Sunday, December 1, 2019

Weekly Wrap-Up 12/1

My oh my - it is December!  How did that happen?  24 days till Christmas!!  YIKES
This year has been a real blur and I can't believe it is now Christmas time.  My goodness - we will be entering the 'roaring twenties' in a month!

We have had a lot of rain this week.  I am over it!  BUT, I am very glad it hasn't been snow.  Wind and more wind came through Wednesday.  It was crazy.  We had wind gusts of 60/65 mph.  I am so thankful the trees had no leaves, as the wind met no resistance.  Funny thing, the wind managed to corral all my leaves into a couple of areas, so they are rounded up and ready for me to pick up when the rain stops!  This coming week should be normal temps for the season and dry.

My week:
  • I worked on painting a lot this week in the bathroom.  I did take off a couple days and the old back was screaming "stop".  I have a couple spots to touch up - but the painting is done and it looks so fresh and clean.  It is all put back together!!!
  • I put up just a border instead of papering the bottom half of room.  
  • I did go and buy a new shower curtain and throw rug.
  • I changed out the bathroom door handle with a new one I had here
  • I stopped at Lowes this week and picked up many paint samples.  Trying to match the trim in the house.  It is 30+ years old, and I could not remember the name.  I brought home many and tried and found an exact match!  I will go and get paint this week to refresh all the trim in the house.
  • Colored hair
  • Did some shopping for small gifts and stuffers for teens (not Friday!)
  • I made a batch of brownies to take for Thanksgiving at nieces.  They were a hit
  • Put up decorations for Christmas on the doors
  • Did a huge update on the computer
  • Brought home some goodies - food and dessert from nieces
  • Made a turkey breast in the crockpot on Friday - so juicy
  • All the normal weekly stuff
  • I ran to Kroger on Friday and 5 - 4lb. bags of sugar for .99 ea.  I didn't need it - but will put it back for later (at that price).  I also got 4 GC's for gifts and got 4X the gas points for purchasing those.  That will sure help with gasoline purchase this month.  I also got 2 nice heads of cauliflower for .99 each in mark-down bin
                                              Old time lighted tree.  Got photo bombed!!!!

Meals this past week:
I kept things light and easy this week - just too busy
Leftovers from the frig
Beef/bean burrito (homemade)
Tostada's (used leftover beans and beef)
Small pizza from freezer
Thanksgiving Day - meal at nieces
Cold turkey sandwich, mac n cheese and dessert (all from nieces).  She made the BEST mac/cheese!
Turkey and dumplings (Sweet Sue)
Too many desserts!

I am over sweets for a while.  They have started affecting my vision.  I have low blood sugar and sweets really mess with my eyes.  Need to break on all sweets for a while.

This week I plan on putting turkey up.  Make a pot of soup.  Go to feed store. Get as much Christmas done as possible.  Go get trim paint.  Get out all my baking recipes for holiday goodies.  Get my cards done.
MAYBE - start to watch some Christmas movies I have recorded.  I haven't watched ONE yet!  I keep recording.  Glen loved Christmas shows and I just haven't had the heart to watch.  I know he wouldn't want me to miss out - so maybe!

I hope you and yours (in U.S.) had a great Thanksgiving.  Did any of you brave the craziness and go shopping on Black Friday?  That is not for the faint of heart!
Did you stay frugal this past week?
Hope you are gearing up for Christmas - it sure is close at hand.

I pray for health and safety for each of you and your families.  Stay safe and stay frugal.  Be kind and help others if possible.
Blessings from my humble little home to yours.


  1. We were planning on running a few errands on Saturday but my husband suggested we go Friday as Saturday was supposed to be pouring rain. I hesitated at first but the thought of being out in the rain made me agree. We went to Target which was more crowded than normal but not horrible. I was just amazed at the groups shopping. Many had matching black Friday t-shirts and crazy Christmas hats. It is like it is a sport. The senior citizen I picked to buy a gift for wanted socks and pajamas so I did get a good price on them. I also got a good price on candy for Christmas bags for my husbands students.

    1. It is the SOCIAL EVENT of the year around here! LOL
      You are brave, but I think pouring rain would have changed my mind too. Glad you got some good deals.

  2. We had sleet then snow after I posted this morning. We didn't know we were going to get the snow.
    Thanks for reminding me to mail cards..where is my mind?

    1. We are supposed to get a little rain/snow mix too. YUK. It isn't supposed to be too bad.
      Your mind is probably where everyone else's is - too busy!
      I only thought to get them out, because I saw someone else post about them!!!

  3. We've had more snow, I'm already sick of winter and it's just begun.

    Your mention of the Christmas cards are a good reminder for me too!

    1. One snow and I am sick of winter. I am just not a cold weather kind of person.
      I am glad I am reminding all about their cards!

  4. I'm glad you had a nice Thanksgiving with lots of good foods. I think I am going to fix a pot of bean soup today to counter some of the rich foods this week.
    I went to Kroger on Saturday for the sugar and nuts and a few other specials.
    We had a lot of wind on Thanksgiving day, but I'm thankful we didn't lose power. I remember a few years ago we lost power on Thanksgiving morning when I was baking my nephew's birthday cake. Oh I used one of your fun suggestions for the nephew's birthday gift, and he loved it! Thanks!
    I bet your bathroom looks great!
    Hope you have a blessed week.

    1. SO glad you didn't lose power - that would have been awful.
      Glad you got some of those deals as well. Sure can't beat the sugar price, whether you need it now or later!
      How cool - glad your nephew liked it!
      The bath just looks bright and clean to me. I like it. It isn't fancy at all - just pretty.
      Have a good week.

  5. I did not shop much on Black Friday. We have a lovely area in Cape May New Jersey that has small stores, so I did some shopping there on Friday and Saturday in order to support local merchants. I did all decorating...each year a little less. Thanksgiving was quiet since I have no family around. I did not do a thanksgiving type meal as it makes me sad remembering what used to be and how things have changed. Making a good meal today. Ham, turkey, stuffing, canned cranberry and cheesecake. Then leftovers for next week! Maybe chicken noodle soup or ham and bean in the near future. I love thick soups! Always enjoy you posts. I wished we lived closer as we have some similarities and would love to go out for coffee or a drink with you!!!!

    1. Hello Karen. Thank you for supporting small businesses. We should all be very conscious of that.
      Being alone, sure does make you reflect. I had a small meltdown Thanksgiving morning - talking to hubs picture - then went on to talk to Mom, Daddy, sis, brother..... just so sad and things will never be the same.

      I think your meal today sounds wonderful. I think I will make a creamy turkey, rice, veggie soup this week. I like thicker soups as well.
      I so wish we all lived closer. It would be wonderful to meet and have a cup of coffee or a drink!
      Have a good week. Keep in touch!

  6. Our family has gone back home after Thanksgiving, so now we can start to concentrate on Christmas. I'm going to make some homemade gifts this year in my efforts to save money. Don't work too hard on painting the trim this week. I can't believe Christmas is only 24 days away!

    1. It is hard to believe it is so close. Glad you are going to make some things. They will be appreciated.
      I'll try to just do the areas that REALLY need it until after the holidays. I will have plenty of time this winter.
      Have a good one.

  7. It's crazy to think it is December. How DID that happen? lol We swapped family names this year and it has to be handmade or purchased at a thrift store. lol I got my daughter-in-law and know exactly what I am going to make for her.

    Drinking coffee and watching a heavy snow outside the window. Blessings to you- love coming to visit you. xo Diana

    1. How neat is that? I wish more people did Christmas that way. I think it makes it fun and exciting.
      Sounds love - but I am watching rain for now.
      Glad you come a visit for a spell!

  8. Hi! I did not go out to shop on Black Friday. I don't like to shop anyway. You sure do accomplish a lot and are very good at planning. Nancy

    1. I don't mind shopping, but sure don't like those big crowds.
      Thanks you - got to keep busy.

  9. I went out Black Friday to my local WalMart. The store was not busy at all and people were very kind. My manager could not sell all the Black Friday items since it was just mainly neighborhood people and he started lowering the prices of all the Black Friday sales. DH & I got a brand new 4K TV with sound bar for only $250. It was a spontaneous splurge and we are just so dang happy with our find. If we purchased new it would have cost us over $700. Also got my DH a brand new Keurig for pennies. My manager was like just take them to all the customers, lol. I bought some normal Black Friday items like washcloths that my manager was like take them again, lol. It was a fun day.

    I am so glad you had a nice Thanksgiving. I was thinking of you.

    1. WOW, sounds like a neat WM. Nothing like that would ever happen here. You got some good deals. Congrats.

  10. You’ve been busy!! I’m glad you had a nice thanksgiving. I cooked a big turkey in a cooking bag this year. It was so delicious! I had not cooked a turkey in years!!!

    1. Cooking in the bag makes them so juicy and tender. ENJOY many leftovers!

  11. Wow, have you been busy or what? Love the photo bomb too cute.

    1. Sounds more impressive than it was!!!! He is a sweetheart. That is my cuddler!

  12. I've been reading your blog for a couple of weeks. Mind if I join the conversation? I've been frugal all my life but recently decided to try to "tune up" my frugality, so to speak. I found you with a web search for "seriously frugal". So many of the frugality blogs out there either want to sell their products or are only playing at true frugality. I'm glad I found you!
    No Black Friday shopping here. The mere thought of being in those crowds gives me the heebee-jeebees!
    I spent a little money to save even more money last week. I live in a trailer park, and management had hired a tree trimming company to cut down trees in the empty lots in anticipation of moving in new trailers to sell. The crew was down the street when I asked the foreman if anyone would like a side job. One guy volunteered, grabbed a chainsaw, and for $20, cut down three small crabapple trees that were too near my fence and shaded my garden too much. I didn't need them chipped, just pushed down the hill behind the house, and for beer money he was happy to oblige. I had planned to cut down these trees myself early next spring (before the ticks get bad), and had even studied You Tube videos to learn how to do it safely. When he cut the trees, one of them started to fall toward my fence, but he was able to catch it and push it the other direction. Being an older woman, I doubt I could have done that. So by spending $20, I saved myself a lot of work, a potential injury, and kept my fence intact!

    1. Howdy Frances. Glad you found us. Not selling anything here! Myself and the gals that follow here, are all pretty darn serious about the frugal life. It has been ME most of my life.
      You can jump in the conversations whenever you want.

      That sounds like you got quite a deal. Tree cutting and trimming is quite expensive. Glad you found someone who just needed a little extra cash. Sounds like a win-win situation. I can do some trimming - but I am not sure I would want to tackle tree cutting. You are brave to even think about it!
      Great job.
      Hope to see you again!!!!

  13. Your cat is cracking me up! I love that old timey tree. :)

    1. He always manages to get himself in a picture!!!
      The tree is simple - which is enough for me this year.