Thursday, December 5, 2019

Don't Worry - Be Happy

You all sang that phrase in your head, didn't you!  LOL

I just wanted to give you all a little reminder that all the worrying in the world isn't going to change things.
Worry will not change your situation - actions will change your situation.
Worry about others, isn't going to help - it just makes you feel worse.
Worry never solved anything!
YES, I do it too!  I try not to, but I do.  We all do.  It seems to be a part of our DNA.
Does it help?  Not really.

There are so many situations going on in the world that just has people up in arms every day.  I continually see all the posts on FB about this shortage and that shortage.  This recall and that recall.  Financial insecurity, climate change and global warming.  Doom and gloom every day.
I don't know about you - but I am so sick on this continual bombardment of negative.

Yes, things happen.  Yes, we need to be aware.  But it sure can be over whelming.
We all need to do what we can to be prepared for anything AND we all need to  continue to live a happy life.  Don't let stress take over.
I do believe that some of these things are real, but I also see many things as way to drive up prices.  Greed is real in the world - never forget that.   I see many as politically created situations, and that just ticks me off.  I see many as just precaution - and they say that  nothing has happened, but let's be safe.  That's cool.
These things have been happening for decades.  Weather events have happened, disrupting farming.  Financial ups and downs have happened many times disrupting lives.
Do I believe it is happening more often?  Not really.  I think we are more aware and hear about it more often, because of TV and social media.  Have any of you ever read the book The Jungle?  My goodness, it tells of the meat packing industry back in the day and it is repulsive and horrific.  I actually quit eating meat for a while after I read it years ago.  These things aren't new!!!!!
Our ancestors persevered and so will we.  Things happen and things change - that is our history and our future.  Just be responsible for yourself and your family and you will move forward.

As for myself, I take a lot of it with a grain of salt.  I am going to continue to do what I do - prepare for the future.  I am not going to panic.  I will continue to have faith.
So should you.

I have many people question my faith.  The big question is "how can you have faith today?"  I just do.  It is part of me and without having faith, I would be nothing.
I know there are those who do not have the religious faith I have - BUT you all believe in something.
People set their alarm clocks each night and make lists of things to accomplish.  They plan vacations.  They save money.  They stock their pantries.  They plant seeds in the garden, hoping for veggies. You plan parties.  You do medical treatments and procedures to make you healthier for tomorrow.  You buy gifts for the upcoming holiday...……………….  the list goes on and on.

That my friends is FAITH.  You have faith that the next moment or day or week will happen.  IF you plan ahead, you have some kind of faith.
So have faith that all will be ok.  Be responsible, do the good deed, have hope, love one another and move forward moment by moment.

Let's all make this our motto for 2020!!!!


  1. Yes, I sang that song in my head. LOL

    I've been hearing chatter about shortages too. Whatever will be will be. I'm going to keep doing what I've been doing and not worry about it. I agree, it's having to do with faith. :)

    1. I knew it!!!!!!!

      That is all we can do - just keep moving forward. Worry won't solve it.

  2. thanks for this post, I am behind and actually panicking which is unusual for me. I don't like this feeling and all I can do is tell myself to slow down and do one thing at a time.

    1. Yes - slow down and breathe. Things get done in time. No sense wasting your valuable energy panicking.

  3. We quit watching TV years ago, and I dropped Facebook and other social media over a year ago. This has contributed greatly to my sense of serenity. I prefer to keep life simple, be concerned about only that which I can actually change, and to live in the moment as much as possible.

    1. That is fantastic, I wish I had that kind of discipline. Hopefully one day. Staying away from those things would most definitely help.
      What a wonderful way to live.

  4. you are a very wise woman. I don't get all caught up in the hype much. I don't watch the news ever, just the weather, occasionally when there is a hurricane looming. And most of the fb boards I watch or read are full of positivity!

    On a side not: I was feeling pretty down this am. It is my 60th birthday and the first birthday of my mom not being here so I was sad. I opened you email and the first thing it said was "don't worry, be happy!" I know it was intended for a different reason, but it helped a little...thx

    1. Happy birthday!!!!!! Those FIRST days are sure hard. I had my 65th in Oct. and sure missed Glen giving me wisecracks about being older than him again!!! (We had a month the same every year)

      Some days when I post I don't post what I had planned. I always figure that is God's way of directing me. This was one of those times. I just felt the need to write about this negative stuff. It seems I have the best comments on those unplanned posts!
      The phrase and meaning is for whatever reason that helps someone!!!!

      Take care and have a wonderful day. Do something special and know Mom is close at heart always watching over you!

  5. I am so sick of the continual bombardment of negative. If the world is going to end there is not one thing anyone can do it. It is just the world's time to end. Everything has a season and so does Earth. ;)

    I have quit blogs, social media and everything that is going to be negative. Negativity does not change the world. Positive action does.

    Yes, there is a shortage of french fries, lol. We will all survive. They survived in Ireland. It was hard but they survived. We will all survive McDonald's not having French Fries. :)

    I am going through some tough things right now but everyday I get up with hope. Everything I have gone through in my life nobody has taken my love and hope.

    I am in the really, really, really bad flooded area. I should have tons of food shortages. None in my area. None of those signs you posted about this Summer. Lots of abundance. Sure, I didn't have a bountiful tomato crop this year. I had tomatoes and they were plenty. My blackberry bush was full of lots of fruit. My neighbors Mexican squash grew so much it took over my backyard, lol. I had wild strawberries, lots of flowers and one of the most beautiful backyards since I lived here. This was from devastating flooding that DH & I are still recovering from. We found grass seed at Dollar General for 50 cents this late Summer. My DH planted it where I grass was destroyed from the rain and now we have a beautiful patch of grass. Potatoes will grow again, recalls will always happen but we will have tougher standards, etc, etc....

    1. AMEN sister

      I had to laugh when I saw an article about the great 'French fry' shortage! Uummmmm - doesn't that mean potato shortage? LOL Yes, we will survive - it is called alternatives.

      I have heard many people say the same thing about the flooded areas - that they still had blessings. Things happen every year, we get different items, we find new uses, we survive!

      I agree, all the negative garbage isn't going to solve anything. I have watched none of this impeachment crap, cause it won't change anything by me watching. Yes, the world ends - nothing we can do. I can do my duty of being responsible in every way possible - watching my resources and funds, being a good person, voting, praying.... etc. All we can do.
      You are a good example of never give up! I get so lonely some days - but I have to keep going. It is how we honor life!

  6. I love this post my friend! Great reminder as the internet has made us so much more aware of everything these days and it really does get overwhelming.

    1. Yes, the Internet does - and if you are like me - I need to concentrate on me and not all the negativity.

  7. Ah ha Cheryl, you got me on that song too! Thanks for the reminder to not sweat the small stuff.

    1. I knew someone would sing it. My dear you are in my thoughts and prayers. May God bless you. If you ever need a shoulder, let me know.

  8. I really have to work at not surgeon always asked why I worried. I told him cause I was good at it...that I was a professional.

    But really and truly, it dies no good. And I think it does do harm.