Sunday, October 20, 2019

Weekly Wrap-Up 10/20

Good morning all.  Hope this Sunday finds you well.
We have had warm and cold this week.  A little rain and wind.  It appears a storm is coming through tomorrow and temps this week should be about normal for this time of the year.  It looks like it will stay in the 50's and 60's as high this week.
The leaves are changing color a bit more - but I am afraid after tomorrow's storm - there may not be much left to see.  The wind is supposed to be pretty gusty.

My week:
  • Got the furnace all checked out for this season and it is good to go.  No charge for this check
  • Did a lot more paperwork - UGH
  • Cleaned the ceiling fans and have been working on more deep cleaning
  • I told you I went to Dollar Tree and Kroger this week.  A few goodies had - not much.  While out that day I also stopped at the hardware and used the $5/$25 card I had.  I got enough furnace filters to last through next summer and some bird seed
  • Put 4 - 2C bowls of potato soup in the freezer
  • Froze 1/2 of the cake I made last week
  • I ran to a church sale yesterday and got a few goodies.  I was surprised to find anything.
 I got this BRAND NEW - never used - iced tea pot for .50!!!!!!!!  DEAL OF THE YEAR!!  I love making tea this way (have for 20 years or so) and mine quit several months ago.
 This fleece throw to put on the love seat cushions.  Kitties love to sit here - so this keeps fur off couch and easy to wash.  .75
 2 Ideals books.  I love these old books/magazines.  One is from 1956 and the other 1967.  I love the poems and pictures for making cards.  .50 each.
BRAND NEW (never used) handbag in a tapestry type material.  3 separate compartments and a zipper section.  .50
I also found a pair of wrap around sun glasses (goes over your glasses) for $1.  I got those for driving until I decide about prescription sun glasses again.
  • FINALLY got the bathroom sink taken care of.  Of course nothing is simple!  Little leak became replacing all drain pipes and water lines on the sink.  Faucet was also leaking, so that got replaced as well.  Drain, water lines and faucet were over 30 years old and were stubborn about coming out!  Also the sink is a pedestal and sits between tub and toilet with very little room to move.  My goodness it was a process.  My neighbor did most of the work and I was the assistant and gopher.  JOB DONE - so happy.  Now I can feel confident about replacing paper and flooring.  (Also get to return some items for a refund - as got everything we thought of that we might need).
  • Went to my brothers for a cook-out last night and got to see several of the nieces and nephews.  Brought home a couple cupcakes to eat today!
Meals this past week:
Potato soup
Cheeseburger and salad
Burrito supreme
Cheesy/beef spread (with leftover beans from burrito) on buns (open face)
BLT and a bowl of Ramen soup
Mashed potatoes w/chives and chicken breast
Cookout at brothers - hot dogs, chips, cider and chili (all by a fire)!!!!  Oh, Smores too!

Cheesy/beef spread (with beans added) over buns - so yummy!  Used a packet of the Velveeta with seasoned ground beef.  Buns have been if frig for a while and needed to be used (toasted first).

So there you have my week.  Nothing exciting, but did get some things accomplished.  
I have laundry going this morning and I plan on doing a deep clean in the bathroom today (after yesterdays mess).  It is cloudy today, but decent temps.

What did you do this week?  Did you get any great deals?  Are you working on Christmas projects yet?  I look forward to hearing from you all.
Stay safe and frugal this week.  Prayers for health for you and your families.
Blessings from my humble little home to yours.  


  1. I finished a knitted afghan-it will be a gift for a niece. I received the yarn FREE!

    I finished 3 quilts that I donated to my local Charity group. 25% of the fabric used was FREE.

    1. Elle - my goodness you have been quite the busy bee. How wonderfully productive!
      I bet your niece will love it! What a lovely gesture to donate the quilts.
      I need to get busy for sure!

  2. I love going to yard sales and finding things.

    1. It doesn't happen much for me - but it was a thrill

  3. Busy week indeed! I was in Vegas and did find some good deals even when one factors in the exchange rate. I found a pair of jeans at Ross Dress for Less for myself for $10 (or about $14Cdn). There were items for my grandson too, T's and seatpants at Gap for kids for $5 each, and two piece jackets and sweatpants at Ross for $7 and $13. All in all I think I did well. Of course I did splurge a little bit too. ;)

    1. oooooooo - Las Vegas. What a neat place. I was lucky enough to go there many years ago and had a ball. Sure is a happening place.

      Sounds like you got some great deals - good for you. Heck, you have to splurge in a place like that!

  4. I went to Dollar Tree just to look for the velvetta cheese pouches you had shown before. I had one for lunch today over macaroni... so easy, so yum.

    1. YAY!!!! Yes it makes things so easy and they are so creamy and tasty! Glad you found them

  5. What a great church sale you went to. Love the purse and at such a great price!
    Your menu sounds delicious!

    1. They have this sale 2X a year and I haven't been for at least a year. It is always huge and nice. I thought the purse was pretty!

  6. You found some wonderful deals!! Good for you.

  7. Hubby and I went to a Kmart that is closing. We got a few things. Some prices were good, others were not. We ran the generator to make sure it is ready for the winter. All is good. We filled up the gas tanks and propane. Did some yard work too. I also cleaned the kitchen fan this week. It needed it. Have a wonderful week.

    1. Our last K-Mart closed quite some time ago. I really hated that.
      Sounds like you are winterizing and checking things off. Good job.
      Have a good week

  8. Great deals! Love iced tea, but haven't used an iced tea pot. Will have to see if I can find one at a yard sale. Doubt if I will find one for such a great price though, Wow! Love the pocket book too. Your meals look delicious. Sorry about the sink, but I'm so glad you got it fixed.
    Hope you have a good week.

    1. Thanks. I have used one of the iced tea pots for ages - and it is easy and makes good tea.
      At least the sink is in good shape now. One more thing off the list.
      Have a good day.

  9. Cheryl - you got some great deals! I love that you found the very same iced tea pot that you've used for decades and needed to replace. And for 50 cents!
    Love stories like that.

    Take care,