are still getting peppers. Mine have littles and blooms - not trusting they will mature before cold.
      It still doesn't feel like fall - maybe in the morning (it will get chilly tonight).
      That is what they say about white - but that seems to not be a thing with young folks anymore!

  11. Happy Fall! Great deals! Love the hoodie, it looks so cozy. Great deal on the peppers too. I bought one this week to enjoy too.
    I love salsa. I know your gift recepients will really enjoy it, and your nephew will have fun with his art supplies.
    Sorry about the bathroom leak, but I'm glad you caught it early, and I hope you are able to get it fixed soon.
    It is so dry here, my garden it kaput but I sure enjoyed my tomatoes while I had them.
    Hope you have a great week.

    1. Thanks - I did get some good deals. Today I am getting RID of stuff! LOL
      I love salsa too. I use it in so many things - not just with chips.
      My tomatoes are about kaput too. There are a few green ones - but that's ok. They were tasty.
      You have a good one as well.

  12. I have always given little kids art boxes. They love having their own stuff to create with. Sounds like a winner for that little guy. Plus it keeps them busy if they have a sick day or need to stay out of their parent's hair. lol. Take care.

    1. I thought it would be a good idea. He is a pretty smart fella, so I will add a couple books as well. I would have liked something like that.
      Thanks for verifying my idea!

  13. It sounds like you are really accomplishing a lot. And that sweatshirt price was great. Nice for this winter. Nancy

    1. Thanks Nancy. I am slowly getting there.
      Hope you are well.