Sunday, October 27, 2019

Weekly Wrap Up 10/27

Good morning to everyone.  I hope you have all had a blessed week.
The weather is a changing here.  We have had warm and sunny and we have had wind, wind, wind and rain and more rain!!!!  I am so done with the windy stuff - it just makes it feel so cold.
Yesterday was some nasty day.  We had pouring rain all day and evening (we did need it) and the wind was just crazy.  There are many a limb to pick up today.
Lots of leaves came down as well.
It appears that this week is going to get chillier too.  Looks like maybe flurries Halloween night.
The squirrels and birdies are back with a vengeance.  Those babies are hungry!  I looked out back the other day and counted 22 mourning doves.  I have never seen that many here in all the years I have lived here.  It was incredible and listening to them coo was soothing music.

This is going to be probably the first year in my life that I will not be doing Halloween.  I used to go out and get goodies as a child and had so much fun.  Treats were much better then, as many were homemade!!!!  Then as an adult - I wanted the kids in the neighborhood to have as much fun as I did.  It gets more worrisome every year.  You truly don't know if children or adults are dressed up.  I have always bundled up and set outside (so I can keep house locked).
This year, I just don't have it in me and I don't feel nearly as safe being alone.  I know my neighbor would come over - but there just aren't the kids around that there used to be.  Most in the neighborhood quit handing out candy a few years ago and the weather is going to be nasty.  So I will snuggle inside.
                                   Isn't that the cutest picture?  Halloween fat cat the day after.

My frugal week:
  • Put together new bottles of dish soap. shampoo and foaming hand soap
  • Found out that I had a 53.70 credit on my light bill.  I am on the budget plan (pay the same every month) and I had this much credit for end of cycle.  I get to pay less this month.
  • Trimmed my hair and did a color touch up (at home)
  • Only used the heat a couple times
  • Went to bank to take  care of more business - boy what hoops I have had to jump through.  I have an appointment to go back Tuesday with more info.  I HOPE this will take care of things.  They keep adding stuff they need.
  • Fried a pound of sausage patties up - freezing most for future
  • FINALLY started getting G's retirement pay.  Again jumping through hoops for months!  I have been living on savings/life insurance until now.  So now I get a paycheck!!!  Never did it enter my mind that they would go back and pay me back pay - BUT they DID!!!  What a relief and surprise. 
  • Continue to work on big clean - never ends
  • Doing all the normal things 
  • Went out to lunch on Saturday with my sister.  We went to the 50's Diner - which was fun.  She treated for my birthday.
  • I did run to Kroger to get eggs and some salad fixings.  They also had chocolate milk for $1/half gallon and cheese on sale (I always get cheese).  I found 2 bottles of Dawn anti-bacterial dish soap on clearance and got those for the pantry.

My weekly menu last week:
Hamburger hash and salad
Leftover hash, sliced tomatoes and garlic toast
Homemade mix of Rice a Roni (beef) and a small cooked burger from freezer
Soup using leftover rice and a can of condensed vegetable beef soup
Sausage and egg sandwiches (used 2 toasted hamburger buns)
Chili mac (used chili from freezer)
Lunch with sister
Hamburger hash.  An old time favorite - just simple old fashioned and frugal comfort food.  Hamburger, potatoes, carrots and onion.

What have you been up to?  Any frugal finds this week?  How is the weather in your area?
I look forward to hearing from you all.  
Thank you for all your lovely comments this week - I do look forward to hearing from 'my friends' each week.

May you all have a wonderful, healthy, safe and frugal week.  Blessing to you and yours from my humble little home to yours.


  1. We had so much rain and wind yesterday, I stayed in all day. We haven't had to turn on the furnace yet, the lowest it got inside was 66 one night. From the looks of it though we will be turning it on this week.
    My husband and I have been together 37 years. I can't imagine losing him and then having to deal with all the red tape that you have had to deal with. It shouldn't be that way.
    I bought candy and hubs will be here but I doubt we will have many kids this year if it gets as cold as they are saying. They do downtown trick or treating with the businesses plus a trunk or treat at many of the churches so a lot of kids don't go door to door anymore here. It's very different than when I was a kid.
    Have a great week!

    1. Colder weather is just days away!
      The red tape isn't so much about him and I, as we had everything in both names - so that all transferred. Well, except for his retirement and when I do start getting SS.

      This is me trying to make sure things are done for whenever something happens to me, so that the state doesn't come and take everything we worked so hard for. Hopefully I live long enough that I get to spend it all and there is nothing left! LOL (we don't have birth children - just nieces and nephews).

      There are a lot of churches doing trunk or treat around here as well. Shopping malls give at candy at each store, and many senior long term homes are handing out candy. I think that is neat as, kids make the seniors happy and the seniors enjoy interacting.
      Different from I was a kid too. We had so much fun - no matter the weather. Parties, trick or treating and lots and lots of homemade goodies.
      Have a good one.

  2. Turn off your outdoor light and don't worry about Halloween. I would do that too. We get children but not too many here and we usually know them. One time it seemed as though they came in big groups but the next year we were back to normal. This year I got smart and bought gum instead of tempting leftover candy.
    We are freezing here in the morning and warmer by 3 in the afternoon.
    I hope you've had a wonderful day.

    1. We used to get hundreds of kids each year. It was really something back in earlier years. Lots of fun.
      Yep, light will be off and curtains closed and I will watch TV in the bedroom!
      Got to love the leftover candy!
      Stay warm.
      Thank you - you have a good day as well.

  3. It was a beautiful Fall day here yesterday - but today has been windy and very rainy - with more rain expected tonight!
    I live in an apt. building so we just take candy down the the super and she hands it out in the lobby - not that there are many children in this area. If the weather cooperates I'll take the subway over a couple of stops and have a walk around the neighbourhood to see the houses all decorated and the kids in costume - it's a neighbourhood that goes all out so it's a lot of fun.
    I've been stocking up on winter supplies from the drugstore - collecting lots of loyalty points along the way.

    1. We had the rain and wind and it was dreadful. Today has been quite nice.
      That is neat that the kids just go to the lobby - one stop shop!
      Oh that would be fun to see the decorated houses. Not too many people around here do much of that any more. We used to have a neighbor years ago that went all out - it was really something to see. People drove in from all over to look. Then we had another guy that always hid back by his garage in the dark and as kids walked up he would start up and rev up his chainsaw!!! The kids loved it!
      Times sure have changed.

      Good deal on stocking up - they say winter may be bad this year. Who ever they are!

  4. The hamburger hash looks delicious! I love those good ole comfort foods. Halloween has really changed, I don't think any of my grandchildren have actually gone door to door trick or treating. They go to the mall or to Fall Festival and Trunk or Treat at church.

    1. I like old fashioned type foods too.
      Isn't that something? I guess it is probably safer for the kids - but they are missing out on so much fun. I guess our old ways are the ways of the past.

  5. Our mornings and nights are getting cooler, but it's still pretty warm during the day in NC. We have no trick or treaters out here in the country. My girlfriend and I are going to the opening of the Holiday Christmas Show in the next town over that night. So excited!

    1. The Holiday Show sounds neat. That will be fun. I think I read the Gift & Hobby show is coming up here as well. It is just so huge that I quit going years ago. I think the first holiday bazaar (much smaller) is going to be Nov. 9. I will go to that.
      Have fun!!!!

  6. I love your kitty pic. Made me laugh. We are getting/having the same weather as you. I always know you are around the I-44 corridor. :)

    Twenty-two mourning doves. What a beautiful blessing to witness. I would have been so excited.

    If it makes you feel better I was big into Halloween too. I also stopped for the exact reasons. My DH is at home with me. Sometimes he works sooo late on Halloween and then it's just me. In my old neighborhood my neighbor & I were listed as "safe" homes for trick or treater's. Get kids from all over the Ozarks. We would go all out- decorations, collecting candy/snacks for months, I made large treat bags full of candy and unique snacks. Each kid got a big bag. I also had treats for the furbabies too. My neighbor was just as crazy fun too. We would compete in a fun way who could spoil more. They never beat me, lol. It was so much fun. I loved the spoiling. My new neighborhood I would be the only one handing out treats. Everyone keeps their doors shut, no lights and it's actually creepy. I don't feel like it's safe for the kids. My DH & I make pizza and watch movies as our tradition. Keep all the lights out, even though my neighborhood is creepy dark. I know you will be a little sad on Halloween. I will be thinking of you. It took a long time for me to adjust not having big Halloweens. I was really sad. First year I cried a lot. I really love kids.

    We got the new fancy meters for water and electric. My utility bill went significantly down. It is a nice feeling when we see those saving's isn't it? Congrats on your lower bill. Getting your back pay. I know that was a nice surprise.

    Normal frugal week. Heat on a couple of times for a couple of cycles. My DH insulated our home like a stuffed animal. Heating our home is so cheap now. I pay like $20 for gas during the winter.

    1. Yes, you are right I may cry that night. I have as much fun as the kids. I was always the one in the neighborhood who gave FULL SIZE candy bars and the kids remembered from year to year. You could hear them walking up - saying "this is the lady that gives the good stuff". I loved that.
      I really hate change - but that is all that is consistent in our lives, sadly.
      Insulating the house is huge! That is why my furnace gets to stay off so much. We had that done in the attic a few years back and what a difference.
      Hope you continue to have another frugal week!

  7. Happy belated birthday!!! A 50's diner sounds like a fun way to celebrate!
    I'm so glad that you were able to get the retirement pay started. I don't know why it takes so long, but those things are never easy.
    Your hash and meals sound good. I'm trying to get better about not wasting food. Hubby says my meals are eclectic sometimes. :D
    I think it is smart to stay cozy this halloween. We don't have trick or treaters, but I usually buy some candy, just in case. ;) I never took my kids, door to door, but I would take them to the mall or church harvest parties.
    Hope you have a blessed week.

    1. Thank you. It was a fun dinner - fitting I guess!!!!
      Eclectic meals sound yummy to me. That tends to be me. I follow no set rules.
      It is amazing to me how many kids have never gone door to door. I am so behind the times!
      You have a great one.

  8. Happy Belated Birthday! Glad to hear that the pension has been sorted out. I must say, I had a much easier time when mom passed away with both the bank and the pension plan. All they needed was a copy of the death certificate and Dad was able to access both. In his case though, mom's pension was only $50 a month!

    1. This has been an ordeal. You have to send death cert. and then you have to provide proof of who you are and proof of marriage. Of course they didn't tell all this at one time. Grrrr. It is done now, so all turned out well.

      Thank you for the birthday wish. BIG 6 5 !!!!!

  9. I just love reading your posts. So happy for you that you are getting financial things sorted. Tough trying to think when your heart is full of grief. I have been married 57 years and cant imagine life alone, although I do have many widow friends. We stopped giving out candy a few years ago. A neighborhood of widows who are concerned about safety, and I sure understand that. There are trunk and treat sites, and city has a citywide party, so there is plenty of opportunity. Might buy 1 candy bar for me though!

    1. It has been hard sorting through everything and so many things to think of. How wonderful on 57 years and still going!
      Thank you for your kind words.
      I may get myself a piece of candy or two!!!!
      It is going to be very nasty weather wise that night, so those indoor trunk or treat places will be the best!