Sunday, September 29, 2019

Weekly Wrap-Up 9/29

Good day everyone.  Here we are at the end of another month.  My goodness.
I have been reading about snow and frost in areas closer to the coasts - and here we are still hot and dry.  September has been one of the warmest and driest on record for years.
We did have some cooler and low humidity days earlier in the week and they were lovely.  I got to open windows and air the house.
We are back to warmer days 80's/90's for a few more days (and humidity) and then back to more normal temps by the end of the week.  Friday from morning to evening the temperature increased 40*!!
First day of October is supposed to be 92*!!!

This getting older stuff is so aggravating with robo calls!!!!!!  I will be 65 in October and I have been getting a minimum of 10 robo calls per DAY from insurance places.  I do not answer, and they don't give up!  Good grief you would think they would realize if you don't answer the first 3 times in a row that you probably won't answer the forth time either!!!  I know it is a computer - but still.  It sure is aggravating and intrusive!

This has been a sadder week here on the home front.  It was 5 months since my sweetie left for heaven and it was also his birthday on the 24th.  Well, let me tell you I tried to work my bum off and kept busy.  Got to do things that occupy the mind and tire the body.  I miss him soooooo much.  Not looking for sympathy - just stating a fact because it really is hard.

The birds and squirrels still are not as plentiful as before.  I have been seeing only 3-4 squirrels versus 10-12.  Maybe some of the older ones have passed on.  I know they don't live a lot of years.  Birds seem to come and go. We'll see how it goes this winter.  I enjoy them all so much.   Hummingbirds are gone now.

My week:
  • I did make a run to Rural King last Sunday (oh my - it was busy) for critter feed and canned cat food stock up
  • I cleaned all the bird feeders for fall/winter
  • Also cleaned out the metal trash can/bins I use for critter feed storage
  • Washed windows inside (seems weekly - kitty kisses!)
  • I cleaned out the storage area under the basement stairs.  Geesh what a mess.  I got rid of lots of stuff - have no idea why I had kept it.  FOUND  an unopened case of jelly jars and 1 unopened case of pint jars!!!!!!  WOOHOO.  ALSO found 7 gallon glass jars with lids and one half gallon glass jar with lid.  That area is all cleaned an organized now.
  • Put lots of plastic in recycle bin
  • Got to turn off AC a few days and open windows
  • Spent a couple nice mornings outside trying to do some fall clean-up.  I ended up with 3 huge black bags of rubbish for the natural green pick-up by the city
  • Picked a few tomatoes
  • Picked a bouquet of New England asters
  • I have worked on moving more store bought food storage upstairs
  • I straightened the upstairs pantry and organized better (AGAIN) and started some new storage for canned good overstock
Yes this is after!  It may look like total chaos to others - but I know what is where.  Soups together, veggies together, fruit, baking items, spices, condiments, bulk, etc.  This is the daily use pantry.  It contains basically ALL my food - kitchen cabinets contain dishes, canisters, and pots and pans. (small kitchen)
This is the 'new' area for overstock on canned goods I came up with.  Cookbooks are below.  I donated a ton of books (no longer interested in) and moved many to other locations in the house - to free this space.  I will be putting curtains over it in time.  Still more to move and do.
See why I don't need to go to grocery?  It is just me and that's a lot of food.  I will helping anyone that needs help as well.
  • Colored hair at home
  • I worked on de-cluttering a bunch more.  So many things I have no idea whey we kept.
  • I took an huge load of items to the church thrift store.  (Back seats down in Blazer and loaded to the back end).
  • I got a loaf of FREE bread from thrift store
  • No grocery store
  • Brought the bread maker upstairs for handy storage - plan on making homemade for holiday baskets
  • Using rain barrel water for plants.  I think this may be a year that I use all the water collected
  • I have a Wondering Jew plant that was my Momma's.  She passed in 2001 and had it for years before that.  It just got so nasty and spindly looking - SO I trimmed off starts and have them in water to root.  I plan on giving it a new and healthy start.
  • Using what I have, cooking from scratch, used the soda stream this week for sparkling water, laundry cold, line dried, working on organization and watched some You-Tube videos, just doing all the normal things.
My meals this past week:
Fried diced potatoes topped with beef and cheese - sliced tomato
Grilled ham & cheese
Easy chili mac - 2X
Pork chop, green beans (from freezer/cooked) and sliced tomato
Black bean/beef nachos

Easy Chili Mac - I browned ground beef with onion, added a can of chili beans and chili seasoning - served over macaroni.  Topped with shredded cheese.  Easy and tasty.

This coming week I plan of getting all my home canned goods a lot more organized and I want to inventory and organize (again) the upright freezer.  
I also have more dried goods stored downstairs that needs to be organized.
More paperwork to take care of.
I want to let you know, a relative/friend reached out to me (privately) and told me she made the Amish peanut butter that I listed recipe for - and that they loved it! Just to let you know - it is yummy and will be a hit if you decide to try it!  I think she plans on using it for gift baskets as well this year.  Thanks for letting me know Becky!

How was your week?  Did you get any deals?  So many of you impress me with all your freebies that I read about on your blogs!  You gals rock!
Are you still getting garden goodies/canning or is yours coming to an end?

Prayers for you and your families.  I hope you have health, happiness and thrift in the coming week.
Blessings from my humble little home to yours.


  1. I am trying to use things up as I am hoping to move sometime in November and will not be taking the large freezer. I couldn't resist two pkts of half price low fat mincemeat though and that is in the freezer for now. Being busy is a good way to cope.

    1. I am not a mincemeat person - but I know I would have gotten them as well, as my family all loves mincemeat pie at the holidays.
      I can understand not wanting to move a big haul.
      Yes keeping busy helps a lot.
      Have a good week.

  2. I did finally get two of the freezers cleaned out. So now I just have to clean out the one in the kitchen. But I know it is rally a lot of fruit for jam. Which I won't get done this month. I am sorry you are so lonely. Grief is hard. I wish I was closer so we could go get some fun together.

    1. Good for you on getting those freezers done. Hopefully you will be able to get jam/jelly done before the holidays. You keep so busy.
      You gals all keep me going and I appreciate it. Too bad we don't all live close together!
      Have a good week.

  3. You were in my thoughts this week and I didn't know why. It must have been a tough day for sure.
    You are one non-stop girl! Everything is looking so organized.Good idea for your new pantry space too.
    It's on the cold side here today..55. Tomorrow and Tuesday it will be 80 though then back to fall again.

    1. WOW - 55! We get that at nights which is wonderful. We have warm temps through Wed. then a bit of a cool down.
      Yes, it has been rough - but I did have many family and friends reach out to me. Love is all around.
      Thank you for your words and have a blessed week.

  4. No words of wisdom, but I did want to "hug" you. **HUG** Don't hurry yourself through the grief. It's all a part of the healing.
    I really like your canned goods storage. I need to start the decluttering process. Just no time with working full-time yet.
    Today we'll go to the big city for a small grocery run & cat food. I'm still eating Whole 30 & buying veggies from the farmers market. The grocery store will be various canned tomatoes, veg (for Farmer), bread/buns for Farmer, dairy (again for Farmer) and finally some fruit for both of us. We don't need much in the way of food here, that's for sure! Fridge is stuffed. Freezers are filled. But we do need chili soup ingredients and he needs bread stuffs.

    1. Thank you and I truly can feel the HUG!
      When working full time - I remember it was tough getting to the extra things that needed done.

      Good going on your eating habits. Chili sounds so good, I wish it would cool down so I would feel comfortable fixing it. It is so comforting knowing that the pantries and freezers are full. You are prepared and that is wonderful.

      Have a good week.

  5. Busy week! I can understand the need to keep moving, when the anniversaries and special moments come. Thinking of you and hoping your memories will bring comfort in those times.

    1. Yes busy - and that was good.
      Thank you and I have had some laughable moments this week too. Just remembering some funny times.
      Have a good week.

  6. I am so sorry it was a hard week. Those first holidays and special occasions without a loved one are the worst. Prayers for comfort.
    Your pantry looks great! You have a great stockpile and you have done a great job organizing.
    I hate those robocalls too. I don't answer the phone anymore if I don't recognize the number.
    Hope this week will be a little better.

    1. Thank you so much. Yes, all the firsts are horrible.
      I am stocked really well. So much more to do in organizing.

      I don't answer ANY call that I don't recognize the number. I may miss something, but they could leave a message if important. I just hate the intrusion on our private lives. Same as trespassing to me.
      Have a good week.

  7. 5 months is still so short of a time compared to how long you were married. Still praying for you. The book shelf looks great. Curtains will make it look wonderful. I love the purple flowers. Take it easy on yourself.

    1. Yes, 5 months compared to decades is nothing. Thank you, I do appreciate the prayers (and need them).
      I think some cute curtains will look nice too. I am eventually trying to transform that whole room!
      Thanks and have a great week.