Sunday, October 6, 2019

Weekly Wrap-Up 10/06

Happy Sunday everyone!  Hope this finds all well.

My goodness - fall is finally here!  We started out hot this week and ended on a cool fall note.  A front came through and BOOM, just like that it was fall.
It looks that highs for at least the next week will be in the 60's and 70's and lows will be 40's and 50's!
No heat needed yet.  I did get out my slippers!
We  got a little bit of much needed rain over night.  It is kind of gray outside right now, but I think the sun is supposed to shine at some point today.

My week:
  • As it cooled, I did get some more yard work done.  Slowly I am doing stuff.  It sure is easier now that it is cooler!
  • Got to turn off AC and open windows and air the house.
  • Scheduled my furnace check for the 14th of this month (it is free)
  • I worked more on the downstairs extra pantry - trying to organize some more and inventory.  This is a long process.
  • I went out only 1 day this week and ran to my brothers house.  He sent me home with squash, green beans and cucumbers!
  • I received a $5 gift card from the "Do It Best" hardware if I spend $25 for my birthday month.  I am sure I can come up with some items for gifts or yard
  • Got to pick some roses this week - they are blooming yet again.  I made two bud vases up. Oh how I wish you could smell these.  They are heavenly.
  • I have been watching You Tube videos about old ways of doing things and living simply
  • I made a batch of beans and rice - used for 2 meals and then froze balance.  That came out of freezer Saturday and I added it to a batch of chili
  • Fall cleaning has started - oh heck, cleaning never ends!
  • Got out my fall candles and melts - Mmmmmmm love the fall smells
  • No groceries or spending
  • Doing all the regular stuff - that is a given
Meals this past week:
Fried potatoes topped w/cheese, breaded shrimp (found in freezer and baked it), tomatoes
Beans and rice and sliced tomatoes
Burritos (using beans and rice) and lots of cheese & salsa
Mashed potatoes and chicken strips
Chef salad
Fried green tomatoes and small salad
Had popcorn for snacks a couple times and some tortilla chips and homemade salsa
**Had 4 meatless days this week!!!

I am going to go in today and cook the green beans my brother gave me.  There are 3 lbs.  I will then place them in containers for meals later on and freeze.  I think I will have chili again today, then I will freeze the balance of it as well.  Hmmmm - thinking a loaded baked potato this week as well (w/chili).  Yum!

How was your week?  Has your weather made the change of seasons?  Are you gearing up for winter (or summer) depending on where you live?  Did you get any great deals this week?
Stop by and say hello and let us know what is going on in your life!!!

Prayers for all.  I know several readers are going through some hard things with their families and I have kept you all in prayer.  Gentle hugs to all.
May your week be blessed with health, happiness and financial security.
Blessings from my humble little home to yours.


  1. Had to chuckle at your cleaning never ends comment! So true! Any good YouTube reccommends?

    1. Yep. cleaning is a never ending struggle.
      I watch a variety of You Tube - but I do like:

      Homestead Tessie - she is a former Mennonite and lives off the grid and prepares for the future and is very frugal.

      Coffee With Kate - is always interesting. Somedays she gets on my nerves a bit - but she really does have a frugal mindset.

      I recently started watching Living Traditions. My brother told me about this family who left city life for farm life. Not easy work - just interesting.

      I like Prepper Princess once in a while as well.

      There are several I watch now and then.

    2. I was gonna ask the same thing! I'm familiar with Coffee with Kate, but her video's are too long for me. :-) I'll check out the others.

    3. Since you mentioned old fashioned topic Youtube channels...have you ever read the blog "g.Donna's Generations Before Us"? It is really great.

    4. Lisa - no I haven't seen that one. I will check it out.
      Thank you.

  2. I too was wondering which channels you watch on youtube.
    Your roses are so pretty. Have a great week.

    1. I listed some above on Angela's question.
      Have a good week.

  3. We have the same weather as you and I am SO excited for it to finally feel like Fall should. I have the windows open and am loving it. Happy Sunday!

    1. It is cool, but I like that better than 90's. Refreshing.
      Love being able to open windows.

  4. Another blogger posted an image that read, "I dusted once. It came back. I'm not falling for that again." It made me laugh...the cleaning cycle never ends.

    We're a few warmer days now, though cold weather is expected next weekend with highs just above freezing. We'll probably have a few more days of fall weather but come November, winter will poke it's unwelcome nose into my world. :(

    Have a great week!

    1. That is funny - BUT true!!!!!!
      I am not looking forward to winter at all - but do like fall.
      I like cool - not cold.
      Have a good one!

  5. One night the temperature went down to 2C. Had to have heating on early morning and one evening. Am trying to use up what I have so made a big pot of soup and some rocky road today. I smiled when I saw your roses as I had brought my last few rose buds in along with a few marigolds and one rudbeckia. It has turned so windy so thought they wouldn't last outside.

    1. Cooler weather is for sure soup weather. Comfort foods.
      You sound like me, I just couldn't the last beauties go unpicked. I am sure they will be done till spring.
      Have a good one.

  6. It is fall here. We went away for 4 days and came home to turn on our heat. Leaves are falling so when I have some "free" time I will have to start working on that. I hope you have a wonderful birthday month. I hope you enjoy lots of birthday freebies.

    1. I don't usually go after too many freebies for birthday - but maybe this year I will. I just never wanted to be away from the house and hubby.
      Leaves haven't started falling much here yet. No colors much. If they fall it will be because it is so dry not the temps. Hoping for a bit of color at some point.
      Have a good one

  7. Hi Cheryl, It has turned more fall like here also. I love fall but not looking forward to really cold weather. October is a nice month to have a birthday. Enjoy. Lucky you to come home with all those goodies from your brothers. Nancy

    1. Hello Nancy. Me neither - I don't like winter.
      This birthday will be the big 65 - how did that happen?
      Have a good day.

  8. My frugalness yesterday. My boss' wife brought me (at my request) a bag of apples when she went on an Elementary class field trip to the apple farm. Yesterday I washed them in vinegar water. I have a Pampered Chef Apple Peeler, Slicer, Corer gadget. I ran those apples through just as quick as could be. I saved the peelings and the end slices with peeling and cooked those in my Instant Pot for apple sauce. I whirled those with my handheld blender and then put them through a sieve as they had some odd chewy bits I didn't like. The applesauce needs a little sweetening but it will be good in cake or bread. The apple slices I bagged up in amounts equal to a pie or crisp. I ended up with 3 bags in the freezer.
    I also have been trying very hard to use up the odds and ends of leftovers. I did lose a bag of green beans that got buried in the back of the fridge. I am planning to do a major fridge cleanout on Tuesday after work. (Tomorrow Farmer needs my help to rearrange the building so he can get to the auger wagon. We should be back to combining by Tuesday or Wednesday. )

    1. Great use on those apples. Use it all! Love that. That will be so yummy this winter.
      I try to use it all up too- don't you hate it when you misplace things?
      Sounds like you keep very busy between your job and the farm. Don't over do it!

  9. And recommendation on the You Tube videos about old ways of doing things and living simply videos? I like those kind of videos too.

    I've been making vegetable soup on Sundays for lunches thru the week and it has really cleaned out my pantry. LOL

    You're right, cleaning never ends and before you know it the week has ended and the laundry, which seems like you just washed, needs it all over again. LOL Those are blessings though, so we count them as such. I hope you have a great weekend, Cheryl.

    1. See my reply to Angela above for the You Tube videos that I like. I get some great ideas - each are a little different. I really like Tessie - she is just so down to earth and frugal!

      The old saying, women's work is never ending is so true. Even with just me here, I still need to dust and vacuum and keep dishes and laundry done. There is always something.
      Vegetable soup sounds very good - one of those comfort foods!
      Have a great one.

  10. You have reminded me that it has been ages since I had black beans and rice...but I must buy a tomato to go with or I would not even enjoy!

    1. I love beans and rice. It has always been a favorite.