Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Computers, Horoscopes and Discoveries

Today is going to be a mish mash of things that are on my mind.

New month - new habits, new journeys, new discoveries, new realities and new praises.  That old saying about the only certain thing in life is change, is so true.  I am not a lover of change and never have been - but it happens.  I know that all things happen in God's time and there is a reason.  We do not always (most never) understand why, but I do believe it is definitely part of the journey that we have to take.  Some journeys are fun and easy and others just stink and they are hard.  BUT, we have them all happen in life - that is how we grow.
EVERY single morning and EVERY  single evening (and many times in between) I thank the Lord for my blessings.  There are days I don't feel happy or encouraged - but I am still blessed.  NO MATTER what happens in life - we still receive His blessings.
His blessings may not be exactly what we thought on a given day, but we are blessed none the less.
Enjoy the simple things - BECAUSE every single thing IS big and important.

Every morning while reading the paper, I like reading the lighter side of things.  I always read "Dear Annie", and there is a column called "Let It Out" - which is just whatever is on readers minds, and the comics and the horoscopes!  That is all in one section and it is my light read.
Once in a while those horoscopes seem fitting (not that I believe in them).  Last week I had one that read - I would be getting 3 happy surprises that day.  Hmmmmm - I did.  I got 3 phone calls from people that I don't hear from often and they all touched my heart.

Yesterday - "Don't build, simplify.  Shore up what already exists.  Get rid of the excess, and you'll be struck by the value that was there inside all along."  
OK - this is exactly what I have been trying to do lately.  These are sage words for everyone of us - don't you think?
Appreciate what you have, lessen the load, and LOVE what is left.  In the process we may bless others with our cast-offs.

I will NOT watch LIVE videos anymore on FB.  Yesterday I decided to watch a live Living on a Dime video as it sounded interesting.  This is the 2nd time I have tried to watch one of their videos LIVE - and the second time that my computer has completely frozen up.  I couldn't do anything.
That isn't going to happen again (to me).  Learned my lesson.  I even got my old computer out and charged up, as I didn't think I could get the newer one to open.
I finally got my Virus scan to work and did and scan and restart and it took care of the problem.  I have had this happen twice watching that same site.
Just be careful what you watch live - fair warning to all.

I have been cleaning, clearing and de-cluttering as you all know.  I have come across a few things that I had forgotten about.  Isn't that something?  We have so much today, that we forget what we have or put it away and are only reminded of it once or twice a year.  That truly says a lot about our society.
I was cleaning in the basement craft area and found this pattern I had forgotten I had.  It looks cute.  It would be cute to make a top for jeans (I don't wear leggings) - but it would be cute with those as well.  I think it would be cute sleeveless shorter top too.  I may have to work on something this winter.  It looks so comfy.
Then while cleaning out the bookcase and closet I ran across some of the books I have that were my Dad's or inspired by my Dad.  They are basic organic gardening and self-help books for gardening and ways of living a more organic life.  My Daddy was way ahead of his time.  He was huge into organic gardening.  He took this magazine for years.  I have so many of them, dating back into the 60's and they are still relevant today.
These are just full of useful information.  I think I have a relative that would thoroughly enjoy grandpa's books  - so one day I can pass them on
I bought the Country Wisdom book for my folks back in the mid 70's.  The other book I have had for years as well.  So much knowledge in them.  Great to have around.
I also came across my Foxfire books that had been put away.  I don't have a full set, but have several.  Those are a wonderful, entertaining and educational read (if you ever get a chance).

AND I learned that I will never be TOTALLY  broke!!!!!  LOL  I came across 2 bathroom size trash cans that I have filled with pennies (tucked away back in a closet).  My goodness, I couldn't hardly move them.  I guess I should turn them into the bank for cash before pennies are NO more!  That is a lot of copper.  I also have little stashes here and there, that contain change that has been saved, and one with paper money.
I have a few silver dollars (from my childhood) and a few old $2 bills tucked away as well.

Ack - look how dusty those pennies are!  LOL  That little trash can is probably 12" across and maybe 15" deep.  That's a lot of pennies X2.
I guess being a pack-rat could come in handy some day.  Knowledge and money are 2 things that we will always need.

So there you have some random thoughts from me to start the new month.  I hope you all have a fantastic month and find some of your own treasures that you may have forgotten along the way.

Thank you for following my life journey.  You guys all keep me sane - you have no idea just how much your friendship and contributions have meant to me, especially in recent months.
Looking forward to another month of learning together!


  1. Happy October! Great post.
    The Encyclopedia of Country Living is one of my favorites. My Grandparents were huge organic gardeners and 'preppers' years and years before it was cool. Funny how things go. Ack...the change jars. LOL...I have three huge bags of nickels and one VERY large jar of change that I need to turn in myself. Thanks for the reminder. It is finally supposed to cool off here in Southern Illinois this weekend and I am so excited.

    1. It is odd isn't it how things go. Here we are doing what our ancestors did and now it's the cool thing to do!
      You are welcome for the reminder. I figure at least in this form I am never broke!
      It is supposed to cool drastically this weekend here as well. YAY!

  2. That is alot of pennies, please let us know how much you get when you turn them in and I think you should. I made up that pattern a couple of times in the early 90's for myself and my eldest daughter.

    1. I probably will turn them in, as I can carry them! I'll let you know.
      I had no idea how old the pattern was, but noticed the price was $10 and change. Not all that recent I supposed.
      I think it is so cute.

  3. Thank you Cheryl for sharing what you are doing, why and how you are deciding of what can be given away or used again by you. Glad you shared the FB/freeze computer issue today. Your journey is a guiding light as I work on the 40 years of stuff that needs to be sorted and decided about .... etc.

    1. You are welcome. It always surprises that people are interested! That freeze scared me both times. I have no one to help me now, so I finally figured out what to do. Thank goodness.
      I totally understand - my goodness we all accumulate so much and we sit and wonder why on some days. I will re-use what I can, gift other stuff and then some things.....well, the trash man cometh!

      have a good one!

  4. The banks here will only take so many pennies at a time unless its for charity. There is a machine in Asda which takes any amount but charges a few %. The bank will only take them in neat little plastic bags all counted out into the right amount. I hope you don't have to count your pennies out. Some lovely books there.

    1. Oh that would be a problem. My bank has a counter - so I will call and ask beforehand. I sure don't want to count and roll.
      I know many stores have those coin machines - I just hate giving it a %.
      Thanks - very informative books.

  5. My credit union has a free coin counter for its members. There is no limit on how much you can do. You might want to see it you have any old coins. They might be worth more the 1 cent. I keep $2 bills and silver dollars too. I turn my 2 coin jars in once a year.

    1. I have thought about old or rare coins - but what a job going through all those.
      I do belong to a credit union as well - thanks I will check with them too.
      I used to do that to add to my Christmas money - just haven't cashed any in for ages.
      Thanks for the credit union reminder.

  6. Wow that is a lot of pennies! I think if you get an egift card at coinstar, you don't have to pay a fee.
    I like that pattern too. It would be such a pretty shirt.
    My daddy loved reading the organic gardening magazines too. Lots of good info. I keep meaning to check out some of the foxfire books at the library, and I'll see if they have country wisdom and country living books.
    I don't watch live feeds either. I don't think my computer or tablet has enough memory, so I don't even try anymore. Glad you were able to get your computer unfrozen.
    Hope you have a good week.

    1. Thanks - there is another option.
      I would imagine the library would have those books or at least be able to get them. They are just really a fun read - they are down to earth, and all the interviews are written 'just as they speak'! Country lingo galore.

      My computer is pretty new and has lots of memory - just something about LIVE feeds it doesn't like I guess. Glad I got it fixed. Makes me feel better about doing things on my own!!
      Have a good one too.

    2. You are one resourceful and smart lady!

    3. Aahhh aren't you sweet. Don't feel that ways on some days - but I am trying.

  7. What a great post. You are so right- we almost NEVER understand the lesson in what life hands us...at least not at the time. Life can be a struggle sometimes--like you- it doesn't depress me because I count all the blessings I do have.
    Love the thing about letting go of THINGS. I have so many THINGS to let go of. lol
    Have a wonderful night. xo Diana

    1. Thanks. Life is sure complicated sometimes. OR we people are complicated - as we don't always understand or appreciate what is handed us. I still have many, many tough days and sad days - but I am still thankful for all the things I get to see, hear and enjoy each day.
      God is good.
      I am not a minimalist by any means - but I am beginning to understand the thing about surrounding yourself with things you love and get rid of the rest.
      Have a lovely day!

  8. Your basement is like an attic I always want to investigate. Treasures everywhere! So fun I bet!

    1. Yes, yes it is! LOL You wouldn't believe the stuff hiding down there. WHY??????

  9. I would also turn them in. However I also have an old old Toosie Roll bank (cir. 1977) that is full of wheat pennies. I took them into a rare coin collector and he told me that they are usually worth about .02. I kept them because my grandpa collected them but talk about a return on your investment.

    enjoy your treasure hunting.

    1. Well I guess it was a 100% return!!!! Doubled their value.
      I know - I thought about going through them, but that is a lot of work.

      Have a good one.

  10. Thinking of you everyday and wishing you well Cheryl.
    I enjoy every post and know some days are very hard for you.
    I think you are doing brilliantly, well done, take bite size pieces and a day at a time.
    Love from Pam in Texas.x
    P.S. My bank has a counting machine for coins, no charge, just load them in and get bills in return. Just a thought.x

    1. Thank you so much for your thoughts and kind words. You are right, a bite at a time.
      I don't think my bank has one of those - they do it at the counter. That would be nice.
      Have a blessed day

  11. Great minds! I was a bit down over a trival thing last night and God brought to mind all the ways I am thoroughly blessed, cup filled to the brim and running over. I was humbled and grateful.
    I love the vintage OG magazines. When I had a garden I never sprayed chemicals on it. We have lots of birds and I'm always happy to see the praying mantises around. I also have the Enclopedia of Country Living and other "prepper/homesteading" books and magazines saved. I think of them as insurance for any disaster. We also have several good friends who hunt/fish/gather and know how to do old-timey skills. I've made soap and have other skills which could come in handy, just in case.
    Not to be nosey but I'd love to know how much you have in pennies. When our grandkids come for a visit, they get to cash in Pappo's change. We play a game with everyone guessing and if the actual amount is some odd cents, the closest to that amount, gets the odd cents. We divide it equally and they get to spend it (or not) on anything they want. They love that.
    Looking forward to your next post.

    1. Kay, I get down each day, just sad - but giving thanks helps me so much. There are so many little things, as well as those big ones that we are gifted each day. The sunrise, the birds, the laughter of a child, family, friends, health, a pretty flower...………
      I love have the books, and yes you never know when they might come in handy.

      I will let everyone know when I cash the pennies in. I am curious as well, as to how much it really is.
      I bet the grandkids love that!!!!!