Sunday, September 15, 2019

Weekly Wrap-Up 9/15

Good morning!  Here we are mid-month again.  It still doesn't feel like fall here.  We have had 90's all week and humidity and NO rain whatsoever.  This coming week looks to be about the same.  I guess we should enjoy it while it lasts, as winter will be here before we know it.

My neighbor had his grandkids over this weekend and the oldest was having a birthday weekend.  He turns 5 on Tuesday and the other is 2.  Forget the remote car he got - they had an absolute ball playing in the leaves (as grandpa blew them around) and playing with the big box the car came in!!!!!  I laughed and laughed.  They were having so much fun.  It took my back to my childhood.  I sure enjoyed watching them.  Simple fun!  Warmed my heart.

The birds and squirrels were kind of M I A for many days.  I think they were going for different sources of food.  I keep finding empty walnut shells all over the yard - and I don't have a walnut tree!  They are back to normal now for the most part.  I still a hummy or two now and again.
The bees and butterflies are every where - they sure do love the Live Forever plants.  AND SPIDERS - did I mention spiders??????  Everywhere - I dodge webs every place I walk outside!!!!!

Oh I saw my first (in real life) hummingbird MOTH this week.  Amazing!!!!  I have seen pictures and videos, but never one in real life. I wish I had a picture of it.   It truly did look like a itty bity hummingbird - it was hanging out on my phlox. So cool.

        Love the pretty butterflies.  They are every where and loving any flower they can!

My week:
  • Accomplished a bunch more paperwork and assorted paper projects.  If you have never been left alone - you have no idea how many things there are to do.  We had everything in order and everything in both names - but my goodness there is still so much.  I now have to get things in order so my new beneficiaries are taken care of (as well as me for hopefully many, many more years). Wouldn't wish it on anyone!
  • My chest freezer stopped AGAIN!  UGH.  (2X in 6 months) The breaker was still on and the GFI wasn't tripped - so it is the freezer.  It is done.  I did lose some butter and ice cream and a small ham - not much else this time.  I found it again just in time for trash day - I got lucky.  It sure did stink!  All cleaned out and unplugged - I will either give to a scrapper or use for storage.  Not going to replace.
  • No grocery shopping this week
  • Got my jars and canning stuff ready to go - and planned to can.  Didn't!!!!  Being a sloth!
  • I was given a nice wooden glider for the front porch.  It is painted the exact color of the shutters.  I now have 2 on the porch, opposite each other.
  • Have been using rain barrels to water plants
  • Washed some of the windows (inside)
  • Working on more deep cleaning and de-clutter
  • Picked more tomatoes and so enjoying them!
  • Cooking from scratch, using what I have.  Made Kool-Aid this week - that has been a nice flavorful treat.
  • I needed to get out on Saturday and see civilization!  I ran and filled my tank up and saved .40 per gallon on gasoline with my points.
  • I then went across the street to Ollies!  Mistake!!!!!!  I couldn't resist and bought 2 books  They have the cheapest books.  I got a Taste Of Home - Shop Smart Eat Great cookbook and Fix-It and Forget-It slow cooker cookbook.  One was 2.99 and the other 3.99.  Just what I need - more cookbooks.  I may end up gifting them after I read!
My clematis is blooming again (little flowers) as is the mallow
The impatiens are still gorgeous!

My weekly meals:
Homemade bean and beef burritos
Hotdogs with homemade relish (on buns)
Beefy/cheese dip and tortilla chips  (Mixed taco meat/Velveeta/salsa together and served with chips)
Mac n cheese with leftover hotdog cut up in it and sliced tomato
Homemade Rice a Roni and sliced tomatoes
Leftover rice mixed with beef - served over open bun with American cheese (so tasty)
Spicy summer sausage/cheese chunks/crackers & veggie chunks

How was your week?  Did you get any good deals?
I need to get busy this week and can!!!!!  I also need to cut my hair again.  So many things to do.

I pray for your health and safety this week and may you received healing if so needed.
I also pray we all appreciate the earth and it's beauty in the changing seasons and that we help protect it.  Consume less and conserve more - should be our motto!
Blessings from my humble little home to yours.

I love standing and looking up through the trees.  Limbs going here and there - no 2 alike - leaves falling and the sun shining down through.  Kind of like life!
(click on pictures to enlarge)


  1. I've seen one of those moths that look like hummingbirds. So amazing!
    Sometimes just the thoughts of canning can wear you out.

    I know what you mean about the paper work. It shouldn't be so hard on people. Seems like your grieving and have all that to do.
    I remember Mom having so much to do when Dad passed away. I wondered why she ordered so many death certificates at the time. Then we she passed and I was the executor, man that was something else too. I don't like it one bit. I feel for you.
    Hope you can split up some of the work so it's not all at once.
    Have a great week.

    1. Yeah thinking about canning can wear one out!!!!! LOL

      I know, I thought I knew a lot about this stuff, as I dealt with Mom's things. But she had a will and much was already decided. This is SO different.
      I have slowly been doing stuff over the past many months. Maybe I will get it all done by the end of the year.
      It sure is a pain.
      Have a good one dear!

  2. I bought me some books this weekend too. What can I say? They were practically giving them away at one yard sale. LOL

  3. Hi, I can't believe that half the month has gone by already. We are always on the go and I seem to get nothing done. I want to get some tomatoes canned but we'll see if it happens. Also more applesauce made. When Hubby's son passed the paperwork was split up between Hubby and the ex wife but there was still so much to do. Enjoy your weather we are going to get rain for the next few days here.

    1. You need to slow down. I hope you get that canning done - it will be so good this winter.
      It sure is a tough things to take care of. I can't imagine having to do that for a child.

      You can send a little rain this way! We'll take it.
      Have a good one!

  4. I pulled several of my impatiens from the garden this morning, while it has warmed up this past couple of days, they took a beating in the rain and cooler weather and were looking rather peaked.

    Best deal of the week for me were 4 t-shirts and a pair of shorts (one size up) at 75% off. Total about $20 with taxes in, would have been over $50 at regular pricing. Those prices are crazy!

    1. Sorry your flowers are nearing their end.
      What a deal. That is a really good savings. Love that you are saving money and being prepared.

  5. Those inpatients are gorgeous. This time of year the flowers seem to come back to glory, like they know the frost is coming and they just have to out do one another. I got so much done in the yard yesterday that now everything is just in the house until the end of the month. I really need to do jam and just might do it this week. Hubs will water bath all of it outside for me. All I have to do is get it in the jars.

    1. Yes, it is like the flowers all want to have their last hoorah! I sure will miss them when they are gone.

      Glad you got to get outside work done. Heck, you got the easy part, just getting jam in the jars! It seems to me the water bath part is the worst part - even though it is easy.

  6. I had never heard of a hummingbird butterfly. How beautiful. You were very lucky to be given a glider to have on your porch. I would love to sit and have a cuppa with you. I made up a number of meals to take to my parents. Mum has broken her arm and Dad is just worn out. Bluey and I are getting the caravan ready to head off on an adventure. It has been a great week with this one looking pretty good as well.

    1. The hummingbird moth is so little - It has the tiny body of a hummingbird (only littler) - even that long looking beak. It was amazing.
      So sweet of you to help your parents. I hope you Mum is on the mend and your Dad is able to get some rest.

      You always take such great adventures that go most of the season. How long will you be gone this time? I have seen you are going to a wedding - where else you going?

  7. Hot & humid here too this week. I am so ready for fall-like weather. I read through your menu for last week and it stopped me for a moment. I love to cook for others, that being just the Farmer right now. I'm afraid I would slide into junk cooking and eating if it would be just me here. I am going to be looking for a cookbook or two of cooking for 1-2. Right now I cook for 4, Farmer eating a bit more than 1 serving, my 1 and then the leftovers for his lunch. He & I have different tastes in food, so I'll be looking for a cookbook that reflects my favorite type of meals. (Not that there is any reason to think he'll leave me soon.)

    1. I have had people ask why I cook and why I just don't go out. That just isn't me. I don't cook a lot, but try to stay away from just chips and dip or sweets a lot. I just eat whatever sounds good to me.

      I was luck and Glen liked everything! I did cook a more varied meal plan when he was here. I am pretty easy when it comes to food.
      Too bad you aren't close - I have so many cookbooks.
      I hope you find a happy medium!
      I am looking forward to more fall like comfort foods.

  8. I am glad you mentioned your birds and squirrels. Ours disappeared too! It was such a hot summer here in PA. But slowly they are returning. SPIDERS!!! UGH. I am not a spider lover and we have some biggies around. Had one in the basement and yelled so loud, my husband thought we had a burglar. LOL. Have a good week.Barb

    1. Barb - I think my squirrels and birds were just exploring other food options for a while, as I have had hungry little critters all summer. LOL

      I am not a spider person either - although I know many are really good to have. They take care of a lot of unwanted buggers. I have a huge one at the side of the house - the kind we always called 'writing' spiders. They make such beautiful fancy webs. My neighbor about how a cow when he saw it!!! I told him he better not touch it! It is big but good.
      I have only had a couple small ones in the house - so ok with that!
      Have a good one!

  9. Oh no, I'm so sorry about your freezer. Glad you didn't lose too much this time, but it is still a shame.
    I'm sorry about all the paperwork. That makes things so much harder.
    Your flowers are beautiful! I have never seen a hummingbird moth, or even knew such a thing existed, how cool. You taught me something new today.
    Glad you enjoyed watching the neighbor's grandkids. Sounds like they were having fun.
    Ugh I never got my porch cleaned off, and the spiders and webs are multiplying. I think it is supposed to be cooler this week, so hopefully I can get it cleaned off.
    Have a good week.

    1. Maybe it is a good thing with the freezer. I am alone now - so no need for a 2nd one and perhaps the light bill will reduce a bit.
      You will have to google hummingbird moth and take a look. Really neat.
      So much work to get ready for fall outdoors - I wish it would get cooler here. ENJOY cooler temps. You will get it done!
      Have a good one

  10. I have SO much to do this week. Inside and out. I hope I can get motivated. We are having guests the 28th so it has to be done. Your flowers all look gorgeous. I'm in Southern Illinois and it is still HOT here too and I am ready for a little fall weather.
    I can't even imagine what you've gone through with loosing your husband. Big hugs to you.

    1. Chug along taking small bites out of your projects and they will soon get done. I should take my own advice!!!!

      I am ready for a little cooler weather too - just not winter.
      Thank you - it sure has been a tough one.
      Good luck!

  11. That’s too bad about the freezer. Ours is stocked at the moment but it is the one appliance I would give up first if needed.
    It’s slightly cooler but it still feels like summer in Oklahoma too.

    1. Rhonda - I still have an upright freezer so that should be plenty for me.
      Maybe we will get some of your cooler air by this coming weekend!

  12. Sorry about your freezer that really stinks. It is one of my biggest worries. I check my chest freezer every day. I remember coming home from vacation as a kid and the house stinking. My mom knew right away that it was the extra freezer. She really cried over that. It had all of our meat in it.

    I have been walking into lots of webs lately. Some of them are so pretty. They loves making them in my garden. Have a wonderful week.

    1. I am glad there wasn't much in it this time. How awful that would have been for your family. I bet your Mom was truly upset.
      Those spider webs are everywhere!
      Have a good one

  13. It may still be too painful for you to do right now but some info on what to do when a loved one passes would be very helpful to many. I know I would have no idea where to start. I suspect there are many who would appreciate this same info. I love reading your posts. They are all so interesting. Thank you.

    1. I have been thinking about doing that. I know I could offer some advice and words for those that may find themselves in this situation. I will soon!
      Thank you so much for you kind words.