Sunday, October 13, 2019

Weekly Wrap-Up 10/13

Good morning all.
Well, we are finally in full fledged fall here.  It has been chilly, windy and rainy.  This morning I actually turned the furnace on for one cycle as the house was pretty darn chilly.
Yes I have the sweatshirts out and my socks and slippers!  LOL
Some leaves are starting to change color - but there is also a lot of green out there still.

My week:
  • Made up all 3 lbs. of green beans I received.  Ate on them a couple times and put the rest in the freezer for future meals
  • Put the balance of the chili I made on last Saturday in the freezer
  • Got the garden hoses drained and put away.  Only used them a couple times this year as I had plenty of rain water to use.
  • Mowed the yard and did a bunch more yard work
  • Brought in a couple houseplants that I had kept on the porch this summer.
  • No AC - windows open several days for fresh air
  • Picked another bouquet of roses 
  • Got flea meds on the kitties (except Fluffy outside - she was having nothing to do with them).  I had the meds here already.
  • Picked all the green tomatoes.  Colder nights and also Mr. Groundhog was thinking they were his for the picking!  Fat old thing - UGH!
  • Still working on cleaning and doing all the normal things - only left the house on one day
  • Used the oven on 2 different days instead of turning on the furnace.  Took the chill off the house.
  • Baked 1 1/2 lbs. of bacon - froze much for other meals
  • Baked a yellow cake with peaches.  Used a cake mix that needed using and a can of peaches diced with other ingredients called for.  Tasty treat!  Will probably freeze some it.
  • I DID go to the grocery this week.  I went for litter, dry cat food (for later), cat treats, milk and fruit.  I found a few other things because I ROAMED the aisles!!!!!!!  I got a deal on egg roll wrappers (one in freezer now), fried rice seasoning on manager's special for .49 pkt. (got 4), Marshmallow cream for .80/7 oz. jar.  I also got 4 cans of canned chicken to add to preps and I saw canned pulled pork for $2 a can.  Never had it, so got 2 cans to try (may use some for egg rolls)
Decent size can.  Sure worth a try - if tasty I will add more to my preps
20 egg roll wrappers for 1.39.  One package in freezer.  I will make/bake some egg rolls soon.  Fried rice seasoning was .49 packet (had never seen this before)

Meals this past week:
Chili topped with cheese & crackers
Burger made in a Portabella mushroom and green beans (burger fried one side then placed in underside of big mushroom and continued frying - both sides.  Mmmmm)
Cold cut/cheese/tomato/cucumber sandwich
Loaded baked potato
Macaroni & cheese and green beans (no meat day)
Grilled mac/cheese, bacon & tomato sandwich (OH YES I DID!!!!!)
Potato soup (from recipe I listed last week)

OH MY GOODNESS - this was good.  I have seen them on cooking/restaurant shows and figured why not!!!!!

Not a lot exciting happening here.  How about your house?  What have you been up to?  Any new frugal ideas?  Did you save money this week or get any great deals?

Prayers be with you all for health and safety and for healing for all of those in need.  Have a great week and enjoy the smallest things as they are all important!
Blessings from my humble little home to yours.


  1. Hi Cheryl,
    I always enjoy your posts. They are so encouraging and uplifting.

    It is amazing how much you can get done when you don't leave the house most days! Now that our kids no longer live here, my time is my own. I have commitments outside of the house two days a week and have begun fitting in all my errands on those two days. I bring along food for lunch or a snack so that getting hungry doesn't keep me from getting my errands done. This has helped me be so much more productive on the days I am home and takes away having to make a decision on what day to do which errands.

    Other frugal things I did this week:
    *visited the library
    *ate leftovers for several meals
    *made a loaf of bread
    *used some things that had been in the freezer a while
    *started a bowl in the freezer for bits and pieces of leftovers for soup
    *ate all of our meals at home

    Have a great week!

    1. First of all, thank you for following along.
      If you are not hungry - you DO get more done. I so agree. Protein snacks are ideal as well. Dried fruit, nuts, jerky, etc. I like that you also get your errand run while out on your commitments. Good job.

      Sounds like you had a good week. Keep up the good work!
      Have a great week.

  2. You are such a good earthly steward of what is given you. MUCH better than many of us (especially myself). i love reading what you have come up with and how you save so much. It encourages me. It will be interesting to see what that canned pulled pork tastes like! I never knew there was such a thing! Have a good FRUGAL week. xo Diana

    1. Thank you Diana. How sweet.
      All I ever have wanted to do here is encourage people. If I encourage just one it is worth it. SO thank you!!!!
      I am curious how it tastes as well. I have had many canned meats - but had never seen pork like this. I will be sure to let you know!!!!!!

      You have a fantastic one!

  3. Sounds like another good week of mindfulness! I would think mac and cheese would be good on anything!!

    1. Thanks. I agree!!!!! I love mac n cheese or ANYTHING with CHEESE!!!!!!!!!

  4. I have never seen pulled pork in a can. I am a little scared for you. Good luck. I am a huge pulled pork fan. In the summer Hubby smokes them otherwise I make them in the crock pot.

    The weather has cooled done. I made chicken rice soup with part of a leftover chicken, chili, pizza, and a flank steak. My son started his new job and really likes it so far. I still am getting goodies from the garden. I did start cleaning up things that are done like the squash and cucumbers. Have a wonderful week.

    1. I had never seen this product either. I am very curious for sure. I have always made a roast in a crockpot as well. Being alone now I thought maybe I would try this. It may satisfy a craving now and then. We will see.

      Sounds like you have been in the comfort food mode! That all sounds good. So happy for your son.
      Have a good one.

  5. Oh how the seasons are changing fast! I hope your canned meat tastes good. We bought a canned ham..I had such high hopes. It tasted like glorified spam! You just don't know till you try them I guess...

    1. that is kind of what I thought. Try it and learn. I always keep a couple of those little canned hams on hand. I have diced them up and put them in soup beans. They have given it good taste.
      You never know till you try!!!
      Have a good one.

  6. I don't care much for pork but if that is good that is a good thing to add to preps. It is cooler and fall time here also. Such a pretty time of year but passes all too quickly. Nancy

    1. It sure is a pretty time of the year. Temps are nice. But I agree, it goes too quickly, then we are stuck with frigid temps and snow and ice. YUK!

  7. I'm going to need one of those Grilled mac/cheese, bacon & tomato sandwiches now. LOL We did have several rounds of tomato sandwiches this week. They are so good!

    1. Mmmmm tomato sandwiches! They will be missed over the winter.
      You go girl - it sure was tasty!